excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,068
3 Ratings (5.0)

In the third installment of the Mansion Series, Jennifer finds herself unsure of her commitment to the Mansion, but she is soon drawn deeper into the intrigue of this dark place of fantasy fulfillment and D/s role playing. With her need to submit growing stronger, and a relationship from outside the Mansion growing, Jennifer becomes the fulcrum of a power struggle between her Master and the specters of his past. Danger lurks at the Mansion in the form of Mistress Cassandra, and her pawn Selina, a gold digging Mansion slave. However Jennifer soon finds there is an evil power controlling Cassandra, who is bent on the destruction of the Mansion and the enslavement of Keefe Murdoch. Will Jennifer be able to save the Mansion and her Master from forces she does not even know exist, and if she does will it bring her the happiness she seeks?

3 Ratings (5.0)


excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,068
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Another mansion story that I've enjoyed. The storyline is great as are the characters. I do like this series its not just about the kink but the depth of each of the main characters and the underlying mystery thats unfolding leading up to the climax near the end. I look forward to more books from this writer. The only negative I have is in the editing of it, theres far too many mistakes throughout the book that should have been corrected by editing.

The weeks of humiliation and drudgery passed slowly until the Saturday Lionel arrived for a long weekend at the Mansion. In honor of his friend and business associate, Master was having a party Saturday night and all the Mansion slaves were gathered in the great hall for the event. All my sister slaves got to don a sensuous, exposing corruption of old-style ball gowns. These tight-fitting diaphanous silk gowns had bust lines scooped so low they exposed nipples. They also flowed down to actually touch the wearer's ankle, but only on the sides as the front and back were slit up to the waist so nearly any movement by the slave exposed her intimate parts to anyone who cared to look or touch.

However, I was not lucky enough to wear one of these stylish if totally revealing costumes as I went to the party in the role I had played since the day novice class started; as Mistress Cassandra's bitch Fluffy. Naked, collared, and leashed, I was on my knees near Mistress' feet, my head in the tight-fitting hood made to resemble the head of a Golden Retriever. Through the doggie snout, my breathing was hot and labored so I would have actually preferred the snout be detached as it often was to allow me to suck cock. In my anus was a large rectum-stretching butt plug which of course sprouted out to a golden hairy tail. My feet and hands had been enclosed in black, rubber mittens so they resembled paws. Of course the hand paws rendered my fingers useless to me.

Mistress snapped my lead once and as my training demanded I began to shake my bottom to painfully wag my tail in pretended excitement while forcing a somewhat muffled bark.

"See how happy Fluffy is, to be out here with all the people. What more could a slutty little puppy want?" Cassandra's words were spoken to Selina and her pair-mate Tanya, two Mansion slaves who had no love lost for me. There going to do something to me, either painful or dreadfully humiliating.

"May we pet Fluffy, Mistress? She does like to be petted doesn't she?"

"Why of course she does, loves her nipples pinched or tugged, and you can tease her little doggy cunt unmercifully because she knows she's forbidden to climax except at Mistress' command. The beautiful thing is, she can only bark, whine, or whimper so even her begging to come is canine."

Bend forward and reaching down, Selina took hold of my real hair, the long raven ponytail which deliberately came out from under the hood to allow for the easy control of my head. Giving it a tug, she pulled my head back and at the same time straddled my back. When she sat down on my hips I groaned a little at her weight, but since my groan sounded more human than canine I received two stinging strokes of Cassandra's crop on my bottom.

"Bad doggie, no people sounds."

"Tanya, go around the back of the bitch and get into her cunt, frig her while I ride her ass." Selina's request made her fellow slave smile and she nodded and disappeared from my vision.

However it was not long before I felt her fingers worming their way into my slit, which was quite slick, as despite the pain and humiliation of this, I was turned on. I had to suppress a moan as her frigging began, but things got worse quickly.

Selina bent forward resting her tits and the soft silk gown on my back, but her purpose was to reach under me and begin to torment my breasts. With Tanya's fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, Selina proceeded to slap, pinch, squeeze and tug at my tits. Of course this combination of sexual play and pain was just the thing to make a Mansion slave go off, but I couldn't go off, or something much worse would quickly be forthcoming from my Mistress.

Gritting my teeth and closing my eyes, I simply suffered between the two extremes I was being subjected to, but I nearly lost control when Selina imprisoned my nipples between her fingers, pulled them out to the maximum degree my flesh would allow, and the squeezed them hard, making my eyes water.

Need to release some of this, but how?

Suddenly I realized I was allowed canine noises, and so I let loose with the loudest howl I could muster.

Of course the whole room turned to look, and eventually Cassandra tugged my leash and ordered. "Doggie noises, not wolf."

So I let up with my howl and thankfully Selina and Tanya let up on me. When Selina got off me, I looked around and was quite embarrassed, as not only was everyone in the hall looking at me, but Lionel was standing right in front of me. The thing was it was customary at the Mansion for the guest of honor to be nude, not to humiliate, but to allow Mansion slaves to touch, fondle, suck or lick his body in an offering of their submission.

As I looked up at his ebony face, he looked down on me smiling as I guess he found my predicament amusing. "You do get into this submission thing, Jennifer. Never seen anyone who loved being a slave more, but it's great to see you."

I wished I could answer him as a girl, an admirer, or even as just a person, but right now I was but a doggie, so Fluffy used what she had to show excitement and I began to bark excitedly and wag my tail. Taking it one step further, I raised up my torso and my paws, pretending to beg for my African-American friend.

It's good to see him too, all of him. He's forty-five but look at his abs still tight, his belly flat, and the sleeping monster between those legs. Looking at his flaccid cock, I remember when I had enjoyed it before, and I hoped I would again this weekend.

Two jerks on my leash told me Cassandra wanted me down. She didn't want Lionel to know how much I wanted to see and talk with him like a person. It was after all my invitation not my Master's which had finally lured him here.

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