Kent Street is the new up and coming open community. After years of decline, LGBT-friendly businesses are starting to open their doors along the retail ghost town, welcoming open minded and proud patrons to shop the newly renovated shops and eateries. What they didn’t expect was by bringing a bunch of hot men closer together, it would prove to be fiery, to say the least.

Ian Donovan is on the Kent Street Commission and the owner of the only business that lasted through the economic downshift. His theater has been in family hands for a century and he’s gung-ho to get people coming back to the failing retail district.

When photographer Aiden Marks calls with an interesting proposition for an ad campaign for the new chocolatier, Ian knows he’ll do anything for Kent Street. In truth, he really just wants to get naked for the cute photog, just to gauge the man’s reaction.

Once naked and covered in chocolate, Ian is shocked by his body’s reaction to Aiden—and Aiden does nothing to hide his own lust, either. They succumb to their desires and spend a steamy afternoon together.

But can one hot, hot ride turn into a happily ever after, especially when an old rival tries to tear them apart?

(Previously published as MODELING CHOCOLATE -- deeply edited, updated with additional story, and re-titled for a series revamp)

Exposed (MM)
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“We’re a go. Ian, if you’re ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Ian smiled. “Aren’t you supposed to tell me something silly like… make love to the camera?”

If Aiden’s camera hadn’t been set up on the stand, he’d have probably dropped it. “If that’s what it takes to get you going, go for it.” Ian took a few shots and knew he needed to get closer. He removed his camera from the mount and began moving about the set, taking shot after shot, hoping he wasn’t still shaking.

After a few moments, he relaxed. The camera was an extension of himself. But it also hid him, almost like a mask. When he was looking through the lens, it wasn’t him anymore. He saw the world through different eyes.

It also didn’t hurt that Ian was born to be before the camera. Every shot was gorgeous, no matter the angle. Ian moved subtly with each click of Aiden’s finger, his eyes lit with promise. After a few moments, Ian seemed to become even more comfortable. He leaned forward in the tub, his hands on the rim, a hungry look in his eyes. When he reached up with both hands to run his fingers through the chocolate coating his chest, it was pure magic.

Then, when Ian dredged a finger across his firm abs and then brought the finger to his lips to suck the chocolate off, Aiden felt his cock throbbing painfully. Aiden swallowed with difficulty, his mouth dry. His hands shook slightly as he clicked the shutter, and he hoped like hell he wasn’t ruining what had to be the hottest thing he’d set eyes on. Ian smiled, his gaze seeming to note Aiden’s reaction, and then he turned away from the camera, baring his perfect ass. Ian looked over his shoulder, a sultry, seductive look on his face.

After nearly two hundred shots had been taken, Aiden felt weak–kneed and wasn’t sure if he could do anymore, but he’d promised Paul a few shots with the Santa’s cap, which he’d nearly forgotten. The chocolatier had seemed to disappear, so Aiden just moved on. “We need to add more chocolate for the Christmas shots.”

Ian’s hands were covered in chocolate at this point, so Aiden rushed over to place the cap on Ian’s head. Ian looked up at him, those brown eyes of his speaking volumes, but Aiden wasn’t sure if the man played with him or not. He put some space between them, looking for the shop owner.

Aiden still didn’t see Paul, so he went and grasped the bowl of melted chocolate himself, which was already starting to thicken into goop. He rushed over to Ian and began to pour it over him.

“This is going to be everywhere, Aiden.”

A vision of Aiden licking the chocolate off Ian came to mind. He shivered at the thought and his cock throbbed even harder. “There’s a hose out back, and we’ll spray you down after.” Aiden nearly dropped the bowl of chocolate after that thought. Spraying Ian down with water would be hot as hell, too.

“A hose? There’s no shower here?”

“No, sorry.” But I live across the street, above Michellette’s. Once we get most of it off, you can come over and wash up if you need to.”

Ian just stared at Aiden, a smile playing at his lips. “So, was this just some elaborate scheme to get me to your place?”

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