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I started my career as an author in the trenches, doing reviews for a lovely magazine called Bridges. From there, I polished my pen or keyboard by writing reviews for Romantic Times Bookreviews Magazine. I have also had the pleasure of working with the wonderful staff at MyShelf.Com.

When not penning reviews, I have turned in my share of interviews with authors, cover models and editors from different publishing houses. Actually, I have done my share of editing also. Not to mention penning a column for a local newspaper. So, when it comes to reading romance, I too like a book that takes me away from life's troubles. Thanks for loving my books, and please keep reading!!!!!!!


Q: How do you come up with your characters and plots?

A: I’ve been really blessed with a vivid imagination since I was a child. Sometimes, a scene just pops in my head, and then I have to explore the possibilities.  With some of my books, I had a dream and then I set writing a few pages and then fleshed the book out.


Q. What is your favorite time to write?

A.  Whenever the muse strikes, but usually late at night or early in the morning, when my mind isn’t on anything else.


Q.  Which characters in your book do you truly love the most?

A.  There are three.  The first one is Zacke Kensington in Kensington's Soul, the first book in my Bound By Blood, The Legends series. I think it’s because that was my first vampire romance published. Then there is Talone Hawkstone. He is the hero of my first finished book. It is medieval, and I fell in love with him from the first word.  And then there is Darach MacRath, my immortal executioner in Immortal Justice, the first book in the Immortal Executioners series. Darach lost all he had, but now strives to stop evil as the right-hand man of the archangel Michael.  

All my heroes are special. I love my heroines also, but there’s just something about a man with a mission, who’s been hurt but keeps on going.

Q.  Why do you write romance?

A.  I write romance because it is the one genre where I can control what happens, as much as my characters will allow me, and because I want to give readers a happy ever after. I spoke about this in class one night. As a widow, my HEA was stolen, so I want to give something to the readers that will make them feel hopeful, loved, and make them want to keep reading about the possibility of love in their lives.


Q.  What do you like to do when you are not writing?

A.  I love to read!  I have some really favorite authors that I wait with baited breath for their books to come out. You could say that I’m a bookaholic. Romance that is!


Q. Why all of the Southern locations? 

A. Because I’m a Southern girl! I grew up in Georgia, and it’s still home. I like to use cities that I’ve been to if possible. And there is just something about Southern cities that is haunting and romantic.


Q.  When did you start writing? 

A. I started writing in the sixth grade, way back in the Middle Ages. And yes, there were typewriters back then.  Seriously, I started writing poetry and short stories. I became truly serious about making my dream of being published come true in 2000.  It took eight years of rejections and fine-tuning my craft before a publisher thought I had merit. So I say, if you want to write, don’t give up!


Q. Which character would you want to be real? 

A. Out of all my characters, who I truly love, I would have to say it would be Talone. He is my medieval hero, a man I could get used to having around, and who puts Lord and country above all else but love. He to me is every woman’s hero.  Of course, my other guys are pretty cool themselves!


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