Travis and Liam have a seemingly perfect life with a beautiful daughter that they both love and a pack that accepts them and their family. Now is the time for them to move forward and take the next big step in their relationship and Hannah has her own milestone to cross.

Family Bonds
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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

Travis sat under the shade of a large oak tree with Hannah wriggling on his lap. She was excited, as she should be. It wasn’t every day that her dads would be getting married. “Do you remember your part?” he asked her, resting his chin on top of her head in an unsuccessful attempt to get her to hold still and not ruin the pretty little yellow dress they’d picked out for her.

She nodded and pulled up handfuls of grass on either side of her feet. “Yep.”

“Which is?” he asked, hoping she actually did. He and Liam had tried to make her directions as easy to remember as possible. She was smart enough that they didn’t really have to, but they had wanted to make sure not to overwhelm their little four-year-old girl.

She started stuffing the blades of grass into the laces of his shoes. “I hold the flowers and give them to all the women. Or anyone that wants one. I’ll be the best bridesmaid ever.”

Travis smiled and hugged her tightly. “Yep. That’s right. And you be nice and don’t call everyone a puppy even if you see that they are. And don’t pull on anyone’s tails if they’re being doggies right then.”

“Daddy! I know!” she squealed, reaching behind herself to put her hands over his mouth. “I’ll be good. Promise.”

He nodded and kissed her fingertips. “I know you will, baby girl. I just want this day to go right. It’s kind of a big deal for Liam and me.” A distant roll of thunder brought his attention to the sky and he frowned up at the clouds, slowly moving towards them from the far south. “Stay way over there, please, just this once,” he quietly asked them.

“Who’re you talking to?” Hannah looked up, too.

Travis shrugged. “Birds.”

She was quiet for a long moment and he used that time to go through a last minute mental check of everything they might have forgotten, but really it didn’t matter much now anyway. The wedding was in half an hour, so if it wasn’t taken care of by now, they’d just have to go without.

“Daddy?” Hannah said, her voice soft.

“Yeah, baby?”

She turned sideways on his lap. “Will mommy be there today?”

He cringed, not sure where this was coming from or exactly what he was supposed to say about the woman he hadn’t spoken to in years. “Um…How come?” There, that seemed like a good enough dodge for the moment. If only his little girl would let him get away with it.

Hannah shrugged and played with a flower in her hands. “The TV said girls like weddings. Mommy is a girl. So she’d like this one right?”

Frowning, Travis smoothed down her hair, hoping he’d say the right thing to not upset his little girl. “Hannah, you know your mom and I don’t really talk anymore. Right?” She nodded. “And she doesn’t really like Liam. So no, sweetie, I’m pretty sure she’s not coming.” At least he hoped she wasn’t. They hadn’t really broadcast their engagement or anything like that, but he’d never completely let go of the idea of her mom having spies around them, either.


Alright, well that wasn’t a good sound. “Baby, do you want her to be here?” Not that he was actually going to try to make that happen. Having her there was just inviting trouble, but at least he could try to get some idea of where this was coming from.

She shook her head and curled her hands into a ball on her lap. “Daddy, I don’t really remember mommy too much. But I don’t think I like her. Does that make me bad?”

“Oh, Hannah, no, not at all,” Travis quickly told her. “You can like whoever you want to. Or you don’t have to like anyone. Just tell me and I’ll get rid of them. Promise.”

Hannah nodded. “On the TV kids have a mommy and a daddy. But I don’t. I’m still okay, right, Daddy?”

He leaned forward and kissed her temple. “What do you think? Are you happy with our little family?” He really hoped she said yes. He loved Liam and they were about to get married after all.

Her smile, when it came, lit up her whole face. “I am.”

“Then that’s your answer. Remember that book Liam bought you? About families? Remember how it said that some families have one parent, some have two, some babies are raised by grandmas and grandpas?” Right now Travis really wished he knew where that book was. He’d have find it and read it to her again. It had seemed to help the first time, but they hadn’t read it together in nearly a year.

Hannah nodded. “And some babies have a pack.”

Travis snorted. “Yeah, some very special little girls like you get to be raised by a pack of shifters. But you’re still our daughter. And you’ve got two dads that love you very much. And we’re about to be married. You know what that means right?”

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