Ferris Braden (MMM)

The Marius World 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,437
48 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, fae, shape-shifters, HEA]

Ferris Braden was having a bad day… Friends using him as a doormat, breaking a kid’s heart accidentally, and pretty much being kicked all around. What a day to meet his mate!

When Rylan Zeev wanted to check out a coven that was rumored to take in more than vampires, he had no idea he’d find his mate surrounded by strangers he isn't sure he can trust.

Onah just got back from a several-months-long mission. The last thing he wants is to be sent on an errand with no explanation. But when he finds his mates because of it, he’s grateful and excited.

All three feel as if fate knew what she was doing when matching them up, and it’s a good fit. But when tragedy of epic proportions strikes, can the brand-new mates stick together when they haven’t even had a chance to claim one another?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Ferris Braden (MMM)
48 Ratings (4.6)

Ferris Braden (MMM)

The Marius World 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,437
48 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
Another great book to add to the Marius world, I never get tired reading about all these characters, just makes me want the next book so I can start reading it :)
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Ferris Braden is the sixth book in the Beyond the Marius Brothers series. While the readers may think that this story is centered primarily on Ferris, due to the title, the story is actually evenly divided between the three men that make up this triad. Ferris is one of the vampire warriors assigned to the East Coast coven. He has a hard time saying no to anyone, which eventually causes him to feel like everyone is taking him for granted. His new mate, Rylan, is a Margay shifter. Rylan has a surprise for his new mates and I could not help chuckling when Ferris and Onah find out. Onah is a warrior as well, but for the fae. He’s just returned from a mission when his Queen sends him out again. He’s surprised to find his mates showing up. There is, of course, an instant attraction between the three, and I liked that there was no jealously or uncertainty between them. Regardless of how fast, and much, Rylan, Ferris and Onah feel for each other, things are not always easy. There are many changes that occur in their lives but the feelings they have for each other only grow stronger. There are many secondary characters, some old, some new, which help move the story along. There is no final solution to the problems introduced in this story. Readers may want to keep in mind that this story is written in first person point of view from the point of all three men. While this is one of many in the series, and I would recommend reading all of them, Ferris Braden can be read as a stand-alone." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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“Dude, you’re making me look bad,” Jalen hissed to Tyler as they both cut me a glance. “I can do more than carry shit.”

“Yes but I thought it would be best if you showed off your impressive muscles and strength,” Tyler teased. “Sweetie, you need to find a nice boy your own age, not a very, very, very old warrior who’s not your mate.”

“Whatever. Says the guy who sleeps with two men who were practically around when the Ice Age hit,” Jalen bitched and picked up one of the extra tool belts. “I can be more than the errand boy. I’m seventeen now, Tyler.”

“Yeah and you want to know what I’ve learned?” Jalen shrugged in that teenage pouting way. Tyler sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “That the older I get the less I realize I know about everything.”

“That’s backwards, dude.”

“No it’s not,” I chuckled as I kept measuring the boards to be cut. “The older you get, the more your world expands. And then you realize you really don’t know much, so you learn what you can. But then it will expand again. I’m over a thousand years old and the fae have me realizing I don’t know much once again.”

I saw Jalen bite his lower lip out of the corner of my eye and then nod. “Okay, I can get that. My whole knowledge of the world doubled when we left the pack.” I glanced at Tyler and he looked satisfied but I knew Jalen well enough to know he wasn’t done. “However, I won’t learn anything if everyone’s always too busy to teach me or just makes me play fetch.”

“Ouch, he won that round, Tyler,” Sydney snickered, shaking her head as she walked by with a wheelbarrow full of concrete. “Okay, kid. You’re with me. I’ll teach you how to fill in the gaps of what we just poured of the foundation and make it all even so they don’t have holes in their floor.”

“Oh baby, say it again, Syd,” I purred. “I love a woman who talks construction.”

“Flipping sides?” Emmett asked with a twinkle in his eye. “I remember you playing for the other team.”

“He just likes to tease.” Sydney shook her head as Jalen glanced at me.

“I could help Ferris with cutting the wood for the floors,” he hedged.

“No!” Sydney, Tyler, and I exclaimed, but it was Tyler that went on. “No power tools, kid. I’m not explaining to Ayden why you’re missing fingers.”

“I’m not a screwup,” Jalen whispered.

“We’re not saying that,” I said gently, realizing he was embarrassed. “We all started with the basics before moving on. You start small and learn how to do things safely. Then you build on what you know, just like we’re building the house step by step.” He didn’t seem appeased so I tried again. “Emmett is older than you and I wouldn’t let him near the saw either.”

“Fine by me. That thing scares me,” Emmett chuckled before sauntering off.

“Come on,” Sydney encouraged as she gave Jalen a wink. “Everyone loves a man who’s good with his hands.”

“Okay, yeah, thanks.” Jalen trailed after her, leaving Tyler and I alone.

“He’s got it bad for you,” Tyler said quietly.

“I rescued him from his old Alpha, Tyler. He’s got a little bit of hero worship going on, nothing more. He’ll grow out of his crush.”

“I hope that’s all it is. After everything he’s been through, I don’t want his heart getting crushed.”

“I know and I don’t want that either. But he’s got to learn in a world where fate gives us mates that you have to be careful not to fall in love with someone else.” That reply didn’t seem to appease Tyler so I tried another approach. “We’ve all gotten our hearts stomped on with our first crush, Tyler. It’s a rite of passage. I’m not leading him on, and I’ve told him several times he’s like a cool little brother. We can’t do anything else to protect him.”

“Yeah, some mistakes we just have to make on our own,” he agreed. He got back to work as I did. We started work on Emmett and Travis’s house, digging the foundation, weeks ago. But then the fae came over and it was all hands on deck to get the fae over here before most of them shipped off to Greece. Now we were finally back to it and it was going really well and very fast with everyone helping.

At this rate we could get a lot of the houses built on the new development on the land Desmond and Elena Marius had broken up for smaller houses. Then maybe people could breathe more. Right now every estate was so crammed with people and belongings like hotels with storage units, I think it was driving everyone crazy.

“I’ve had it, Travis!” Emmett seethed as he stormed in my direction. “This has to stop or we’re never going to make it.”

“I said I was sorry,” Travis begged as he trailed after his mate. “I’m trying, Emmett.”

“How do you try to trust me? You either do or you don’t.” Emmett threw his hands up in the air in frustration but didn’t slow his steps. “You are the most jealous behemoth I’ve ever known.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust them!” Travis argued. I sighed, knowing what was coming next, just as it always did when we got into this argument.

“I’m going to crash at Ferris’s tonight,” Emmett shot right back.

“No you’re not,” I growled, shaking in anger. Both of them froze and stared at me.

“You don’t want to hang out with me? Why can’t I stay with you?” he asked, completely hurt. Normally I cared, but I was tired of being everyone’s port in any storm.




I woke to a strangled moan and was instantly awake when I realized I wasn’t alone in the bed. It took me a second to remember what had happened and who I was with. I glanced to Ferris’s face, seeing the bliss on it with his mouth slightly parted.

“This is the best wake-up ever, baby,” he groaned as he rubbed a lump under the covers over his groin. Oh!

“Rylan testing the waters on your chemistry?” I asked before throwing back the bedding. Sure enough, Rylan blinked up at us, smiling as he sucked Ferris’s cock. “Taste good, sweetie?” He nodded and gave me a wink. “Then I want to taste his plump lips.”

“Yes,” Ferris hissed as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down to his. Our lips mashed together and I felt a shock through my body like I’d never experienced before. I growled my approval as he let me take charge. But it wasn’t enough. I reached past Rylan and spread Ferris’s legs wide, my fingers rubbing over his hole. Our little mate got the idea and let some of his saliva drip down to slick up the way for me.

“May I?” I asked, knowing some bigger guys didn’t like to be breached.

“Yes, but go slow. I’ve never had anyone in me before,” he answered nervously. “Everyone assumes I want to penetrate them. So after a while I decided to save that for my mates.”

“So considerate,” I cooed as I pushed a finger inside of him.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed and inadvertently thrust his hips up. Rylan choked for a second but recovered just fine.

“You’re so tight, Ferris. Will you let me take you tonight? I’m dying to be inside of my mate. I think you’ll like being in the middle of two men.”

“Do you?” he moaned as he stared at me hesitantly.

“Yes. In general I like controlling the pleasure but sometimes I like to let go and be taken.”

“Good, because I won’t always want to bottom,” he sighed. I knew the feeling.

Rylan pulled off Ferris’s dick with a loud pop. “Well I don’t like to top so it works out well. I’m a fan of a big cock pounding into my ass.” He reached over and cupped my groin. “Oh yeah, fate blessed me with two well-hung mates. I do like to ride my partner bronco-style sometimes too.”

“I don’t know what that means,” I grumbled. I’d spent some time in this world over the years, but I still didn’t know everything about it.

“I like to sit on cock during wild sex.” The little imp gave us a toothy grin before he swallowed Ferris back down.

“Sounds like fun,” I chuckled and then moaned when he squeezed my dick through my jeans. I quickly undid them with my free hand and pulled out my cock.

“You want me to take that my first time bottoming?” Ferris asked with wide eyes.

“We’ll go slow but I promise it will fit.” He nodded hesitantly and I decided kissing him until he couldn’t think right then would be best. I plundered his mouth as Rylan jerked me off. Ferris blew first, my finger still in his ass, and I followed right after him. We lay there gasping for air, both of us partially on Ferris.

“Your turn, baby,” he growled after we got the wind back in our sails.

“Oh yeah,” I agreed. Rylan gave a yelp as we moved around so he was on the bottom and we were looming over him.

“Jesus, you guys are big,” he purred. We practically tore his jeans off of him. I moaned as I got my first look at his firm little body.

“And you’re perfect.” I kissed him as I fondled his sac, smiling at the happy yowls he made. He really was part animal. It was quite the change from what I was used to from a bed partner.

“I feel like getting some cream from our kitty,” Ferris said a few moments later. I glanced down and saw he was licking Rylan’s cock like it was his favorite treat.

“Great idea.” I shimmied down Rylan’s body until it was right in front of me as well. We licked it together, Ferris’s hand pumping his cock, as I kept fondling his balls.

“Fuck, guys. So good,” Rylan mewled as he spread his legs wider. “Someone fuck me!”

“Not yet. Right now is for play.”

“Fine but I’m getting fucked after dinner if I have to break out the toy I brought with me and do it myself!”

“We can help you with that,” Ferris chuckled. We went back to teasing and pleasing him until Rylan was rambling and pleading for us to finish him.

“Please? I’ve been a good kitty. I made you both happy. Don’t be mean. I need. God, do I need. Oh fuck, please?”


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