Finally Claiming His Mate (MF)

The Tundra Protectors 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,378
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, HEA]
As chaos approaches Hope, Alaska, Betty Tuttle’s past walks through the door to haunt her. Tobias Walker has come home because his father is dying, but he also wants the mate he let slip away years ago. Betty had misunderstood a situation involving Tobias, and had left Hope. Tobias left not too long after her.
Battling his bald eagle that is wanting to claim the arctic wolf that is his mate, Tobias also has to fight Betty, who knows they are to mate but doesn’t want to give into the man she has loved for so long. Her heart was hurt so long ago, but can she swallow her pride and accept Tobias now?
Arriving when he did, Tobias has to do what he can to win back Betty, fighting her most of the way, and the unknown army that is descending upon Hope. Will he be able to win the love of his life and finally claim his mate?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Finally Claiming His Mate (MF)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Finally Claiming His Mate (MF)

The Tundra Protectors 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,378
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this story. It was interesting to see how they came back together after all those years. Loved it!!!!




As the tiny hairs stood up along the back of her neck under her ponytail, she knew her past had come back to haunt her. Sitting in the large meeting room of the community center where the council was discussing the events that had taken place recently, Betty barely heard what was being said.

She had been rejoicing for the past twenty-four hours that her son Evan had found his mate, something she feared wouldn’t happen at his age. Katrina was a beautiful woman with long black hair that had a streak of white though it. The perfect blend that spoke of her Siberian tiger that lived within her.

Now, Betty’s future was about to take a left turn and she didn’t even have to turn towards the door behind her to know who was standing there. The activity in the room dimmed while the noise became a dull hum.

His gaze was warm upon her, like it had been oh, so many years ago. She knew how his hands felt upon her body, how his lips felt upon hers. Her heart had been broken for so long, she had never thought he would come back.

But she knew deep down inside, he would come back for his father. Eli Walker was dying. Cancer had riddled his body, but his mind was still as strong as it had ever been. The man was going to be missed when he was gone.

Eli had led the community of Hope, Alaska, and the tundra it protected, for decades. It had been about five years ago that he had stepped down from his position as the destructive illness had begun to take over.

Out of the three children the man had with his wife, Libby, who was no longer of this world, only one was alive. The son had left thirty-four years ago, leaving most of the town wondering what had caused him to leave. When he did come home to visit the family, it was a quick trip into town and then he was gone.

Betty Tuttle thought she would never see Tobias Walker ever again, but now, he was so close, and she felt his eyes drilling holes into the back of her skull.

The wolf within her was pacing back and forth, wanting to break free to claim its mate. The effort it took to keep the animal pinned in, was tiring. Fatigue seemed to settle down upon her human body while the wolf’s energy was pulsating within her.

Unable to stop herself, Betty turned her body half way around to look at the man who had filled many a lonely night with fantasy. She realized her hands were shaking, one of them clutching Kat’s hand.

Amber flecks littered his dark brown eyes as they caressed her face. His long black hair was pulled back, most likely tied with a leather thong. Tight blue jeans clad his legs as if they had been painted on, covering thick sinewy muscles. A red and blue flannel shirt hugged his upper body under a black leather vest.

The beaded necklace that hung from his neck was familiar to Betty, as she had given it to him not long before he left Hope so many years ago. At the bottom hung the wolf’s tooth she had added to the pendent, a piece of her for him to keep with him, always.

Betty’s heart jumped within her chest as her eyes took in every inch of him, and for the first time in years, her nipples hardened into stones within her bra. Liquid leaked from her pussy, a feeling that had been absent since Tobias had left.

This wasn’t something she had wanted. The past was supposed to be dead and buried, but before her it stood, in all his glorious beauty.

She followed Tobias’ eyes as he turned to look at the older man that stood next to him. The man was bent with age, his face, etched with time and wisdom, having seen many a good day and many a bad. It was the face Tobias would have when he was older, as the man was his father.

Eli began to speak, his voice feeble but loud, which demanded everyone’s attention. “We have always known that outsiders would eventually find out the secrets Mother Earth has given us. We have been honored by her to be the keepers of her land. I will not accept Gideon’s resignation from this board. He is who our mother has chosen to lead us and he will continue to do so.”

Not turning to look, Betty heard Gideon at the front of the room respond to Eli’s comment. “As long as the people agree, Eli, I will continue to serve as an elder and the leader of this community.”

Applause began to fill the room and continued for several minutes before Eli lifted the ornate tall walking stick that was actually taller than him and banged it on the floor. He had whittled it out over time, strategically placing the faces of polar bears, wolves, foxes, moose, and deer on it, and topped it off with a beautiful eagle’s head.

Quiet descended upon the room, although Betty felt as if everyone could hear her heart pounding away under her ribs. Tobias shifted his gaze again, his eyes drilling into hers. Finding it hard to breathe, she tried to drag in air. Her chest hurt and she knew she had to get away.

Pulling her hand from Kat’s, Betty rose, rushed across the aisle of chairs that she was sitting in and made her way through a door that lead to somewhere other than the same room as Tobias. Once she closed the door behind her, she was released of the trance her body seemed to be in while in the same room as the man she had loved for most of her life.

The room she had run into was one of the smaller meeting rooms, although the table was still big enough to fit at least ten or so people at it. There was a window at the far end of the room overlooking the parking lot which is where Betty came to a halt.

Outside, the day was bright, but inside, Betty’s life was anything but.




The way that Tobias was looking down at her made her feel as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world even though she knew she was far from it. His hand on her neck was hot and she could feel the power radiating from it.

Letting her eyes slid down, she perused his chest, taking in the strength that lay beneath bronzed skin. His massive chest was hard slaps of muscle topped by brown discs for nipples. It was smooth, divested of any hair until she lowered her gaze over the bumpy ridges of his abs where his happy trail began. It was sparse, but it still pointed downward to his cock.

His cock. It was huge!

Long, nearly standing up to his navel, had a plum sized head which was nearly as purple as the fruit it resembled. It looked angry as it wept pre-cum, throbbing against his lower stomach. His balls were large also, hanging low at the moment.

Betty licked her lips in anticipation. She had never been a fan of going down on her husband, but then again, she never was a fan of the man himself. The idea of having sex with the man had become a chore after a couple of weeks of being married and she knew it was because he wasn’t her mate.

Now, looking at Tobias’ cock, she wanted him to sink himself into her and fucking her wildly.

She watched her hand reach out for his rod of steel but his other hand stopped her by wrapping around her wrist. A whimper escaped her as her eyes flew up to look into his.

“No, baby. If you touch me, I won’t last, and I need to be inside you when I give you my come for the first time.” His face was strained as his breaths were labored. He looked like he was fighting control. “Will you give me the honor of making you my mate now?”

Tears smarted behind her eyes at his request. Betty was humbled that he would ask her after all this time. Opening her arms to him, she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Tobias. Please make me yours. Make love to me.”

Tobias moved quickly, situating his knees between her thighs. The head of his cock swiped through her slit, ending at her still sensitive clit. Betty moaned as her hips raised up begging for his steel rod.

Tobias chuckled as he pulled back a bit. “Patience, sweetheart,” he said as he leaned down and laid a kiss on her stomach above her navel.

Self-consciousness murmured in the back of her head that perhaps her stomach was too flabby. She knew her hips were too wide and her boobs sagged but, he hadn’t mentioned not liking them, and, he had kissed her stomach.

Stop being such a ninny, Betty! He loves you! He came back for you even though he didn’t know what you looked like now. He could have walked away if he didn’t like you.

Her hands slid up his muscle clad arms, taking in their strength. When they got to his shoulders, she admired the width of them and the feel of the hardness beneath his soft skin.

Down below, Tobias had the head of his dick at the opening of her pussy. It felt huge. He was looking down at her, adoration and desire in his eyes which caused her heart to do a flip in her chest. “Finally, I get to claim you as my mate, Betty Pie. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Tobias. I always have.” Her words came out in a breathy whisper as she continued to gaze into his dark chocolate eyes.

He placed his hands on both sides of her head right before he thrust his cock deep into her in one move. Heat filled her as his size spread her vaginal walls wide and the corona hit her cervix. She hissed at the incredible fullness he had imparted on her.

Quick as lightning, his mouth was covering hers, his tongue pushing past her lips and teeth, devouring her tongue. He tasted of coffee and pastries as she began to duel with his tongue. Fighting for dominance, she finally gave in and let Tobias take what he wanted from her for a few moments as he remained still in her cunt.

Unable to take it any longer, she thrust her hips upwards and reveled in the groan that escaped from him and into her mouth. Ripping his mouth from hers, Tobias pushed up on his arms. With a shift of his hips, he pulled back until just the tip of him was at her opening.

It was hot and throbbing there for a brief moment, before he slammed back into her. The corona scrapped across the magical spot within her and Betty felt the tingles fingering out from there. When he bottomed out in her, his pubic bone hit her clit, small zings of pleasure shooting out from there.

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