Find Liberty (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,011
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Menage Amour: Interracial Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense Romance, MFM, HEA]

Deandra Brown and her sister, Liberty, are lifelong best friends. They talk every day. After the reading of their father’s will, in which they inherit millions, Deandra sees Liberty getting into the car of a creepy-looking stranger. Liberty then vanishes. Deandra is frantic but the police can’t find her. She discovers two local detectives online with great reviews and hires the super sexy men, Blake and Chance. They learn that the mysterious stranger is Malfont Tremblay, a man with hypnotic powers and a history of cult activities. There’s a chance he’s a murderer. He has taken Liberty to an isolated property in Northern Maine where their only neighbors are an enigmatic deaf and mute man named Jakob, and his sister, Gwen, a practicing witch. Liberty’s life hangs by a thread. Deandra and the two men, who have ignited an inferno of sexual passion in her virgin body, relentlessly close in on Liberty, but will they be too late?

Find Liberty (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Find Liberty (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,011
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




They followed Mr. Smit’s truck for ten miles through an unbroken forest of spruce, fir, and mixed hardwood. The road was so narrow in spots that one car would have had to pull over to allow an approaching car to pass. Liberty was on edge the entire time and feared a moose or bear might run out in front of them at any moment. The stark lack of human civilization struck Liberty, especially as she had spent her entire life in Los Angeles. It suddenly occurred to her that there were no signs of life here at all, not even a squirrel running across the road or a crow flying past. Even many of the trees looked dead and ominous.

Finally, after a long, bumpy ride, they rounded a corner and could see the ocean on the left. It looked spectacular, especially as the sunshine gleamed brilliantly on the water.

“Beautiful,” Liberty said, gazing with childlike wonder, “but the Atlantic looks more untamed and frightening than the Pacific, don’t you think, Malfont?”

“More free,” Malfont replied, his eyes gleaming. “Not so many damned people.”

Up ahead and to the right, situated at the top of a small hill, was a two-story, yellow house. Around it were outbuildings, including a shed, garage, and barn. Lush, green fields enclosed by barbed wire fences stretched all the way to the woods, and near the wooden gate two huge, reddish-brown oxen casually ate from a trough.

“This really is the middle of nowhere,” Liberty said with concern.

“I like it,” Malfont noted. “Like it, like it, like it.”

A woman walked around the corner of the house carrying a basket of clothes. She wore a plain white, coarse dress in the style of an Eastern European peasant woman, though it was unbuttoned unusually low in the front. Her feet were bare, and two gold bracelets circled her ankles. She was very attractive and had a distinctive look, like a gypsy. She was about five and a half feet tall and had thick auburn hair that hung all the way down her back. The right side of her hair was highlighted by a two-inch-wide dark blue streak, and the left side bore a slightly wider band of dark green. Her body was decorated with a great abundance of jewelry, including circular metal earrings large enough to put your fist through, and numerous rings, some of them abnormally large. Her fingers were colored with a dark brown hue, except for the tips, which were painted yellow, and she wore a bulky necklace decorated with a large black cat that rested on her exceptionally large, highly exposed bosom[.

She stared at them as Malfont brought the car to a stop. He and Liberty stared back at her, and there seemed to be a strange silence in the air. The woman placed the basket on a stump and gazed deeply into Malfont’s eyes as she bent over, showing off almost all of her bare breasts. Three big, brightly colored bras flapped in the breeze above her on the clothesline. Malfont seemed transfixed. A gust of wind suddenly caught the hem of her dress and lifted it straight up, exposing her full, smooth, soft legs and her white cotton panties. Normally a woman would have been embarrassed and immediately caught the dress with her hands, pushing it down, but this woman allowed the wind to expose her without the slightest embarrassment. Liberty was too shocked to turn away, but then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a big, heavyset man emerge from the barn. He looked to be in his early twenties and wore only black rubber boots and faded blue jeans. His hair was short, and he had a strange intensity in his gaze, almost as if he had some kind of mental disability. He held a big red ax and stared unflinchingly into Liberty’s eyes.

He seemed so taken by Liberty that he did not even notice Malfont, and she locked eyes with him. He was about six foot two and easily two hundred and fifty pounds, yet what really distinguished him was his raw, densely muscular body. His arms were thick and taut, his shoulders wide and powerful, his chest bulging. On his right side, running all the way from his shoulder to the top of his abs, was a wide scar that had healed dark red. His eyes were the deepest blue Liberty had ever seen. There was a sense of mystery in his features, and a suggestion of danger, even though his visage carried an expression of stoicism, like a man who does not care if he lives or dies. At best his looks would be described as average. Liberty felt a tinge of fear, but it didn’t last. Though there was something frightening about him, she sensed that he would not hurt her. In fact, she sensed that he was deeply attracted to her.

“He looks as strong as his oxen,” Malfont whispered, noticing the man for the first time, “and about as smart as one, too.”

Liberty ignored the comment. She could tell that this strange man was fascinated with her, like a giant fascinated by a little bird fallen from its nest. He stared at her without wavering, to the point of awkwardness, then discomfort. Liberty felt flustered, yet continued to look at him and in an odd way even enjoyed his interest in her.




Chance engaged her in a deep kiss, and their hands slid over her exposed arms and shoulders. Suddenly she felt Chance slip his hand onto her breast, lightly fondling it. She did not stop him. She just kept kissing and licking his mouth, the heat of their breaths building her to a higher level of sexual desire. She felt a hand on her other breast and looked down, seeing both men feeling and squeezing her. This was unknown territory, but the pleasure was intense and it caught her in a fog of lust that clouded her mind. Captured in that haze, but not completely blinded by it, she saw and felt Blake lift her nightie, exposing her bare breasts to the eyes of man for the first time in her life. Waves of conflicting emotion surged within her. She was embarrassed and thrilled at the same time, reluctant yet eager, afraid yet hot.

“Oh, my God,” Blake mumbled, looking at his best friend, “have you ever seen anything more beautiful?”

“Never,” Chance whispered, his eyes glued to Deandra’s heavy breasts, the nipples standing at least an inch off her areolas. “Spectacular.”

The men, as if they had identical minds, squatted simultaneously and pressed their mouths to Deandra’s breasts, kissing her nipples. A deep moan escaped her lips as she felt a jolt of pleasure, overwhelmed by the sight of the two men enjoying her. The two men quickly licked her nipples, their wet tongues sliding over them in a way that sent shivers of ecstasy up her spine. They sucked on her until she felt like she might have an orgasm. Then, in a flash, the men were sitting on either side of her, taking turns kissing her on the mouth as they fondled her bare bosom. Deandra closed her eyes, kissing whichever lips were presented to her. She could feel Blake’s hand on her wrist, slowly sliding her hand to the left. Suddenly her fingers contacted his hot, hard cock. She whimpered slightly and saw his pajamas pulled down to his mid-thighs. Without even meaning to do it, she wrapped her small hand around his big, pulsating cock and firmly held it. Feeling overwhelmed, she glanced at the mirror and saw Chance had also drawn down his pajamas, but they were around his ankles. His legs had fallen open and he was also fully erect, his big, thick cock pointing at the ceiling. Deandra watched in the mirror as he pulled her hand to the right and wrapped it around his firm prick. Unable to believe what she was doing, Deandra’s mouth gaped open as she started pulling both cocks at the same time.

“No,” she said, standing up, her chest heaving. She pulled down her nightie and covered herself. “This is too much. I’m a virgin, for God’s sake. I’ve never done this with even one man. It’s crazy.”

The men, their cocks almost trembling because they were so hard, looked incredibly weak, as if they might collapse. They made no move to cover themselves.

“I’ll do that thing, like in the movie,” Deandra conceded, feeling flustered but in desperate need of release. “I’ll do it on the bed. I can’t go any further, though. You can watch, but not touch.”

The men nodded and stood up, both of them trembling with excitement.

“I can’t believe this,” Deandra said, walking wide around Blake and taking off her nightie. “You guys can pull yourselves if you need to, but remember, no touch.”

They took off their pajamas, watching her as they leaned their butts against the bureau, their hands behind them, and their big cocks straining upward from their thick bushes.

“Never one word of this to anybody,” Deandra insisted, staring into their eyes, “or it stops right here.”

“Not one word,” Blake muttered.

“We promise,” Chance added.

“You boys are in a bad way,” she said, looking at their cocks as she slid her hand under the band of her panties. “I think you need to relieve the tension.” She lay flat on the bed and began to play with herself. “I need release, too. I can’t take the stress any longer.”

Blake nodded and licked his lips as he studied every square inch of her. Again, almost in synchrony, the two men clasped their rock-hard cocks and started to pull themselves. Deandra looked away for a moment, tittering nervously, then turned back and watched with her eyes wide open. Her pussy was unnaturally wet and hot. She could smell her own sex scent, and the room was full of an irresistible energy. The more she touched herself, the hotter she got, and the hotter she got, the hotter they got. Soon she was rubbing herself fast, and they were wildly pulling themselves. Deandra got so caught up in the spirit of it that she slipped off her panties and showed them her pussy as she masturbated. They stared at her wet lips, licked the air as if they were performing oral sex on her, grunted and panted.

Not knowing where the energy came from, but keen on letting it loose, Deandra suddenly got on her hands and knees with her behind facing the men. She rubbed herself fast and looked back. They were out of their minds, carried away on a stream of pure sensual energy. Deandra knew they were looking at her in a way she would never have allowed anyone else to look at her, but it felt right, and she couldn’t fight the momentum that had built up within her. She felt like a vixen, a seductress, a woman unleashed from years of unerring restraint, like a princess released from the tower. As she rubbed herself, she began moving her bottom back and forth, up and down. When she looked at the men, they were mesmerized, their heads moving and bobbing in synchrony with her gyrations. It was inexplicable, amazing, awe-inspiring. The power she had, and the power building within her, was akin to a volcano that simply can wait no longer to expel its scorching liquid.

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