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Fixation (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 31,734
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Romantic Suspense]

Lenore and Sawyer shared a loving relationship at one time. Young and inexperienced, they were forced to separate. Lenore doubted she'd ever see him again, but discovers she is wrong. During a motorcycle trip, they begin to pick up the pieces. Their lovemaking sessions turn flaming hot, especially when he handcuffs her to the bed and spanks her within an inch of her life, adding a little pain to her pleasure.
However, a stalker is after her. It surprises Sawyer to learn a jaw-dropping secret from her past. Though she has committed regrettable acts, will he forgive her? Will Sawyer be able to stop the faceless, nameless man who makes Lenore's life a living hell?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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The door, locked and bolted, protected them from an unlikely intrusion. But they weren't worried. Their minds stayed riveted on each other. His eyes lingered over the deep V in her robe. The drapes undulated in the cool night air that breezed into Lenore's apartment and tickled her hands, face, and legs.

Lovemaking was a forgone conclusion. The word no seemed a foreign word that she wouldn't want to say. In contrast, his warm body pressed her back into the cushions. His hands roamed over her clothed body and tantalized her senses. He untied the belt at her waist and parted her robe. Her voluptuous breasts remained partly hid under her see-through gown.

His flickering gaze displayed his building hunger.

Much to her delight, his fingers stopped and lingered on her puckered aureole. Through the fabric, he toyed with her tight, hard buds and whispered against her mouth. "My baby's cold." His hand left her quivering skin, reached up, and turned the living room lamp off. "I'll take care of you. Maybe warm you up. Would you like that?"

"Yes." She scooted closer and ran her tongue along the line of his taut lips to give him a come-on signal, unlike she'd ever given any man. She darted her tongue between his lips and deeply into his mouth. He doesn't realize how much I need this.

He didn't return the kiss. "Mm, I'd love to."

Her pussy spasmed as an image of the coupling tormented her. "Do it." Tie me up. Put me in ecstasy.

A deep chuckle left his lips. He didn't settle until her chest pressed into his body. His thigh parted her housecoat and splayed her legs. He pulled her belt away and tossed it behind him. The head of his thick shaft prodded her pubic area, and only a thin layer of fabric separated a union.

"Ahh, yes. This is much more comfortable."

"Oh, yes," she shamelessly said. Twitching in her agony, she visualized the erotic picture they probably made as he nuzzled her throat. Her pussy receptive; her clit engorged. I want him. Her surroundings blurred. The need of an orgasm churned within. Put your mouth on me. Make me whole.

"Let me take care of you."

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