Flirting with Heaven (MMMMM)

Rock Stars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,997
5 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Older Hero Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
“We are flirting with Heaven, on the brink of paradise.  I intend to put an end to our hell.” When Dr. Zane Foster shares those words, he is holding all four of the men he loves in his arms. Adam, Rock Hard’s front man, has spent the last two weeks in Zane's bedroom, recovering from his breakdown at the press conference. He has put the doctor in temporary control of his family. All of them have been calling Zane daddy for weeks.
When Adam decides he wants Zane to make decisions for the band on a permanent basis, the front man struggles with pride. Adam feels his inability to create harmony is the reason Deuce, L.T., and Jamie are pulling away. Jamie is intersex, and discovers he is pregnant. Will the unusual revelation of how the pregnancy occurred, and the discovery of the other biological father, bring Rock Hard closer together, or threaten to divide them permanently?  
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Flirting with Heaven (MMMMM)
5 Ratings (5.0)

Flirting with Heaven (MMMMM)

Rock Stars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,997
5 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
All through out this book I felt as if I was on a roller coaster. With each flip of the page I found myself waiting and wondering what was about to happen, what chaos was going to torture the guys next.
There were times that I gasped and times that I wanted to cry right along with my favorite character. One character had me so angry I had to put it down for a couple minutes before I picked it back up, only to turn around and cheer on a different character.
I can't wait for the next book to see how everything turns out and to see what new mayhem will find these 5 incredible guys.
Once again Andrew places us in the middle of this sensual, emotional and eclectic story. The boys of the 80's Rock band continue to work on their relationship as the good doctor Zane draws them all together, helping them become one. As Jamie discovers that his life and body are dramatically going to change, Adam struggles give the family reigns over completely to Zane. Andrew has a beautiful way of drawing out the emotions in his characters, making them feel real in every way. He has very descriptive, heartfelt prose, allowing me to feel as though I am right in the middle of this story. His characters feel real and I love the way he has developed each personality. I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author!
Karen Peacock
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS "As always Andrew gives you a steamy and very hot little story. I mean the sex between each of these guys and then all together would set the pages on fire it was so hot. This is book three in the series and you need to read them in order. I started reading this series and it just draws you in and keeps you captivated the whole time. A short time ago Adam wanted to make Zane the daddy of the group. He wanted him to take complete control over them all. To help them with their anger, addictions and problems that they were having. It is hard when it is just two men in love, but in this story it starts with four men loving and committed to each other. Then you add in Zane and now you have five men with a relationship going. There are many problems still going on with them. Adam is still confused and angry at his choices. He takes his anger out in and even hurts those he loves. Jamie comes off as a scared man, but you can sense the strength in him. Although there is a surprise with him, that made me love him the most. Deuce is trying to fix what he knows that he has done wrong, but he is constantly fighting with Adam. Although it is Adam that is the one starting the fighting. Lemmuel or better known as L.T. is an addict and every time he gets stressed he shoots up, although he is trying to overcome that battle as well. There is so much feeling in this book that you can’t help but wonder how they make it work. However they do and you just stand there praying for the best. It is a fascinating story and I look forward to reading the next story. I want to see how Jamie has the baby that he is pregnant with. That is one hell of a great add to this amazing book. I would recommend reading it. It has a lot of details and story in such a small book. I loved the way they are with each other even after their little fights. However with Adam, I think I would have ditched him the first time he raised his fists. He would be the one I could see bringing them all down, but the others love him so much that they see what he needs. There is a lot of kink in this book and I am talking some majorly hot kink. I love the BDSM parts of this book, and for me that is saying something. I am not usually one that would like that part of a book or life but in this book it just brings it all out. I look forward to reading more by this amazing author." -- Lisa, MM Good Book Reviews

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Zane handed one of the jewelry boxes to Adam. When the front man opened the lid, his eyes glassed with tears.

“Just what I asked for,” Adam said.

“Then, you do want our arrangement to be a more permanent one?”

“Are you asking me if I want you to be our daddy always?”

“I only agreed for a little while, you know.”

“Not if that’s what I want,” Adam countered, “because, Zane, it is.”

Zane’s hand was now smoothing the dirty blond, shoulder-length hair away from Adam’s face. When the front man closed his eyes, leaning into Zane’s touch, the doctor caressed his partner’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Are you sure, Adam? That is an important step for all of us. Up until now, you have been in complete control.”

Really?” Adam asked sarcastically. “Do you believe that, Zane? I don’t. I haven’t been in control in a long time.”

Now, Adam stood and walked to the window. Zane followed, putting his arms around his partner’s waist.

“I’m so jealous,” Adam said.

“Of what?” Zane asked, kissing the top of Adam’s hair.

“Of you.”

Adam turned to face him. More tears were forming in his partner’s eyes. When they spilled onto his cheeks, the doctor used his fingertips to wipe them away.

“I’ve never completely dealt with my jealousy toward you,” Adam spoke again.

“Adam, I am only in control right now because it is what you wanted. I do not want the responsibility if you are not comfortable with the dynamic. My dominance with you is not about me wanting to take control. What we share is about you giving me the opportunity to be what you need.”

“Then, I need you to be in control, but it doesn't mean I don’t regret not having strength of my own. I want my partners to look at me like they do you. I want you to look at me like that. I—”

“Then maybe we still need to explore this before we go any further,” Zane interrupted.

“Further, as in?”

“Further as in, our new beginning. Adam, your partners love you. They do look at you like you desire, but are you able to open your heart to accept it?”

“I can’t stay in your bedroom alone anymore, can I?”

The look of hurt on Adam’s face broke Zane’s heart. He took his lover into his arms, holding him close.

“I am afraid not, sweetheart.”

“Deuce and I reconciled today, like you asked.”

“Like I asked? Adam, I would not suggest you let David hear that. I want you two to reconcile because it is what both of you desire. He loves you very much, and is trying hard to recover. David does not need a partner who cannot make up his mind whether he forgives him or not. That may sound blunt, but it is truth. All of us make mistakes, even you, Adam Foster.”

Adam’s expression prompted Zane’s next comment.

“No, I have not forgotten my desire for the four of you to take my name.”

“That’s contradictory to everything we've discussed.”

“Maybe,” Zane countered. “I asked you to come to my room tonight to discuss the design of the rings.”

“We've discussed them.”

“All I asked, Adam, was for you to be sure. Because once I give each of you those rings tonight, there will not be any going back and forth. I am a kind and gentle man, but I am also one who does not play games. I want nothing more than to be a daddy to the four of you, but something as meaningful and symbolic as exchanging rings should be on a more permanent level. The design of the ring itself suggests the intended dynamic.”

“I want to move forward.”

“All right, Adam.”

“Can I ask what you have in mind?”

Zane said nothing in reply. Instead, he cupped both of Adam’s cheeks between his hands. He lowered his lips to capture the front man’s mouth in an intimate kiss. Adam moaned, sinking into his arms. Zane pulled Adam’s body close against his own.

“Always fit so perfectly,” Zane said between kisses.

“Like I’m melting into the curves and crevices of your body,” Adam replied.

“No lovemaking, Adam,” Zane spoke, “at least not tonight. I have promised Lemmuel my company.”

When Adam pulled back, searching Zane’s face, the doctor rubbed his thumb across his lover’s swollen lips.

“I have asked Lemmuel to marry me.”

Zane closely watched Adam’s expression, as his partner pulled away from his grasp. Adam had turned once more to face the window.

“I want to marry all of you legally,” Adam said. “The law thinks otherwise. L.T. always desired that with me, and I couldn't give it to him. Now, another man can. What does Jamie think about all this? I hope you asked him first.”

“James wants me to marry Lemmuel. I've asked them both to move into my bedroom.”

“I see,” Adam replied.

“Adam, part of my discussion tonight is we need to stop living in the past.”

“What exactly does my future hold, Zane?”

“Not bitterness, for one thing.”

“Then what?”

“What I've seen slowly happening between the five of us for the last two weeks. What I want more than anything else. I see it in your eyes now, sweetheart.”

“I have regrets.”

“All of us do. Please, don’t let your pride and bitterness get in the way of your family’s happiness.

“The fax machine is printing,” Adam said.

Zane turned his attention to the corner office in his room. He walked to the machine and retrieved the documents.

“Let us go find the rest of our partners,” Zane replied. “We can discuss the results tonight as well.”




Adam smiled when Jamie’s eyes made contact with Zane’s stare. The doctor was lying next to Jamie on the bed. Zane had secured their young partner’s hands over his head. From where Adam knelt, he had a view of their fingers stretching Jamie’s anal opening. Zane’s face was near Jamie’s ear.  Even though Adam couldn't hear the private words the doctor shared, he knew they were erotic. With his other hand, Adam reached down and caressed the back of L.T.’s head, as his drummer continued to suck Jamie’s dick.

“Kiss me, baby,” Deuce said.

Adam’s face was turned so their lips met. Deuce’s touch was passionate. Adam moaned when his lover parted his mouth with his tongue.

“Holy shit, Deuce,” Adam spoke between the lingual caresses.

Adam’s body was on fire. His cock was harder than it had been since before Deuce’s alcohol addiction. From their lovemaking the previous night, something had changed between them. Deuce was making those silent promises a reality. There was sincerity in Deuce’s touch.

“Are you ready, James?” Zane asked.

Jamie’s eyes met Adam’s face.

“Do not look at Adam,” Zane continued talking. “I want you to stare at me, in my eyes, and tell me you want David and Adam to penetrate your tight ass. Tell me, James.”

“I want Deuce and Adam to penetrate me, Daddy,” Jamie replied.

“Good boy. If it becomes too intense, or painful they will stop. I am in control. Do you trust me?”

Jamie nodded, while he continued to meet the doctor’s stare.

“Adam,” Zane said, “slide your dick inside.”

“Baby, you heard the doctor,” Deuce spoke.

Adam spread Jamie’s thighs as far as they would go.  He bent his lover’s legs against his chest. L.T. stopped sucking Jamie’s cock, joining Zane in caressing their young partner’s upper body. Adam lined his cockhead against Jamie’s entry. He pressed forward. His dick slipped passed the rim with a tight pop.

“Adam!” Jamie moaned.

“So tight, little bitch,” Adam replied.

“James, once I am sure you are all right, Lemmuel and I are going to put both of our dicks inside your mouth. Four men will be penetrating you in every hole.”

 Adam smiled. All Jamie could do was whimper. He bent forward. His cock continued to press within the tight walls of his lover’s anal cavity. Slowly he bottomed out. Deuce was pumping his fingers, and Adam felt their continual caress against his shaft.

“I love you, Jamie,” Adam said, placing his full weight on his partner’s body.

Jamie wound his arms around Adam’s neck, but was still making eye contact with Zane. The brush of Zane’s skin against Adam’s body, while the doctor lay next to them on the bed, also caused Adam to groan in pleasure.

“David,” Zane said, “be gentle.”

Adam was beyond aroused. He had reached a point where nothing else mattered except finding release for him and the four men he loved. Zane was right, their commitment and the intimacy they shared during lovemaking was reaching somewhere Adam never wanted to leave. All of them were together, working toward uniting their hearts into something the front man believed would keep them together in harmony forever, or at least for the moment he carried that hope.

“Fuck he’s tight, Adam!” Deuce said.

“Holy shit, Deuce!” Adam spoke. “I can feel you stretching him, and rubbing me at the same time!”

“Enjoy the sensation,” Zane said, “because when I feel James is ready, Lemmuel and I are going to share it, too.”

“It hurts!” Jamie whimpered.

“Shh…James. Look into my eyes,” Zane said. “Guys, pull out a little bit. Stop thrusting. Lemmuel, come here and take my place. Look into James’s eyes and tell him you love him and promise it is going to feel good.”

Holy shit! Fuck! Adam’s thoughts were racing. His dick was throbbing, aching to release inside of Jamie’s body. Instead, he tried to focus on L.T.’s tenderness with the bass player. Zane had rolled away from them, reaching into his nightstand, retrieving an empty syringe. He opened the package, filled it with lube, and then tossed it to Deuce.

“My version of a lube shooter,” Zane said. “Get this inside of James.”

“I love you, candy cane,” L.T. said. “Doll baby, don’t you know all of us here are your tops and care about your pleasure. Now focus, beautiful. Those big beautiful eyes are looking up at me, wanting release.”

“Feels better,” Jamie said.

“I would image so…all that lube inside you,” L.T. replied.

Adam had begun to thrust again, next to Deuce. The two of them had their full weight on Jamie’s chest. Their lover was cuddled against them, as they wrapped their arms around not only each other, but the man who had accepted both of their dicks into his body.

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