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For Her Honor (MF)

For Her

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 84,169
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Wanting to keep her independence, Jocelyn MacKenna is determined to avoid marriage at all costs. When her craftily planted rumor of her sterility fails to discourage all of her suitors, she makes a break for the nunnery, disguised as a boy. Attacked by horse thieves along the way, Jocelyn is rescued by one of the most intriguing men she has ever met…

Robbie MacGillivray is in desperate need of an heir. Having faced heartbreak and humiliation at the hands of his first wife, Robbie has evaded another marriage as long as he could. Finally contracting for the hand of the wild MacKenna lass, he sets out to collect his newly betrothed. Except, in a twist of fate, he rescues a comely, spirited lass who captures his attention in a way no female ever has. A lass who is on the run from an unwanted marriage. To him.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Wonderful story and was well worth reading. This story although a time frame is not given its set in the scottish highland when the clans would war against each other over the slightest of issues. Joc...

- sarki

WOW!! Romance, suspense, and adventure all in one. Can not wait until the next book in the series.

- kcam99

Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "All Jocelyn Mackenna's father wants her to do is get married to have a man keep her safe when he dies. But being the independent soul that she is, Jocelyn isn't about to allow herself to become a wife and a broodmare, popping out babies just so her future husband can have an heir to his throne. So the only thing left to do is make a dash for the local nunnery where she doesn't have to abide by her father's wishes. But when she is attacked by horse thieves on her way there, she's rescued by the man her father chose for her to marry. Robert MacGillivray has already faced the loss of one wife, and now he plans to remarry because he is in desperate need of an heir. When he learns that he's the one chosen to marry Jocelyn Mackenna by her father, he sets out on his way to making her his. But along the way, he comes to the rescue of a young lad or so he thought, until he realises she's a woman. And that the woman he's rescued is the very one he's set to marry. For a historical romance, this had so many interesting elements to the plot. The mix of suspense, action, adventure and romance had me on the edge of each page that I couldn't put the book down at all. The dialogue was excellent, and illustrated how headstrong both Jocelyn and Robbie were when it came to getting their own way. For Jocelyn, I could fathom how going from being so independent to being in an arranged marriage could ruin the life she'd dreamed for herself. It just didn't seem fair. The sex scenes were scorching, and in abundance because these two were such a good match for each other. And even though Jocelyn didn't want to be married, it seemed marriage life suited her. What I liked so much about Jocelyn is how she adapted to her new life once she became married. While with Robert, I loved how he allowed Jocelyn to keep her independence, even when all he wanted to do was protect her. Overall, although some of this story was sad for the heroine, I really enjoyed every chapter and loved the progression of the romance between Robert and Jocelyn. And all that is left to be said of this incredible story is that I would recommend it to those fans of the historical genre, or to anyone wanted to read their first historical novel." -- Bec, The Romance Studio


Story Excerpt


A snapping twig caught her attention. She scanned the area quickly and jumped when two eerie eyes stared back at her. A mountain cat stepped into view, and her horse shied nervously. Her heart pounding, she wondered if it was true that animals could scent fear because she was certainly more terrified than she had ever been in her life. The cat eyed her lazily before ambling away. She thanked God it had obviously already eaten its fill recently.

As her heart rate returned to normal, Jocelyn questioned the intelligence of her decision to leave for the nunnery at night. Perhaps she hadn’t planned this as well as she thought she had. But it was too late to go back now. Her pride was the only thing she had left, and to turn around now would strip her of even that. Besides, her flight for freedom would have already been discovered. The consequences of her escape would be too high to pay. With any luck, her betrothed would have arrived at her father’s cottage by now, and the lot of them would be searching in the opposite direction.

As an extra precaution, she slung her quiver of arrows over her shoulder and hooked her bow over her elbow. At least if she used the bow and arrows she had a fighting chance against a hungry predator.

Urging the now-skittish horse forward, Jocelyn made her way deeper into MacGillivray lands, the night getting blacker and blacker with every passing moment.

Her head began to bob from exhaustion. She had been up at first light this morning, and it was very nearly the dead of night. The stars and moon did very little to penetrate the thick trees, and she guided her horse cautiously, praying she would not walk the mare into a hole with each step the horse took.

Yawning, Jocelyn stretched and forced her drooping eyes open. Just a little longer and she would bed down until dawn. She wanted to get as much distance between her and her father before light. The closer she was to the nunnery in the morning, the better.

Another twig snapped, and she looked around warily, ready to face another mountain lion. When nothing jumped out at her and she didn’t see anything, she relaxed a little in her saddle, which proved to be her mistake.

“That looks to be some nice horseflesh, lad,” a rough voice said from behind her. Suddenly she was surrounded by a band of men, each bearing a sword and each pointing it directly at her. “That is far too much horse for a young lad like yourself,” said the same man. “Why do you not get off and give the mare to us?”

Clearing her throat, Jocelyn lowered her voice to what she hoped would sound like a man’s voice. “You will have to take her from me,” she said confidently, her eyes widening at her own words. What in the hell was she thinking? While she was an expert with her sword, even she could not hope to take on five men at once. She crossed herself as she drew out her sword. She would go down swinging at least.

The men merely laughed and slashed at her. Her horse reared, throwing her, and raced back down the mountain toward home. She was left lying flat on her back, staring up at the would-be horse thieves. Perhaps now that the horse had flown, they would leave her alone. “You cost us a horse, lad,” one of the men growled, “so we will take the cost of said horse from your flesh. Slowly.”

There was only one thing left to do. Grabbing her sword, Jocelyn threw back her head and screamed bloody murder. Her battle cry energized her, and she jumped to her feet, swinging her sword. If she was going to die this night, she was going to make damn sure she was taking one of them with her.

Her palms were slick with nervous sweat, but she didn’t let that stop her from jabbing at one of the men in hopes of throwing him off balance. He danced out of the way, though just barely. He looked down at his shirt in dismay. She had managed to slice through the material, leaving a hole about the size of a fist in the wake of her sword.

The men froze around her as if contemplating their next move. Dare she hope she had convinced them to move off elsewhere?

“You have ruined my shirt,” he growled. “We are really going to let you have it now, lad.”

Dimly she heard the racket of horse hooves clattering behind her but focused her attention on the men before her. She deftly ducked her head under the man’s sword and feinted to the right, thrusting her sword at another thief, just missing his arm.

She growled in frustration when her badly balanced sword wobbled in her palm. She steadied the steel and jumped aside just as one of the thieves lunged at her. She swung her sword with both hands and sliced into one of their legs. It was a shallow cut, but it bled freely. She didn’t have time to relish the triumph of drawing first blood.

The largest of the men charged her, and she barely managed to step out of the way. She could feel the fatigue weighing down her arms and knew she wouldn’t be able to continue for very much longer. She only prayed they would kill her before they found out she was a female.

Her pride wouldn’t let her give up, and Jocelyn danced around in a circle until she had her back to a copse of trees. A group of mounted men had arrived behind the thieves and seemed to spring into action. She had no idea when they had arrived, but she fervently hoped they weren’t allies of the highwaymen.




Jocelyn stirred in the bed behind him, and he smiled when she padded over to him and wrapped her arms around him, bringing the linen sheet around them both and resting her cheek against his bare back.

“Good morning,” she said in that husky, I-have-been-well-loved voice he loved so much.

He felt a spurt of male pride with the knowledge it had been his lovemaking that had caused that catch in her throat.

His smile widened as he twisted at the waist and wrapped his arm around her. Pulling her close to his side, he pointed out the window. “It is a lovely day,” he whispered in her ear. “Do you want to go exploring with me?”

“What?” she said teasingly. “And miss all the excitement here?” She stood on her toes and pulled him down so she could kiss his chin. “Yes, Robert. I want to do some exploring with you.” She nibbled lightly, seductively, at the corner of his mouth.

His body reacted instantly, and he turned to face her, letting her feel his erection against her stomach. Reaching around to loosen the sheet, he groaned in frustration when he heard the knock on the door.

He cursed viciously and, taking care to wrap the linen securely around her, he tore himself away from her and strode to the chamber door. He wrenched it open, his body tight and his cock huge and hard with desire and on display for the whole keep to see. “What?” he roared.

Will didn’t say anything. He simply handed his older brother a tray of food and backed away from the door, a grin tugging on his lips the whole time.

Muttering obscenities under his breath, Robbie kicked the door shut and turned to see Jocelyn frantically trying to smother her giggles behind her hand. “Are you laughing at me?” he asked, though he couldn’t keep his own grin from his face.

“Nay, my laird. I am laughing with you,” she managed to choke out between peals of laughter.

He dropped the tray on the table next to the bed and pounced on her, drawing a squeal from her throat. Yanking on the linen, he sent it flying and watched it land in a heap. Grabbing her waist, he brought her up against him and kissed her until her giggles turned to moans.

Robbie lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. His eyes nearly crossed when she locked her legs around his hips and ground herself against him. The tip of his cock rubbed against her wet folds, and he almost cried with relief when he realized she was ready for him.

He sat on the bed and held her in his lap, maneuvering her until she sank down onto him. She whimpered sweetly into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, waiting expectantly. He realized with a start that, despite her passionate response to him, she was still rather innocent and she didn’t know what to do.

Slowly, without words, he showed her how to move on him. She picked up the rhythm quickly and was soon riding him in abandon.

Robbie marveled at the sight his small wife made as she moved above him, rocking her whole body back and forth. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he was amazed that she was his.

His eyes nearly rolled back in his head as she added a little swivel to her hips on every downstroke. She was tightening her inner muscles every time she dropped down on him and releasing them as she pulled back. It was like fucking a fist, only better. Oh, God, was it better.

His balls pulled tight against his body and he fought the rising need to explode, instead reaching between their bodies to glide his finger over her extended clitoris.


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