For One Night Only (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 71,000
9 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

For one night only...that's all Dr Bethany Shaw tells herself she can handle. Still reeling from a past relationship, she trusts no one. The encounter with a mesmerizing rock star threatens to change her life forever. Can she let go of the pain and learn to love again?

For one night only...that's all Latino rock singer Ruben Navarro can promise, both on stage and in bed. Bored long ago of the readily available women, his sole passion is his charity, until he meets a reserved but sexy doctor who makes him want to forget his past.

For one night only...that's all she ever had, but it would never be enough for the damaged young woman who watches Ruben's every move from the shadows. The promise of being with him again is all she lives for--and nobody is going to get in her way.

A Siren Erotic Romance

For One Night Only (MF)
9 Ratings (3.8)

For One Night Only (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 71,000
9 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 Bookmarks: "For One Night Only is a refreshing unique contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was riveted by the characters and read the entire story in one sitting. I highly recommend this hot steamy love story and I look forward to reading many more stories written by Ms Ryder." -- Daria White, Wild on Books

5 Stars: "For One Night Only is a sizzling love story. You could feel the sexual tension between Bethany and Reuben. The characters worked well together and were well-developed. The plot caught my attention and held it to the last word. Great summer reading." -- Anne Boling, ReviewYourBook

5 Moons: "For One Night Only is exciting to read. It has all the elements of an excellent on the edge of your seat book. Crazed fans, passion, and a hero and heroine that just melts the pages. Luxie Ryder is one hot surprise to this reviewer. Having never read Luxie's work before I can tell you I will be reading it again. Cheers, Miss Ryder on a excellent read." -- Deb, Moondance Reviews

4 Stars: "I could really feel Bethany's turmoil as she tries hard not to let the doubts and suspicions creep into her newly found relationship. The sex they share is exhilarating, making you blush. Once the duo meets, the pacing became unstoppable. One thing or the other kept happening until your head is spinning. Ms. Ryder knows how to tell a story and has handled complex emotions like jealousy, envy, infatuation like a pro. I was quite taken with the hurt, confused, and emotionally fragile villain who really deserved something else...For One Night Only is indeed a very entertaining mix of spine tingling twists and red-hot loving!" -- Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels: "For One Night Only is an enjoyable read that features two extremely human characters. Ruben and Bethany are wonderfully imperfect, and it is refreshing to read a story where the hero and heroine have real human foibles. These two like to poke and prod at each other to try to get a reaction, and it frequently ends in blistering sex. The sex is steamy and well-written, and our heroes have fun with it and don't treat it too seriously...For this blend of tension, great sex, and all-too-human characters, For One Night Only is well worth the read." -- Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 Hearts: "Ms. Luxie Ryder did a great job telling this story. The plot was unique, the resulting relationship was addictive. Her main characters both suffered rare feelings almost immediately. The couple grabbed my attention and I couldn't leave them alone. It captured my attention from page one and held my concentration until the last one. This is my first Ryder book. It will definitely not be my last. The sensuality was sizzling. The sex was frequent and explicit. This book definitely would not be for the faint of heart. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance with sexual content, paired with an intense love story with a bit of drama placed throughout. It is a really good book which I'm thrilled to have read. Kudos, Ms. Ryder." -- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

4.5 Cherries: "I like the characters in this novel. Ms. Ryder writes eclectic individuals who can take care of themselves, but would rather be in a relationship together...If you want a steamy read full of sweet emotion and captivating characters, then pick up a copy of For One Night Only." --Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream reviews

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Bethany boarded the plane shyly. After changing her mind a million times, she was finally there. The thought that she shouldn’t bitch about her life if she wasn’t prepared to grab an opportunity like this had been the decider. Ok, so she knew why she was there, but what was in it for him? It wasn’t in her nature to throw caution to the wind and she would be much happier once she had a handle on what was going down.

Ruben was already seated and looked up as she entered. Smiling, he gestured that she should take the opposite seat. Wondering if she looked as terrified as she felt, she sat down quickly. She had dressed casually in clean jeans and a sweater, the result of a good hour spent debating what she should wear. Not wanting to give the wrong impression—or maybe the right one—she had settled for low-key, but now she felt distinctly under dressed in the elegant décor of the plane’s interior. Beige and gray leather covered every surface that wasn’t already veneered in limed oak or covered in plush carpet.

‘Ready for a wild ride?’ he asked. Her eyes flashed quickly to his. Unsure if the double-entendre was intentional; she chose to ignore it and smiled at him benignly. She felt him watching her as she fumbled with the seat belt. The urge to fill the static silence with inane babble was overwhelming and she succumbed quickly.

‘I hope I didn’t keep you waiting. I’m not used to doing things last minute. I tend to over plan. Having to organize myself this quickly wasn’t easy.’ She laughed, after finally pausing for breath.

‘I envy you that. I never get to plan anything. I’m always just told to be in this city or that country by a certain day. Thank God Byron points me in the right direction.’ His comment surprised Bethany. She had always assumed that the lifestyle and the wealth it brought with it would give you the ultimate freedom. She told him so.

He shook his head dismissively. ‘Yeah, you would think so, right? The record company owns me. You sign a contract with them; you make a deal with the Devil.’ His laugh held some bitterness. ‘I have it easy compared to 99.9% of the planet, so I’m not complaining. I do what I love and get paid a fortune for it. What about you? Do you like what you do?’

Uneasy having the conversation focus on her boring little life, she told him of her small practice. He seemed genuinely interested and asked her why she chose medicine. She explained she had her mother to thank for that. She’d brought Bethany and her sister up single-handedly after their father had disappeared. After dying way too young, she had left enough money for Bethany to start a small practice with her share of the inheritance. Sometimes, when she wanted to quit her life and take off, it was the thought of her mom’s sacrifices that made her stay.

Five minutes later, Bethany was mortified to find she was still talking. Resolving not to bore him to sleep, she bit her tongue, allowing the silence to hang between them for a few seconds.

His next question surprised her. ‘So, Bethany, are you married?’ The casual tone of his voice didn’t match the intensity of his stare. She shook her head.


‘This isn’t the life for a wife and kids,’ he said. The finality in his tone made it clear he was alone and intended to stay that way. Intuition told her there was more to the story than his short, curt answer revealed.

The ever-present Byron finally finished doing whatever it was that had kept him running around the aircraft in frenzy and settled down across the aisle from them, nodding a quick hello in her direction. Turning instantly, he engrossed Ruben in conversation long enough for Bethany to finally relax into her seat as they took off.

She took the opportunity to slide her eyes slyly over Ruben. The simple black V-neck sweater he wore clung to his torso, coming to rest on top of track pants of the same color. They in turn outlined every inch of his thighs. Checking quickly that he wasn’t looking her way, she took a peek at his groin and almost swore aloud as the newspaper folded on his lap blocked her vision. Her gaze continued downward, coming finally to rest on his feet. He wore no shoes and she wondered at how comfortable one must be in their own skin to be so relaxed in front of strangers. She saw his toes flex and stretch as he sank them repeatedly into the plush carpeting, as if enjoying the sensation.

Inventory finished, she raised her gaze, flushing to the roots of her hair as she realized he had been watching her. Staring at him helplessly, she saw amusement then arrogance flash in his eyes. Any hopes she’d had of hiding the way he affected her were gone, she realized on a groan. He knew all right. And he appeared to be enjoying it. A pulse in her throat thumped as she felt as much as saw the change in his expression to one of invitation.


Ruben couldn’t help but laugh in triumph as he rolled over onto his back, taking her with him. She straddled him immediately, running her hands over his hard body. Dropping her head, she feathered kisses over his neck and torso, rubbing her soft wet groin against his hard one. He placed his arms behind his head allowing her the freedom she wanted. Slipping down to kneel in the gap between his thighs, she began to caress his cock. Ruben tensed the instant she touched him, inhaling sharply. Her hand closed around him, sliding easily up and down, bringing Ruben up on his elbows to watch what she was doing to him.

Suddenly she leaned closer—so close that he could feel her breath caressing his engorged head. He tensed in anticipation, but she didn’t put her lips on him, leaning over to kiss and bite at the crease of his hip instead before raising her head to look at him. Taking hold of the shaft, he ran the tip of his penis slowly across her lips—asking for what he wanted. Bethany flicked a tongue out to caress it gently before opening her mouth tortuously slowly, allowing him in a little at a time.

His body jerked with every movement of her lips as she took him in further. Looking down at her through slightly glazed eyes, he groaned as she finally opened her mouth wide and slid down his length, taking as much of him in as she could.

‘Bethany!’ he groaned, his legs scrambling on the sheets as he felt a tremor shoot through his groin. Moving slowly back and forth on him, she dropped her hands to cup his buttocks. He could feel his muscles tensing as she sucked on him, taut with the urge to thrust into her mouth. Pulling her head up abruptly, he slid away from her with a groan.

‘No…I don’t wanna come yet Baby. I want to be inside you,’

Reaching under a pillow, he scrabbled around a moment before finally producing a condom that he put on as quickly as his shaky hands would allow. Pulling her forward to sit over him, he guided her legs to the sides. Her pussy slid along the length of his cock and she groaned in surprise before repeating the motion. Grunting in satisfaction, Ruben’s hands flew to her thighs, parting them to allow him in. Her moist heat closed around him and he urged her body upright, forcing her fully onto him.

The breath caught in her throat and she rocked against him as he went deeper and deeper. Lifting her slightly, he held her still and began to slowly push in and out, filling her again and again, gently at first. Within moments he was pounding up into her, watching her every reaction to his thrusts. Bracing her hands against his chest, she began to push back, riding him just as hard. Eyes locked with hers, his vision blurred as he surged upward to meet her—knowing he would come sooner than he wanted to but unable to stop himself.

‘Oh fuck! Fuck,’ he rasped, the last thread that held him snapping. Grabbing her head, he thrust his tongue between her lips as his orgasm hit. Jerking and writhing, he could do no more than gasp into her mouth as she ground against him. His hands twisted in her hair and he barely registered the thought that he hoped he wasn’t hurting her.

She collapsed on top of his body as the final spasms shuddered through him. The blood pounded in his ears and he could do no more than lay still until his strength returned. Needing to catch his breath, he had to lift her off, turning them both to lie next to each other. He smiled, hoping she wouldn’t feel rejected.

Thankfully, she smiled back at him. Stunned again at how beautiful she looked—especially now with her hair hanging wildly around her flushed face—he leaned over for a kiss. Propping himself up on an elbow, her nipples reacted as he traced idle circles around first one then the other. She couldn’t be ready again so soon? He certainly wasn’t.

‘I’m really glad you stayed,’ he said, voice low. ‘That was amazing.’

‘It was, wasn’t it?’ she smiled at him dumbly, not attempting to hide her satisfaction.

It was great to see her so relaxed and happy. If he’d known she would look this way after sex, he wouldn’t have been able to wait two days to have her.

She became a little shy under his gaze and pulled the sheet over body, smiling as she pushed him away. ‘As much as I love the attention, I’m gonna need a rest before we go again,’ she teased.

‘I couldn’t raise an argument at the moment,’ he laughed. ‘Don’t be offended if I fall asleep okay?’ She shook her head, smiling as she slid over to wrap her arms around him.

He turned toward her to rest his lips against the crook of her neck, and kissed it, inhaling her scent. He fought the tiredness that threatened to overwhelm him for as long as he could, wanting more of her. Satisfying himself with the thought of what he would do after he had recovered his stamina; he allowed his eyes to close. Minutes later he was asleep

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