For the Love of Jake (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,530
22 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Paranormal] 

Hallie's only lover is the spirit of her very sexy but very dead husband Jake. When a gorgeous blond cowboy called Aiden arrives as one of ten guests for the singles week at her ranch, she fights her attraction to him. But Jake encourages it, desperate to indulge a fantasy he never fulfilled while alive.

As the week unfolds, Hallie tries to ignore Aiden's advances until he comes to her room, determined to satisfy his lust for her. The unseen Jake ups the stakes by arousing his wife in a way only she is aware of.  Unsure what to do, Hallie keeps silent, allowing Aiden to think they are alone.

The sex is breathtaking for all but she feels guilty and confesses to Aiden, who takes the news badly, leaving Hallie to rethink her life. She is falling in love with Aiden and finds that Jake isn't quite as happy about sharing her anymore.

Then Aiden returns, pretending he can cope with the idea of sharing Hallie and the two men reach an uneasy truce in order to make love to her again -- but she soon realizes that Aiden has every intention of claiming her, right under Jake's nose.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

For the Love of Jake (MFM)
22 Ratings (4.1)

For the Love of Jake (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,530
22 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Imaginative, sexy and well written!


The lace on Hallie’s dress began to itch. The costume she usually loved so much, the one that made her feel sexy and feminine, had begun to irritate. She felt like she was wearing a sackcloth and ashes rather than purple silk.

Still, the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even Jenny took part in the dance class the organizer always ran before the party got started. A few glasses of wine back at the ranch had loosened them up, and the bar in the venue was doing a good job of keeping them that way.

Hallie allowed her eyes to wander over Aiden again, as if indulging herself was some kind of reward for managing to look away for five minutes. She’d begun to hate him. Not so much for anything he had done, more for the way he made her feel and her helpless attraction to him.

The outfit he’d chosen wasn’t helping. Pale buckskin clung to every inch of his legs and ass, making him appear almost naked from a distance save for the fringing snaking its way down the seam of the pants. The matching open vest barely covered his massive shoulders. Tied across his pecs with a tiny leather thong, it did nothing but emphasize his washboard abs and strong biceps. He hadn’t bothered with the feather headdress or bow and arrow, choosing to add nothing else but the moccasins and an intricate bead choker.

Hallie laughed. He couldn’t have looked less like a Native American if he tried. Aiden was the Chippendale version—all blond hair and gleaming skin. Due to his height, the pants barely fit him; riding so low they exposed most of his heavenly V, her name for the pelvic creases on his lower abdomen. A thin dusting of dark blond hair started just under his navel, trailing downwards as it lead to the Promised Land, before disappearing into a bulging package wrapped in strained leather.

Hallie looked away again. A girl could only take so much. She knocked back the tequila in her hand way too fast, but the heat it caused inside her was still a welcome relief from the one burning in her groin. Damn him. How dare he look so good when she was still so mad at him?


‘Have you been having sex?’ he asked quietly, allowing his gaze to take in her mussed hair and flushed face.

Hallie blushed. ‘How could I have been? Do you see anybody here?’

Aiden laughed. ‘Don’t tell me you never touch yourself when you’re alone.’ His eyes darkened. ‘Were you, Hallie? Touching yourself and thinking about me?’

She closed her eyes, shame and want making her heart pound hard as her pussy convulsed at his words and the sound of his voice.

‘He wants you so bad, ,’ Jake said from somewhere behind her. ‘You want him too, don’t you?’

She checked to see if Aiden had heard Jake but he was still looking at her with a mixture of lust and anger, like he wanted to either fuck her or throttle her.

Jake laughed silkily in her ear. ‘I think you know what’s going to happen.’ Hallie shook her head mutely, unable to answer him with Aiden looking at her.

‘Stop fighting it,’ Aiden said, misunderstanding the reason for her action.

‘Yeah, stop fighting,’ Jake said, sliding an unseen hand between her buttocks. Hallie took a step forwards, trying to escape his caress but he moved with her, using the opportunity to slide a finger over her clit.

Hallie’s breath caught in her throat as a spasm of electricity went through her. Sinking her teeth into her lip to stop from crying out, she could do no more than stare helplessly at Aiden as he watched her.

‘Fuck, Hallie. Don’t look at me like that,’ he gasped, ‘unless you are willing to give me what your eyes are promising.’

‘Oh, she’s willing.’ Jake laughed into her ear. ‘Aren’t you, baby?’ His hands had moved and were at that very moment sliding up the front of her torso to cup her breasts, tweaking the nipples almost painfully before moving away. He left her alone briefly, allowing her time to suck in a ragged breath and try to clear her head. The reprieve didn’t last long. The next thing she felt was the flick of his tongue as he parted the lips of her pussy and began to tease her clit.

‘You want me,’ Aiden said, walking towards her as he began to unlace the buckskin trousers of the outfit he still wore. ‘Don’t bother denying it. I can see it in your face.’ He stopped speaking as he freed his long hard penis, sliding the leather down his legs and kicking the pants away. The vest followed instantly, leaving him before her totally naked and highly aroused.

Hallie wanted to sink to her knees and take his cock in her mouth but she still couldn’t move, couldn’t be the one who started it.

‘Can you imagine how it would feel?’ Jake asked, standing behind her again. ‘How it would taste?

Aiden stared at her. ‘You’re shaking, Hallie. Are you afraid of me?’

She shook her head. Aiden couldn’t know that Jake’s touch had made her so weak that the sight of his body, hard and hot for her, made her feel faint. Her knees were threatening to buckle beneath her if the torture didn’t stop.

Jake plunged two fingers between her legs, moving them rapidly over her flesh. ‘Tell him what you want.’

Aiden took another step forward, reaching out a hand and stroking her cheek as she watched him helplessly. Hallie couldn’t see him clearly through her lust-glazed eyes. She heard her own breath coming in restrained gasps.

‘Tell me what you want,’ Aiden said. ‘You are so hot for me I could take you right now,  but you gotta ask for it.’

‘Tell him,’ Jake urged, adding a finger to the ones already making her cream all over his hand.

‘What do you want?’ Aiden asked again, putting a strong hand at the back of her neck, forcing her to stare into his eyes. ‘Tell me.’

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