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Forgiveness (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 21,336
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM]

When Ryan and Alain find evidence that leads them to believe their beloved Sarah has sold business secrets, they punish her in bed. They use her passion for them against her as she can deny them nothing. She is taken aback by their actions, but is far more devastated by their lack of trust, so she leaves them.

Then the truth comes out and the men do everything in their power to seek Sarah’s forgiveness. Sarah, feeling bitter and betrayed, successfully resists their attempts, including a sensuous kidnapping where Sarah gives as good as she gets. Ryan and Alain concede, shamed by their previous behavior, and back off, hoping that Sarah will come back to them in time. After seeing them with a beautiful redhead, Sarah questions whether her pride has caused her to make a terrible mistake and if she has lost the only men she has ever loved.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This is really a story about trust and the absolute necessity to protect it and keep it strong, no matter the nature of the relationship. It is especially important when a person grants power to love...

- Dr. J

I loved this story! I get really tired of books where the woman has no backbone and she gives in to the men in less than a nano second. I really like how feisty and stubborn Sarah is and how she does ...

- Ocean Angel


Story Excerpt


The man strode down the hallway, exuding confidence, and unerringly found the right door. He slipped the lock, marveling at the ease with which it gave before his clever hands, but reminded himself of the alarm system within. The bitch had better be right about the code, or it would be over before it began. There were security cameras everywhere in the building but apparently none in the condo itself. It wouldn’t matter how many times his image was recorded if no one thought to look, but if the alarm sounded…

He had been in his employer’s office when the man took the call, the hysteria clear to his ears even from across the room. His boss cut through the wailing pleas with a curt interjection, asked a few questions, and announced he would take care of it, giving brief instructions. He scribbled some numbers on a pad on his desk, considered, added a note, ripped it off, and handed it to his expert.

“Go to this address, find the laptop, and send this in the form of an e-mail to me,” he ordered. “Change the time stamp to yesterday evening. There’s an alarm, but I’m assured this is the current code. Get it done now.”

The expert had nodded, memorizing the contents of the paper, then sent it through the shredder. “I expect my usual fee in my account by the time I get back.”

“Done,” was the answering growl and supercilious sneer. Money can buy anything, it suggested.

The code was entered, and the alarm silenced. The man worked his way swiftly through the rooms and located the laptop in the smaller bedroom. He had noted with interest the unusual taste displayed in the master suite. A huge four-poster bed dominated the room, but the restraints attached to each post and at the center of each sideboard were not the usual décor. Nor were the paddles and floggers in the wardrobe, alongside the dildos, vibrators, anal wands, nipple clamps, and other sex toys, not to mention the variety of lubricants and douches. The master bath flaunted a huge walk-in shower and an equally large, separate tub. All the finishes were decadent, and he didn’t miss the large hook in the ceiling above the tub and the one in the shower. There was a pistol in either bedside table, tucked in between boxes of condoms. The walk-in closet held both women’s and men’s clothing, although the amount of men’s apparel outweighed the women’s. Interesting.

A man may have occupied the second bedroom at one time, although there weren’t a lot of items around, and few personal ones.

The third bedroom was innocuous by comparison, with a small bed, a desk against the opposite wall, and good lighting above it. The expert swiftly accessed the e-mail account, shaking his head at the lack of a password. Keeping one ear open for any changes in the sounds of the condo, he spent considerable time changing the time stamp and typed in the e-mail message. By the time he had it done he was sweating. Even his nerves of steel knew that time was passing quickly. Still, he hesitated prior to hitting the send button, then shrugged at his hint of compassion and sent the message. This was going to be in deep shit. He left as quietly as he had arrived, rearming the alarm and locking the door behind him. He left his flesh-colored latex gloves on until he reached the elevator, then pulled them off behind his back, alert to the security camera in the corner, not realizing that the mirrored back panel hid another one.


Adult Excerpt


Sarah had stood in the dimness of candlelight while they removed her clothes and then their own. Ryan had kissed her, all the while moving her onto the big bed that Alain turned down for them. They lay on either side of her, stroking, learning her body, taking turns kissing her. They tasted different from one another, Ryan spicy, Alain sweet, and she had chuckled inwardly at her fancifulness. Ryan then had suckled at her breasts, nipping and teasing her nipples as Alain slid down her body to press his face between her thighs. His mouth and tongue worked through her folds with precision, lancing into her opening, teasing her clit out from its hood. Sarah thought she might lose her mind with the sensations. She heard moaning and begging and realized it was her, straining for release. When Alain sucked hard on her clit just as Ryan sucked her nipple the same way, she flew.

They gave her only a few minutes to come down before Ryan was building her arousal again, his tongue tracing her clit, two fingers pumping in and out of her vagina, while another circled her anus. Alain pinched and rolled her nipples, pulling them up and away from her body, the erotic pain lancing down her belly to her pussy. She had flinched away from the finger on her anus, but Ryan wet his finger in her moisture and tapped it, lubricating it and pressing gently. Just as she came again, he pushed a fingertip inside, and it increased her orgasm twofold. And all the time they were making her come, they were watching her face, asking her to open her eyes, telling her how beautiful she looked when she climaxed. They praised and encouraged her, using filthy, earthy expressions to describe her private parts and breasts, shocking and titillating her when they shared what they wanted to do to her.

Both had fucked her that night, one after the other. They had large cocks, and she was stretched, sometimes to the point of pain, and the sex wasn’t always slow and easy. They hammered at her, and she begged for more, even knowing her labia would be bruised and tender. The bite of pain enhanced her pleasure. Then they bathed her, together in a huge shower stall, with tenderness, chuckling at her protests of exhaustion. Alain paid further attention to her anus, rubbing it with oil and pressing a finger inside. She had risen to her toes at his touch, and Ryan was instantly on his knees in front of her, the water streaming over them, as he parted her thighs and tongued her clit mercilessly.

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