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Four to Go (MMMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 63,818
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Tom Martins, John Givens, and Mike Malone grew up in an orphanage and developed emotional and, later, sexual ties to each other. They loved women and sharing them sexually. When Tom met and married Kate, he feared losing her and never revealed his sexual past with them. The sex stopped, but not their emotional bonds.

Married two years, a hit-and-run madman put Tom temporarily in a wheelchair. Mike and John, still lovers, moved into the mansion to provide security.

The madman leaves a threatening letter listing the four of them as his targets.

Tom finally tells Kate he wants to watch Mike and John pleasure her with sex toys, their bodies, mouths, and hands. Initially hesitant, she agrees because she has grown to love them, too.

The explosive, loving, and varied sex between the four of them builds rapidly, even as they must deal with the threats against them.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
can't wait for her next book.....this is a must read

- KW

Wow! Pretty much sums up this book I just finished reading by Sandy Smyth. All I can say is Kate is a very lucky woman to have three hot bi-sexual men who would do anything for her love and safety. Th...

- Erika Reed




Kate Martins walked into the conference room in the home she shared with her husband, Tom. She’d chosen to wear a smart cream-colored pantsuit instead of her usual jeans and sweatshirt. Her light brown hair was even worn down, framing her oval face and green eyes.

She took the empty seat at the conference table and looked at those around her. Her husband sat in his high-tech, motorized wheelchair in the back of the room, talking quietly with the heads of his security team, John Givens and Mike Malone. 

While not stereotypical muscle-bound bodyguards, they exuded an aura of dangerous, lethal ability. They were each a few inches over six feet tall, and except for hair and eye color, they could almost be twins. John’s hair was midnight black, which set off his arctic blue eyes, and Mike had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Each provided a foil for her husband’s curly blond hair and hazel eyes.

There was no way around the fact that they were three very appealing and attractive men. Wild sex on a stick, she thought with a guilty blush as she remembered the night in the pool room three weeks ago. She could recall the expressions of love, affection, and lust on their faces as they made love to each other. She could still see their beautifully naked bodies pressed together. To say she had been stunned was a gross understatement. She had met several of the beautiful and charming women Mike and John had dated over the past few years and had never seen any indications that they were gay. In fact, if she was absolutely honest with herself, she had sometimes felt a surprising sense of jealousy toward those women.

 Before she and Tom were married, she had thought of them as the three musketeers, partly because when you found one, you normally found all three. Since Tom’s accident, John and Mike had become not only her best friends as well as Tom’s, but her only friends. Kate had come to depend on them more and more. Most of her friends had married and moved away while she was getting her business started. When she and Tom had married and moved to the mountains, Kate had become tied up in the legal problems associated with the sale of her business and had little time for socializing.

 Kate had become more and more isolated, first while Tom was in the hospital, and then even more so when he finally returned home. If it hadn’t been for Mike and John, she didn’t know what she would have done.

Tom was scheduled for multiple surgeries on his arm and leg in about six weeks, and she knew he wanted to get some urgent business matters settled before then.

Carter Jamison, president of the local bank, and Scott Thomasson, her husband’s financial manager, sat on either side of her. Across from her was Anna James, Tom’s attorney, and Walker Newland, president of her husband’s company, Martins Enterprises, Inc.

“What’s up? Do you know?” whispered Scott as he scooted his chair closer to her.

“Not an inkling,” she replied, moving her chair away from his. He reeked of liquor. From the smell, he probably drank his lunch today. He must have tied one on last night, too, the smell of stale liquor seemed to ooze from his pores. His face had mottled red blotches, sagging jowls, and was framed by thinning, dirty-blond hair. At one time he had been attractive and still thought he was.

“Bitch!” he mumbled beneath his breath as he caught her expression of disgust.

“Did you just call me a bitch?” Kate asked, her voice tight with anger.

“No, of course not. I was just clearing my throat,” he replied with a smirk.

Kate looked up to see John and Mike angrily glaring at Scott. She smiled and shook her head when they glanced at her. They seemed to have an uncanny awareness of when she was upset or in difficulties, and had literally saved her life shortly after Tom’s car accident.




He grinned at her, his eyes alight with mischief. His hand slid beneath the bed cover and slid down over her slightly rounded belly to the soft curls between her thighs. She gasped as he slid two fingers into her swollen, drenched pussy.

“Kate! Your pussy is so wet I could lap it up like the finest cream. It was John and Mike, wasn’t it? They turned you on with their kisses and their words. Didn’t they? You could see them again, the way they were in the pool room, the way their thick, meaty cocks stood straight up. The way they stroked and touched each other. Tell me, Kate. Tell me how much they turned you on. How your juices start flowing when you remember the size and shape of their cocks and their expressions of extreme pleasure.” His fingers closed on her clit, tugging gently on the sensitive knot of nerve endings. Then two fingers plunged deep into her cunt, finger-fucking her slowly, drawing out her pleasure.

“Oh, God, Tom! It’s too much!” She shrieked her pleasure.

“Talk to me, Kate! Tell me how hot they are. Come on, Kate. I really need to hear you say it. Tell me!” He withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt and moved back away from the bed.

“Tom! Don’t stop. Please! Don’t stop.” Kate moaned and started thrusting her hips up, fucking the air.

“Come on, Kate. You know what I want. You know what I need to hear.” He moved back to the bed. One of his fingers slowly penetrated the drenched slit of her cunt, barely gliding across the top of her clit.

“Yes! Okay. Okay. Yes, they are hot. I nearly came when John was fucking Mike’s mouth. And when Mike finger-fucked John’s ass, I nearly passed out, it was so hot. My juices were running down my leg. I barely made it back to my room and tore my clothes off.” Kate paused, breathing heavily as the memory of watching Mike and John make love swamped her, each movement, each flex of muscle, each moan and groan came alive in her mind and sent her juices flowing heavily.

“All of it. Tell me all of it, everything you did, every detail,” Tom grated roughly.

“I grabbed two vibrators and stretched out on the bed, naked, my legs spread wide apart. I slid one rotating vibrator up my cunt and teased my clit with the other one until I came. And I thought about…” Kate groaned as his fingers pinched and tugged at her swollen and throbbing clit.

“You thought about what? Tell me, Kate. Tell me everything. Tell me! I want to hear it—I need to hear it.” He cupped his hand firmly over her sensitized cunt, rotating and pressing lightly on her clit with the heel of his hand.

Kate gave a moan and lifted against his hand. “I thought about all three of you in bed with me, fucking me. Oh, my God, I thought about being filled with all three cocks at one time. All three of you fucking me, playing with me, and letting me play with all three of you.” Her voice hoarse with emotion, she begged, “Now let me come, Tom. Please, let me come. It’s been so long, too long.”

“Kate!” Tom said roughly. “That was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard you say. Good girl, you know what I like to hear and how I like to hear it. Very nicely done. Now you can come, sweetheart, but later you’re going to have to explain exactly how the three of us fucked you…in detail. A lot of detail.”

He threw back the covers, exposing her from the waist down and lifted her nightshirt above her breasts. He began stroking her clit with his talented fingers, while his mouth claimed an erect nipple. Kate’s body stiffened as she approached her climax, and Tom began suckling hard on her nipple, just the way she liked it, while his fingers flew across her clit. Her moans and gasps of pleasure filled the room.

“Suck me harder, Tom. Harder!” Kate came with a loud shriek, the sensations culminating in an incredibly violent orgasm. As the contractions and pulsations of her clit and pussy began to abate, she tipped her head back, staring at the mirror finish on the teak headboard as her body came down from the erotic high.

Framed in the reflected doorway, she could see John and Mike, staring at her exposed body, their cocks bulging against their tight jeans.


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