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     Life has not only been fun, it's been great. First, I married my high school sweetheart. Then we had the good fortune to travel together all over the United States and western Canada. Still not ready to settle down, I lived in various cities around the country as a technical writer, tester, software validation expert, and computer specialist.
     Currently, I live in the great Midwest happily writing romantic, sexy books. How much better could this adventure I call life be?

Q: Tell us something about your books.

A: Las Vegas Honeymoon, which came out in January, plays a favorite theme of mine, that of an old love that comes back and reignites passions lost over time.
     In Las Vegas Honeymoon, Mary Franks discovers at the altar that her fianc is a cheat and liar. But giving up the wedding is no reason to give up the honeymoon, so she takes off for their honeymoon suite in Las Vegas. To her great surprise (and delight) she happens into Dan Higgins, her crush from high school. Guess what? Dan helps Mary feel better about having a honeymoon without a bridegroom. In fact, what happens is beyond her wildest dreams.
     The Passionate PI series opened with She Shouldn't, But She Will, which Siren Publishing released last September. In it, San Francisco accountant Thia Williams is introduced to private investigator Derek Hawkins. She's led a quiet lifeespecially in the year since becoming a widow. Derek is the hunk who puts an end to Thia's sheltered life by leading her through sexual fantasiesand into danger. She loves both.
     The second in the series is coming soon from BookStrand, Saving Brigit. In this adventure, Thia is tested as to how far she will go to help a friend. She travels to Tajikistan where she sets out to rescue her kidnapped friend, Brigit, from a mountain brothel. She enlists the help of a mercenary, Rashid Salid, and (of course) Derek steps up to help, too. But can the three save Brigitand get out alive? The ending is exciting and explosive.
     I've started the third in the series. Thia and Derek cross paths with terrorists in the Chicago area. I hope to have it ready for the publisher soon.

Q: When you decide a genre, do your characters decide for you?

A: No. They have no say in what I write. Characters come after genre and plot. I love my characters but they have no votes.

Q: Do you see yourself in any of the characters in your books?

A: Wouldn't that be great?? LOL! But sadly, no. I really don't base my characters on anyone I know.

Q: If you could go back in time, where would you go and when? What is one thing you would want to take with you?

A: I'd return to New York City in the late 1920s, and take a set of encyclopedias. With current knowledge a person could make a killing during and after the depression.

Q: Do you have a habit that you know you will never change?

A: Is eating chocolate a habit? If so, I'll never change it. It's a quality of life issue, you know?

Q: Do you have any pet peeves that you would like to share?

A: I hate working with people who feel their way is the only way. After all, it's my way that's right.
     Having grown up handicapped, I realized that everyone has to work in the way that's right for them. To feel that there's only one way to accomplish a task is to exclude valuable talent.

Q: If you were to win a trip to explore with some of the crew from the Animal Planet and go on some hunts for alligators or crocodiles, would you accept or decline?

A: I feel that dealing with things such as alligators and crocodiles, I should leave them alone. I expect them to do the same to me. The best way to achieve that is not to search them out. So I guess my answer is no.

Q: Of all the places, you have lived, where would you say was the best?

A: I've lived a lot of places and enjoyed them all. However, living across the street from city hall in the Civic Center area of downtown San Francisco had to be the most exciting and the most fun. There was something to do, someplace to go, and a bus or train to take us thereno designated drivers required. What more could you ask? I'd go back in a skinny minute, if I won the lottery.

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