Anke and Gordon return to Earth to search for any possible survivors of the fire. Devastated by the loss of her beloved, Cain, she turns to Gordon for solace and companionship and finds love in his arms.

As Anke continues to hear Cain's voice from the plains of eternity, she's torn between her deep love for him, and the feelings she has developed for Gordon. Cain's prediction, that she would soon join him, continues to plague her. She feels danger at every turn and fears her time to die and join Cain is just around the corner.

From the Ashes
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The shower helped to soothe her, but once again, his cry for help echoed in her mind. Why could he never complete the communication? What was it that he needed help with? How could she help him now? After all, she was still in her physical body while he resided in the spirit world. He probably means the research for a cure, she decided. The soothing jets of water washed away the scalding tears she still shed for him regularly. She closed her eyes and imagined him in the shower with her, his arms circling her, his cock pressing hard against her backside.

It felt real, so very real. Leaning into the embrace, she rubbed her bottom against his hard length. "Oh, Cain" she whispered.

Was it possible? Could he reach her from the spirit world and actually make her feel as if they were making love? When his hands pushed her down and he plunged into her, she came almost right away. "Cainagain! Oh, darling, fuck me more!"

Bracing herself against the wall, she pushed her hips back at him hard. His taut balls slapped against her pussy, causing the fire within to build even more--a fire that had needed extinguishing ever since she'd learned of his death. "Yes, baby, yes! More!" she shouted.

She felt his violent shudder. In return, her final orgasm built to its peak. Something pushed against her anal channel, his second cock. Strange, could he still shift to Sasquatch form even though he was a spirit? Just as she released and felt his come shoot into her, she let out a long breath and opened her eyes. She saw two Sasquatch feet between her own--blond Sasquatch feet.

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