Fulfilled (MFM)

Club Pleasure 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,362
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Getting caught spying on your employers enacting a scene in their bedroom would normally result in termination of employment. Instead, nanny Lois Wright is invited to attend their BDSM Club Pleasure and determine if this just might be the Lifestyle for her.

Alone and lonely, Lois believes she is past the “dating” scene, but the Lifestyle offers her opportunities never dreamed of and she embraces them wholeheartedly. Three very different Doms vie for her, and Lois must trust her heart and accept her needs to make the right choices.

She then listens at another door. What she hears and mistakenly interprets has her walking away to protect the men she loves. But Master Jonathon Spence and Master Trevor Braun know their little sub and take steps to move her past her historical need of putting everyone else first. Lois casts her final inhibitions and self-doubt aside and truly surrenders.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Fulfilled (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Fulfilled (MFM)

Club Pleasure 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,362
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love it. Lois the nanny caught snooping tsk tsk tsk LOL oh well it lead to great things for her with a new life. Really great reading, I enjoyed these three characters and their personalities.



“There’s three unattached Doms in the room.” Graham kept up a running commentary. “They’re checking you out. I’m not introducing you to anyone else tonight unless we see Patrick. So keep behaving just as you are. They’ll all get the message.”

Bossy much? If she hadn’t seen Kennedy put Graham in his place, he might have scared her. As it was she was torn between seeing him as her boss and like a younger brother. She really wanted to meet that good-looking Dom who was still watching her. Shy, good-girl Lois was banished. The weight of his gaze was palpable, and a flurry of excitement giddyuped in her belly. He was good-looking, beautifully cut dark brown hair framing a rough-hewn face, nicely shaped lips she could imagine kissing. Broad shoulders stretched the fabric of his shirt, and his leathers molded the length of a muscled thigh. One hand rested casually on that thigh, and she noted the blocky size of it. She wondered how it might feel on her body. She thought his eyes were a dark blue but needed to get closer to determine her guess. Something Graham wasn’t allowing tonight.

She obeyed his edict. Graham told her the three people sitting together were in a ménage, and that really interested her. Imagine having two men care for a woman, love her, and make love to her! That woman looked blissfully happy. Graham narrowed his eyes at her, and she knew he’d picked up on her interest. The other couples were in D/s relationships, although one of the women was apparently the dominant in theirs. The man with her sat quietly, yet Lois could see how alert he was to his Domme’s every move. She periodically laid her hand on either his arm or thigh, and he visibly relished her touch. Neither spoke that she could tell, and yet she could see the intense connection and nonverbal communication. Graham didn’t talk about the Doms, and she decided to ask about the one she’d really noticed.

“That’s Master Trevor. He scenes or offers up as a third. He’s been looking at you the whole time. He doesn’t do that, usually.”

Lois wanted to know more.

“Graham.” Another tall man presented himself, and she swallowed the question.

“Hello, Patrick. Good to see you.”

Lois froze. This was Kennedy’s boss. The one who owned the club. She didn’t look at him, uncertain how to react. Graham intervened.

“You remember Lois, Patrick, our nanny. Our submissive nanny. Lois, Master Patrick.”

She sent Graham a glance calculated to convey her annoyance at the teasing label he’d applied before murmuring an acknowledgment of Patrick, who placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face. He stared at her for a moment before smiling, his dark countenance transformed into that incredible handsomeness she remembered, and she smiled back, quite spontaneously.

“Welcome here, Lois.” He released her and turned back to Graham. “Born submissive. She’ll fit in well.”

Okay then. She guessed they would know, but it was getting a little tiresome. Lois kept her mouth shut and her opinion to herself.

“Who’s up tonight?”

“Master Jonathon is working with a new sub, Marguerite. She’s connected to a Dom who’s moving out here next month, and she’s worried about her form. I think this is her last night with Jon. Might be a good scene for Lois to observe.”

“That works. I’ll bring her along. How’s Madi?”

“Well. Exhausted, but well. It’s taken her a long time to get back on her feet. No more pregnancies though. My heart couldn’t stand it.”

Graham and Patrick, make that Master Graham and Master Patrick, began to make their way out of the room. Nobody asked her, but Lois knew Graham’s expectations anyhow. She wished she could have asked a few more questions, especially about Master Patrick’s wife. Babies were exhausting, and it sounded as though the woman hadn’t had an easy time of it. And if she was honest, she wanted to hear more about Master Trevor.

She took a quick sip of the soda and hurried after them, adjusting to her borrowed shoes. No questions, just compliance. It was actually quite freeing. She wondered if she could really feel Master Trevor’s eyes on her or if she was being fanciful. They didn’t go far, just down the hallway, then turned into an open doorway. Lois stepped in behind, and Graham took her wrist to pull her to stand in front of him. He leaned over her shoulder and spoke in her ear.

“Be quiet and observe. If you find you can’t manage anything, face me and we’ll leave quietly. And, Lois? If you ever give your Dom a look like you gave me, especially in front of another Dom, your ass would get paddled red. And maybe not in private.”

Holy crap. Respect. No bratty behavior. Lots to remember. Surely getting aroused at the very thought was twisted. The fictitious Dom she imagined paddling her ass closely resembled Master Trevor. She might be getting ahead of herself, but she felt considerably attracted to him. Probably the ambience. She nodded her understanding, and Graham straightened. She really wasn’t sure about this scene thing. She understood, intellectually, about erotic pain releasing a mixture of endorphins and enhancing pleasure. She reacted sexually to the idea of being restrained and at the sensual mercy of a trusted man. Or two. Yessir, two. Lois Wright obviously was making up for lost time.

But mostly, she wanted to belong to someone or someones who’d take her burdens away, someone she could give herself to without a qualm. Trust, respect, and communication, the basis for any solid relationship. She dared to hope.




They were in the same member room. The one they’d corrected her in. Both Jonathon and Trevor were in their leathers and nothing else. She was in the total nothing else, unless one counted a huge butt plug, standing, presenting for Trevor.

“She’s gorgeous. Those pink nipples are like tiny roses. And her skin. Jon, I fucking hate you.”

Jonathon laughed, and her body quivered at the dark note contained in that sound. “No doubt. And she’s got the sweetest cunt.”

“And the most tender ass.”

She should feel like a piece of meat, but being assessed in such a frank, appreciative manner made her juices flow. Lois wished someone would touch her.

“Lay on the bed, sub, and show Master Trevor your pussy.”

Oh boy. She complied instantly and heard their masculine chuckles at her obvious eagerness. Maybe she should have balked and garnered some punishment, but she wanted something else. She wanted both of them. Jonathon had followed her to her room that day at the Alexanders. At first she thought he was worried about Kennedy’s comment about her having children with him. And that was true, too. But he missed nothing and knew she’d become aroused for some reason because he paid such excellent attention. Graham probably noticed as well, but for once hadn’t called a rude comment after her. Having Jonathon’s protection was really helpful.

She told him about her thoughts of Trevor joining them, and he capitalized on it, locking the door and commanding her to strip. The bugger had a butt plug with him, and her baby oil served nicely as lube. It was a bigger plug, a size up from the last one, and she bit her pillow so as not to alert the household. He then sat on the edge of the bed and lowered her over his cock, using his considerable strength to impale her in an excruciatingly slow fashion, fighting for room against that plug. Lois had a miniorgasm the instant he hit her cervix, something that startled them both. Jonathon allowed her to enjoy it for a moment before commanding her to ride him. She was packed so full in the position it took all her will and strength to comply. The strain on his face spoke to his diminishing control, so she slid down one final time and squeezed for all she was worth, breaking his control and possessing his cum. She thought she’d earned a spanking, but he only smiled through his pleasure. Maybe being in her bedroom cut her some slack, or maybe he was going to take his revenge at a later date.

But as sweet as that memory was, this was about them both now, Jonathon and Trevor. She spread her legs as Jonathon had taught her, letting them fall apart to expose her sex fully. Trevor’s face darkened with lust, his eyes filling with promise.

“Play with yourself.”

Oh crap. That she’d never done in front of even Jonathon.

“Telling, not asking, sub.”

Her pussy clenched, and her juices flowed, her hand finding its way to her apex seemingly without the direction of her brain. She traced the wet outer folds and delved between.

“Spread open. Use both hands.”

Trevor was directing the scene and a look crossed Jonathon’s face. She hesitated, and Trevor gave her a baleful stare.

“He’s here, Lois. Pissed off and possessive, but he’s doing this for you. So get on with it.”

Trevor had seemed such a well-mannered Dom. Lois choked back a ludicrous laugh. A well-mannered Dom in the bedroom or the dungeon. As if. She spread herself wide and used one finger to feather her clit, swiveling her hand to press her thumb into her channel. The enormous plug rubbed against it, and she shivered with the sensation. The anticipation built, the sounds of her fingers slipping and making sucking noises in her cream and the rasp of two males practicing heavy breathing as background noise. She arched into the final moment, soles of her feet numbing, breath catching in her throat, belly clenching, pelvis rolling as she pressed hard to extend the bliss.

The bed dipped, and her thighs forced wider as Trevor’s head inserted between them and his mouth closed over her sex. He licked her fingers aside, and her arms were gently tugged free and pulled above her head. The feeling of her wrists being tied barely registered before the clever tongue lapped at the residue of her orgasm, flickering against her tender clit. She whined in protest and opened her eyes. Jonathon loomed over her, his leathers bulging as he secured her to the headboard.

“How does she taste?”

Trevor’s muffled voice said something about sweet honey. His tongue lanced inside her, followed by his fingers as he shoved them against that spot high up, the one that made her lose all control. He suckled her clit, and she gasped, her mouth opening to scream her approval. Jonathon pushed in, depressing her tongue, rubbing against her palate, and she sucked his fat cock automatically because she couldn’t concentrate past the enormous storm building in her abused clit. She sobbed against it, and Jonathon groaned loudly at the far-off edge of her immediate reality. His cock muffled her cry, and he pumped into her, pulling her lips into a grimace of lust. She nearly choked against the outpouring of his seed, and he instantly pulled out to support her neck.

She pried her eyes open. Trevor and Jonathon sat on either side of her, idly stroking a breast. Trevor’s fingertips were callused, too, and their touch made her nipples bead and ache. Jonathon pinched the other tiny bud, rolling it. The dual sensations were incredibly difficult to process, and she sucked air.

“She’s back. You should have warned me about how good she tastes, Jonathon. I’ll want more shortly.” He pinched her nipple, squeezing until she moved her legs restlessly, or as much as she could. Someone had tied her ankles, too. “Does she enjoy nipple clamps?”

“She does. There’s a pair in the drawer beside you. Clovers.”



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