Gabe's Second Chance (MF)

Appledale 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,600
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, bondage, HEA]
Gabriel Wilson made a big mistake in his youth. He left his girlfriend, Karissa, behind to find adventure in the military and therefore lost the only woman he loved. Karissa Sutthers was heartbroken when Gabe broke up with her suddenly, so she left town to make a fresh start without the man she loved.
Years later Karissa is back in Appledale to stay, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the man who broke her heart. But Gabe is no fool. Karissa is the only woman he has ever loved, and he is willing to do anything to get her back, for good this time. The problem is she comes home and steps right in the middle of a drug-smuggling ring. Along with his friends and coworkers and the residents of Appledale, he plans to save Karissa and convince her he is serious about loving her while keeping Appledale the safe town they all love. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Gabe's Second Chance (MF)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Gabe's Second Chance (MF)

Appledale 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,600
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Gabe’s Second Chance started out to be amazing with the rescue and subsequent car chase. I was impressed with Karissa and her ability to stay calm for Toby was realistic and amazing. From there it went into how Gabe broke Karissa’s young heart to the point I was wondering if the author was brow beating that fact into Gabe or the reader. I didn’t mind the romantic mushy stuff since a lot of it was actually really sweet. I was slowing getting bummed out as the story progressed because everything after the car chase scene was pretty anticlimactic even with the near run ins with the bad guys. I am wondering if my first reaction to this book is because I started with book 3 instead of book 1 and so I have decided that I am going to obtain the first 2 books in the series and go from there, maybe it will change my thoughts on Gabe’s Second Chance.

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“Just terrific. I am so late for work,” Karissa muttered to herself as she drove to Thorn’s Bar where she worked as a bartender, putting her wipers on high speed. The sky decided to open up and start pouring down rain, forcing her to drive at a snail’s pace instead of the fast pace she had intended. The sun was setting and daylight was fading fast. It had to be a Monday. There was no other explanation for the horrible day she was having.

First she had slept through her alarm and had to rush to get ready for work. She took the quickest shower on record and threw her long sandy blonde hair up in a clip and out of the way. She threw some jeans and a T-shirt on but had forgotten a jacket. Eating had been out of the question if she wanted to get to work on time.

Although she had grown up here in the town of Appledale in Missouri, it had been years since she had been back home and was just getting used to the curvy country roads again. She almost missed the small figure crossing the road. She slammed on her brakes just in time and let out a big breath of relief. What child would be out in this weather and this late in the day she wondered? She pulled over to the side of the road and rolled down her car window.

“I almost ran you over, honey, you shouldn’t be running in the road,” she said, sticking her head out the window. “Are you lost? Do you need a ride home?”

The small, wet boy looked over at her with wide, scared eyes and a pale face and she knew immediately something was wrong. “What’s wrong? Did you fall and hurt yourself?” she said, opening her car door to go and check him out for herself. The temperature was dropping despite it being summer and she couldn’t leave the small boy out here all alone.

He shook his head, gasping for air, since he was out of breath from running. He stood still as if deciding whether to trust Karissa or not, then after a few seconds he blurted out, “A bad man is chasing me and I’m scared and lost. Will you help me?”

“What?” she asked in shock and looked around, seeing nothing in the heavily wooded area, but it was pouring rain and getting darker by the minute. The small, thin boy looked terrified and he was wet and muddy. He couldn’t be more than seven or eight. She quickly got back to her car, leading him by his small, cold hand. “Get in the car, sweetheart, and you can tell me where you live,” she told him trying to keep the anxiety out of her voice.

As soon as she and the boy climbed in her car and closed the door she hit the lock button thinking of all the horror movies she had ever seen in her life. Could this day get any worse?

Thank God she locked the doors because suddenly a tall, slender man came up to her car window and tried to open her car door. He looked very angry and scary. When he couldn’t open the car doors he started banging on her window and yelling at her to give him the boy.

The boy screamed out in fright, sinking down in his seat, his voice quaking with fear. “That’s the bad man who chased me. He said he would hurt me with his knife. Drive away, lady!”

Karissa didn’t ask any questions. She put her car in drive and took off, tires squealing on the wet pavement. She’d ask questions later. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw him waving his fist in the air, yelling at them as she drove off in a hurry.

“Please tell me the truth kid. That isn’t your dad or something is it? Because I don’t want to be arrested for kidnapping,” she asked, looking over at the small boy huddled in the corner with his arms around himself, shivering and wet. He was wearing a gray T-shirt that was soaked and dirty blue jean shorts and muddy tennis shoes that used to be white. He had short brown hair and his eyes were red and puffy from crying.




“You are so beautiful, my love,” he whispered, kissing her shoulder until he reached down to cup her breasts with his hands. He eagerly took a tip into his mouth sucking on it hard and increasing the pressure until he had Karissa whimpering with pleasure. She moaned out his name and grabbed his long hair, releasing it from his hairband, clenching his long dark hair in her fist. He went over to the other nipple and gave it his attention too, working his magic on her. He let her go and removed his clothes quickly and impatiently while she removed her panties and short skirt.

When Gabe saw Karissa staring down at his long cock that was standing at attention it hardened even more. She gave him a flirty, sassy grin and licked her lips. She got on her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth, moving her tongue around and up and down his tip before taking his length in and humming around his cock, making him cry out in passion at the vibrations he felt. She used her hand to squeeze his balls, driving him wild. Gabe groaned and put his hands in her long hair, helping her set a rhythm. “Oh, baby, that is so good. You’re burning me alive with that wicked mouth of yours. You might unleash a dangerous animal tonight if you’re not careful.”

She stopped to look up at him and gave him a sexy wink. “I hope so, babe. I remember that beast and he made my blood flow like lava running through my body, burning up my every inhibition. I haven’t felt anything like it since.”

Gabe moaned at her words and wondered if he would survive the night making love to this woman. He lifted her by her arms until she was standing up in front of him looking so sensual and earthy with her wet lips and tangled blonde hair. He was filled with so much emotion his heart felt like it might explode inside his chest. He had dreamed of having Karissa back in his arms for so long but he had resigned himself that all it would ever be was a dream. He laid her on the bed and covered her beautiful, flawless body with his. He played with her nipples, tugging on them until she was moaning passionately. Karissa had always had such an open face and he loved watching the pleasure showing in her expression.

He opened her thighs wide with his hand and reached for her mound. She was soaking wet and didn’t care if he knew it. Making love had always been exciting and wonderful for them. Even though they spent years apart she trusted Gabe with her body and knew he was a wonderful and amazing lover and she couldn’t wait to experience that again.

“I missed your touch, Gabe,” she whispered as he rubbed her swollen clit with his fingers, making her body tighten with need and a fire start in her belly spreading like an out of control inferno. “Now stop teasing me, you bad man.”

“I thought you just said I was good, honey?” He laughed and replaced his fingers with his tongue, loving her sweet, juicy taste. He moved his tongue around her soft, pink folds, in and out, he licked her back and forth making her moan aloud with passion. He could stay here all night and die a happy man but she was already pulling his hair impatiently so he leaned back up and entered her slowly, looking directly into her eyes as her muscles clamped around his cock. He always enjoyed seeing what she was feeling. Right now her green eyes looked like newly polished emeralds. Here she couldn’t hide behind a mask of indifference or politeness. The wild, sexy Karissa always broke through, letting him know she needed and desired his touch. He knew he was being a jealous bastard but he wanted to wipe all memories of her cheating ex and replace them with only the memory of his touch. He knew she needed a moment to adjust to his large size but when she arched her back and grabbed his shoulders tightly he knew she was ready for a faster pace.

“You feel like heaven, Karissa,” he whispered, nuzzling her neck and nipping her earlobe, making her shiver. She smelled so good and the excitement he felt was increasing. Karissa was so snug, grabbing his cock like a tight glove. He set up a slow pace a first until she clamped down around him tightly with her vaginal muscles and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, her hips rotating in a rhythm for him to go harder and faster.

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