Galaxy's Heart (MM)

Sutter's Bay 3


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,506
2 Ratings (5.0)

Ten years ago, Galaxy Winthrop had a one-night stand with the hottest guy ever. Galaxy also remembered one other thing from that night -- the man's mention of the Northern California town, Sutter's Bay, where he once lived. Now, Galaxy has made it his mission to save his troubled little brother, Leo. The once-bright, bubbly kid has become sullen, quiet, and despondent. The quaint, picturesque Sutter's Bay seems the perfect location to start a new life for himself and Leo.

Adam Colfer returned to Sutter's Bay to run his dad's diner. He'd thought he'd left the town behind when he moved to San Francisco, but it seemed Sutter's Bay had other plans. After an explosive night with Galaxy a decade earlier, Adam had awoken to an empty bed. But now Galaxy is in Sutter's Bay and Adam can’t help but wonder if this is his second chance to win Galaxy's heart.

Galaxy's Heart (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Galaxy's Heart (MM)

Sutter's Bay 3


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,506
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

He'd awakened to an erotic dream involving Adam, the man who would be his boss as soon as he stepped through the door of Vic's Café.

The dream had been similar to their one-night stand from ten years ago, only the Adam fucking him was the new, older, somehow sexier modern Adam. Galaxy had never thought crow's feet and dark hair liberally sprinkled with gray particularly hot before, but there was no denying Adam with his tight jeans and white clingy T-shirt made Galaxy think about the man bending him over and shoving his thick, hard cock inside. Thoughts of his beefy, muscular arms holding Galaxy down on the bed as he pounded into him had him squirming in his seat on the drive over.

He sat in the parking lot for a moment, willing his hard-on to go away. He did not want to show up on his first day with a boner. He was about to get out of his car when a motorcycle pulled into the lot and parked not too far from the entrance.

Watching from inside his car, he knew instantly the man swinging his leg off the bike was Adam even before the helmet came off. Besides jeans and a white T-shirt, he wore a beat up leather jacket. His mouth watering, Galaxy just stared.

Unfortunately, Adam chose that moment to turn around and notice him sitting in his car. Tilting his head, Adam walked over to him.

Crap, caught!


Groaning, he opened the door. "Uh, hi. Good morning."

"Good morning. Why are you just sitting in your car?"

"Waiting for you to open the diner," he said.

Adam smiled. "Johnny's always here before me. He comes and opens at quarter to six. So next time just let yourself in. Door's open."

Blowing out a breath, he got out and hoped the early morning darkness would hide his semi-hard cock.



"About your first day. Are you nervous?"

"Oh. Yeah, a little. I waited tables in high school, but that was quite a long time ago."

"You did? Where?" Adam asked as they made their way to the front door. The clouds above them had started misting.

"Just an ice cream shop."

He was grateful to get inside so he could wipe off his glasses. That was definitely a negative on glasses. Adam handed him an apron emblazoned with Vic's Café and he tied it around his waist.

"This early we won't get too many customers. Around about seven it picks up," Adam explained. He flipped on the open sign.

"All right."

"Good morning, Johnny. We're here," Adam called out.


"First you want to make a pot of coffee."

Galaxy followed him over to the machine and watched him. It didn't look too difficult.

Adam glanced at him sideways. "You always look this put together first thing in the morning?"

"Excuse me?"

Adam blushed. "Sorry, it's just ... you haven't changed much in ten years except maybe you're even more gorgeous."

He suddenly felt a lot better knowing Adam found him attractive, too. "Funny I had the same thought about you."

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