Gavin's Bliss (MFM)

Men in Blue 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,920
8 Ratings (3.4)
[Ménage Amour Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Thirty something police officer Gavin Crisp and his best friend Mike O’Brien have been looking for a woman to share for many years. Playing with women at the local BDSM club isn’t enough anymore.  Mike and Gavin both want someone to come home to. When Gavin finds twenty-six year old Shelby Nevins down on her luck and sleeping in her car,  he wonders if she could be that woman.
Moving her into his home and his bed is one of the smartest things he has ever done.  When Shelby’s family is hit with tragedy Gavin and Mike are both there for her. Shelby can’t believe she is lucky enough to have both these gorgeous men.  Mike is tall, six foot five inches, bald and tattooed.  Gavin is a couple inches shorter but just as muscled.  She is very attracted to both men.
But someone else wants Shelby too.  Will Gavin and Mike figure it out before it's too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Gavin's Bliss (MFM)
8 Ratings (3.4)

Gavin's Bliss (MFM)

Men in Blue 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,920
8 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I agree with the other reviewer that the endearment "Baby" was overused to the EXTREME. Unlike that reviewer though, I did finish reading the book. The story was very, very simplistic and unrealistic. Gavin helped jump her car and just decided to bring her home. He's a cop, but Shelby expressed little to NO reservations about the whole scenario! Less than 24 hrs later the two were having sex. It was just...weird. Right after that, Shelby had a huge family emergency. Despite barely knowing each other he dropped everything to help her with. Something HUGE happened in the heroine's life NOTHING really came of it. This big emergence, there was NO follow up afterward. I had no idea why the author even included this plot point. After that,, the trio decided to have a ménage and literally that same day, Gavin & Mike were already thinking about making it permanent. The whole story was like paint by numbers. Very superficial. Little to no deep emotion, particularly from the heroine whose life was changing at light speed but she never acknowledged it. Not only was the story not well thought out and plotted, but it was boring. The sex scenes were clinical. Overall, this was just a weak book with bad editing.




Shelby was glad she had her purse with her she could brush her teeth and hair. She didn’t like wearing makeup and washed her face, calling it good. Looking longingly at the showers and wishing she had the money for one, she turned to go. Several women came out of the stalls, all apparently drunk, and one stumbled into her, knocking her off her feet and sending her crashing to the floor, which caused the contents of her purse to scatter.

The woman dropped to her knees. “Oh I’m sorry, honey. Let me help you,” she said and started gathering Shelby’s things.

“Hey, Yolanda, weren’t you looking for a wallet like this,” one of the other women called out and tossed the wallet to the kneeling woman.

Yolanda caught it in the air and giggled. “Exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Sally.” She put the wallet in the pocket of her jeans.

“No, you can’t. Let me take my stuff out.” The wallet had all of Shelby’s identification and her last five dollars in it. Shelby grabbed for the woman, but she just moved out of the way laughing. “Please, at least give me my identification,” Shelby begged.

“This is my wallet. You ain’t got anything in it, bitch.”

Shelby tried to grab the woman a couple more times, only to just miss her and be taunted more. Finally giving up she sat back on her heels and started crying. How much worse could her life get? Just as she was giving up, Gavin walked in.

Quickly accessing the situation, he grabbed Yolanda by the arm and pulled her to her feet. Looking at Shelby he asked, “What did she do, baby?”

When he called her baby, a shiver ran down her back, and she felt a tingle down to her girly parts. Taking a calming breath, Shelby quickly told him, then started rounding up the contents of her purse. She grabbed her hairbrush from Sally, who was using it, and threw it in the trash with disgust. When Sally went to retrieve it, Gavin just stared at her until the woman backed up in the corner. He took Shelby’s hand and gave back her stolen wallet.

“Make sure everything is there,” he commanded.

Shelby quickly checked, then nodded. Gavin grabbed her purse off the floor and handed it to her. Putting one arm around her waist, he turned to the two women. “Next time, jail.”

Then turning Shelby, he walked her out of the room and back to their table, where their food was waiting. Shelby was still shaking as they sat, unsure if it was from her altercation or Gavin’s touch. She ate as much as she could before pushing the plates toward him. She wished she could take the leftovers to have to eat tomorrow but didn’t say anything.

Gavin noticed her eying the food and had the waitress box it. He could tell she wanted it. If he had his way, they would be at his house tomorrow, but doing this would make her feel more secure. Gavin decided he needed to know more about what was going on in her life.

“So Shelby, tell me how you got in this situation.”

Shelby wished she were brave enough to grasp his hands, but she wasn’t. She took a deep breath and told him her story. “And if my car breaks down, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” She ended with a sob.

Gavin wanted reach across the table and pull her into his arms but knew it was too soon. Settling for taking one of her hands in his, he smiled and tried to reassure her that everything would work out and she was going through a bad spell. He made a decision.

“I’m going to have your car towed to my house. A friend of mine, Mike O’Brien, is good with cars, and I’ll have him come look at it tomorrow. In the meantime, you can stay with me. I have a three-bedroom house, and you can have your own room and bathroom. Let’s get the stuff out of your car and head home.”

Shelby wasn’t sure it was good idea to stay with him, but she didn’t have any better ones. Maybe she could find some way to pay him back. She wasn’t even going to think about her car. She needed it to find work and if he could get the car running then she would be able to find a job. She’d worry about the rest of it later.

While Shelby had been thinking, Gavin called to have her car towed. He was now standing at her side of the booth reaching for her hand. She put her small hand in his larger one and let him pull her up. As she stood, he jerked her upward, and she ended up falling against him. Landing on his rock hard chest, Shelby put one hand up to push herself away only to find it trapped by his. She looked up into his eyes and was sure he was going to kiss her. At the last minute, he pulled away.

She was disappointed. Maybe he didn’t like her that way. Freeing her hand, she pushed away, mumbling, “Sorry.”




Shelby jumped up and threw her arms around him, then took off running for the garage, hoping to catch Mike and thank him. Gavin grabbed her hand, stopped her, and pulled her up against him again.

“Don’t I deserve a kiss for getting you a job?” he asked in a husky voice.

Shelby reached up to brush his lips with hers, and he threaded his hands in the back of her hair and muttered against her mouth, “Oh no. That’s not going to cut it.”

He took over the kiss, first brushing her mouth gently with his, then slowly parting her lips he ran his tongue gently around the outside of her lips before pressing to open her mouth. She parted her lips slightly, and he slipped his tongue inside, using his hand in her hair to tilt her head to the angle he wanted. Shelby had no control. Gavin was in total command of the kiss, and all she could do was take it.

Gavin continued the kiss, one hand in her hair and the other on the small of her back. He slipped his tongue over hers, tempting her to follow his lead. Their tongues wrestled for a few, and before Shelby knew what was happening she found herself laying on her back on the couch, Gavin crouching over her.

“Say yes, baby. Say yes,” he implored her, his mouth leaving hers long enough to rain kisses over her eyes and throat. Taking both her hands in one of his, he lifted her arms over her head while he pushed up her T-shirt with his other hand. “Say yes.”

What was she saying yes to? What was the question? She couldn’t think.

He leaned down and brushed her navel with his mouth, then worked his way up to her breast, still covered with her shirt and bra. Palming the soft globe, he looked into her eyes. “Say yes.”

Shelby bit her lip and nodded. At this point, she didn’t care what he was asking the answer was yes.

“Say it.” He leaned down and took her mouth again, slipping his tongue between her lips.

“Yes,” she breathed against his lips.

The minute the word came out of her mouth, he became more intense. “Oh, baby, yes it is.” He turned her to straddle him. “Wrap your legs around me and hold on.”

He picked her up and carried her up the stairs, eying the room at the end of the hall and knowing it was too soon for that. Turning to the room across the hall from hers, he took her to his room, kissing her the entire time. He kicked the door open with his foot and carried her to the bed, where he sat on the side with her straddling him.

“Lift your arms, baby,” he said pulling her shirt over her head, kissing the skin as he exposed it. “Oh yes, baby, yes,” he said against her as he explored.

Once again, Shelby was lying on her back with her hands over her head. Gavin was straddling her and had released the front fastening of her bra, exposing her breasts to his gaze, fingers, and mouth. Still kissing her, he kneaded her breast with one hand and plucked her nipple with his fingertips.

“So beautiful. Oh yes, baby,” he crooned, continuing to pluck her nipples, pulling and elongating the little buds, stretching them. He kissed her again, then nibbled his way down to her breasts, where he resumed the attack with his mouth, licking, sucking, and pulling at them with his teeth. “Yes, baby,” he said against her.

“Yes,” she breathed. My God what he was doing to her. Her hips rose up and down off the bed almost as if pulled by his mouth on her breasts. She had no control over her body.

Gavin slipped his hand to the fastening on her jeans, slipped his fingers under her waistband, and rested them there. “Yes, baby?” he asked again, wanting her to know what she was saying yes to.

“Yes,” she hissed, wishing he would move his fingers farther down and arching her hips again. Oh yes, she thought.

Gavin deftly unfastened her jeans and slipped his hand inside them and her panties. Moving his hand over her curl-covered mound, he twisted the hair in his fingers and pulled. She arched again and he took advantage of the movement to push her jeans and panties down to her thighs. Slipping two fingers between her thighs, he traced the outer lips of her pussy. He could feel her juices.

“You’re wet for me, aren’t you, baby—good and wet, ready for me.” He leaned over and kissed her again while removing his shirt.

Crawling down the bed, he pulled her shoes and socks off before pulling her jeans and panties down her legs and throwing them on the floor. He stood quickly, removed his shoes and socks, and undid the button on his jeans. He reached into the drawer beside the bed, grabbed a few condom packets, and crawled back on the bed, crouching over her again. Shelby looked wide-eyed at the handful of condoms he had grabbed, part of her hoping he didn’t plan on using them all and part of her hoping he did.

Looking deep into her eyes, he asked one more time, “Yes?”

Nodding and smiling, she answered one more time, “Yes.”

He crawled over her and straddled her hips. This was a full-on assault on her senses. He started kissing her lips and worked his way down to her breasts again and again, licking, sucking, and pulling on her nipples with his teeth. Moving down her, he parted her legs, spreading them wide with his shoulders. He kissed his way down to the apex of her thighs, then glanced into her eyes one more time before parting her folds and touching just the tip of his tongue to her clit. Shelby almost jumped out of her skin. He looked up at her grinning and did it again.

“Did you like that, baby?” Like it, there are no words to describe the feelings it caused.

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