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Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 34,557
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Sequel to Herald

Adam Thomas has always known the angels invading his home were going to liven up his life in all sorts of ways. But none of them are quite like the archangel who’s been comatose in Adam’s bed for months. It almost feels as if Adam is losing his mind, pining for Michael. Then Michael wakes up, and all hell breaks loose.

The moment Michael opens his eyes, restored and ready to fight, he sees Adam for the first time. The human cared for him, and Michael knows without a doubt that Adam is his.

It turns out to be surprisingly easy to convince Adam of this fact, and Michael is absolutely enamored with his human.

But when a threat comes into Michael’s new home, what lengths will he have to go to in an effort to keep his mate safe?

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A shrill beep made Michael's eyes pop open before the sun rose. Adam snuffled against the bare skin of his left nipple and then tucked his entire head between Michael's arm and chest, ears covered.

The thing emanating the horrendous sound was a box on the other side of the room. It was too far to reach if he wanted to keep Adam secure against his side. The pitch changed to something beyond awful, discordant and it made Michael's ears ache.

"Adam," Michael crooned to his mate. The human groaned into his skin and his hand flopped around in the air for a heartbeat or two. "Please, my mate, I need your assistance."

"No," Adam groaned and burrowed deeper into his place. "It's too early."

"Yet you are the one who insisted to make that box noisy." Michael was trying to be reasonable, but that shrill beep should not exist. "I cannot shut it off."

Adam rolled over. An elbow was jammed into Michael's stomach in the process and it made him grunt from the sharp impact, though he sealed his lips on a protest when his lovely mate slammed a hand on top of the box. Blessed silence descended at once.

One more twist and Adam was snug against his side, smooth pale skin beautifully displayed. Michael ran a whisper soft touch down his mate's back in appreciation. He had little experience with the physical part of existence, but he knew just how much he enjoyed Adam's form and face.

Adam hummed, half asleep, and pressed into Michael's palm. He obliged, his hand spreading to cover a large area of Adam's back. It surprised him, just how big of a human being he was. The unconscious decisions in his form he had made when forced into the corporeal plane were choices he was happy with, but if he had his own mind when the time had come, perhaps he would have scaled down his size to a degree.

The red-bronze of his skin though, he loved to see it in contrast to Adam's very pale flesh. He was always happiest with finding the contrasts in life, this one personal in an obvious way. A great foil for his mate to shine against.

A bright green eye stared at him, Michael registered. He smiled for his mate. "I was admiring your form. You are magnificent."

"Thanks," Adam whispered, red creeping over the one visible, rounded cheek. "We should get up though. Got start the planting today."

Michael kept his hand where it was, but rolled onto his side. "Planting?"

"Yeah," Adam said as he propped himself onto his elbows. "Stick seeds in the ground so plants will grow."

Adam's close cut hair was wild this morning, fuzzy. It was adorable. A grin stretched across his face was his eyes traced Adam's face. This human made his heart pause in its movement. "Why do you plant seeds?" Michael asked, just to hear his mate talk more in his harmonic tenor voice. That was is favorite part of Adam, without exception.

"We grow pumpkins to sell for celebrations and food." Adam's whole body dipped in a shrug. "You can't have pumpkins unless you plant pumpkin seeds."

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