Getting a Raise (MM)

Romance on the Go ® 136

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,390
0 Ratings (0.0)

Nick is the most beautiful, successful, amazing man—just ask his executive assistant Tayte.

Tayte’s been in love with his boss from the moment he set eyes on him. But two years working with him and Tayte isn’t even sure Nick is gay.

But it’s time for his contract evaluation and Nick wants to give Tayte more than a raise.

Be Warned: m/m sex

Getting a Raise (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Getting a Raise (MM)

Romance on the Go ® 136

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,390
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

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Tayte put his hands on his hips, then dropped them down again. How was he supposed to handle this?

You want him, but does he really want you?

Nick looked up just as that thought moved across Tayte’s mind, and their eyes met. There was a simmering heat that looked like it was banked behind a very flimsy hold.

Something snapped inside Tayte and he surged forward. “Oh, fuck it.” He grabbed Nick’s face and planted a hard and quick kiss on him, barely allowing himself any pleasure before yanking himself back, breathing hard. His body was screaming at him to throw himself into Nick’s arms, but he had to know the truth. If his boss really wanted him, then they’d have to meet half way.

“Well?” Tayte threw his hands up, his voice squeaking a little with his lack of breath.

Nick’s reaction was slow, but beautiful to watch as he unfolded his arms and rose up to his full height of six foot three.

He crept forward like a massive jungle cat, stepping up to the place just in front of Tayte and resuming his previous position, one hand on Tayte’s face.

Butterflies took flight in Tayte’s belly and he inhaled sharply against the tightness in his chest. This moment was going to change his life.

“You know you’re fucking beautiful?” Nick whispered while he brought his other hand up to cup Tayte’s face totally.

Incredible warmth spread through Tayte’s chest as he looked up and saw the lust evident in Nick’s eyes.

Oh my God. He really wants me!

Nick waited, and Tayte could see the worry there. Sexual harassment was a big issue for a man of Nick’s standing. He’d come this far, but there was only one way Nick would keep moving, and that was if Tayte gave him the full green light.

“Are we finished with work stuff now?” Tayte asked, trying to keep his voice light and almost achieving it.

Nick’s eyes narrowed a little, then he nodded, maintaining his grip on Tayte’s face.

“Good.” Tayte nodded in imitation and reached out for Nick’s slim waist. He slid his hands around his boss and grabbed onto his black leather belt, pulling him closer so that their pelvis’s connected.

Fire sparks ignited between them and Nick groaned, bringing their mouths together in apparent need. Tayte inhaled quickly, his eyes sliding shut as his mouth became the center of his universe.

Nick’s tongue slid across his lips and tickled the inside of his mouth. Pleasure spread through his entire body, tightening in his groin and making him moan aloud.

Nick’s hands dropped down to Tayte’s waist, and he un-tucked his shirt with a few quick tugs.

Tayte’s skin felt cool compared to the heat that radiated from Nick’s hands as they slid over his back and around to his waist.

“Get out of these clothes,” Nick said against Tayte’s lips, the urgency clear in the short and sharp movements of Nick’s hands against his belt.

Tayte’s body responded like he was fifteen and he’d just had his first kiss. Blood flowed straight to his cock, causing it to lengthen and harden to an almost painful degree.

Yep, time to get these pants off.

Ignoring the buttons, Tayte pulled his shirt off over his head and attacked his belt, pulling at the clasp and sighing in relief when it gave way and he could push the material down his legs.

He stepped out of his pants and felt his cock bounce against his belly, hot and aching.

That’s when he looked up and his mouth dropped open. In front of him was his boss, just as naked, just as aroused, and more magnificent than any man deserved to be.

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