Getting It In the End: Book 3 in the Action Series (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,857
1 Ratings (1.0)

You know him. You’ve seen him attempt to marry Sharon Tice in A Question of Sex, be swept off his feet by the ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller in Capital Games, begging forgiveness from his best friend Jack Larsen in When Adam Met Jack, seduced by two young handsome television stars in Playing Dirty, but who is Mark Antonious Richfield? In Los Angeles, California where everyone is a ten, Mark is an eleven. Too gorgeous for everyone’s good, Mark is terribly flawed, and knows it. Beating himself up constantly for making bad decisions, Mark tries to please everyone to their peril.

But what on earth is going on with Mark now? Still working at Parsons and Company with his loyal lover, Steve, Mark begins modeling on the side. At one of his sessions he meets an old friend who stirs up some forbidden passion. And as usual, Mark Richfield is in the middle of a quagmire without the social skills to make a good decision. Other than his fantastic sex appeal, Mark has one other problem. He loves too much, has too much heart, and craves to be loved in return like he breathes air. Desperately.

Find out Mark’s side of the story, and fly with him as he falters through his life, trying, pleading, and usually not succeeding. Mark Richfield. Love him or hate him, he is a fascinating study in human nature.

Getting It In the End: Book 3 in the Action Series (MM)
1 Ratings (1.0)

Getting It In the End: Book 3 in the Action Series (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,857
1 Ratings (1.0)
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What the f-ck???? I really thought there was going to be a different end to this but what the hell? I am so furious I want to kill Mark along with Jack. Up until now I was in love with Jack but he's plain stupid, man. I cried to so much for Adam even though he agreed in the end. I don't care what anyone thinks this is so messed up. All this showed was Adam wasn't enough for Jack, and Steve wasn't enough for Mark, which is why this totally sucked. I am so turned off by this author at this point; an author I thought was brilliant but this one really did a huge one on me.

“Mark…lighten up.” Steve caught his breath and put his hands on his hips.

“Lighten up?” Mark growled, his teeth clenched so tight he was about to explode. “You exposed me out there. Do you think that’s funny?”

“It was a little.” Steve gave him a boyish smile.

“I failed to see the humor.” Mark twisted back to the sliding door.

“Then don’t talk to me about wanting kids!” Steve’s jovial voice changed drastically in tone.

“Oh, no.” Adam rubbed his face tiredly.

“Is nothing private between us?” Mark accused his lover.

“Come on, Mark,” Steve admonished, “I need help when it comes to dealing with you.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Mark brushed the sand from his feet, threw back the sliding door and entered the house, intent on changing and leaving. Standing in the large bathroom on the first level, Mark threw his shorts down on the tile floor and took a moment to calm down before he changed out of his wet suit.

A soft knock was heard on the door. “Go away, Steven.”

“It’s not Steve. It’s me.”

Shocked it was Jack, Mark opened the door.

“Are you all right?” Jack asked softly.

“No. I’m bloody not.”

Jack entered the small room, closing the door behind him. “What happened?”

“I made one insignificant comment about how having children was one reason to marry a woman, and the dumb cop assumed I’d locate a breeder and fornicate!”

“You can be impulsive that way.”

“Jack! Don’t side with him!”

“Come here, baby.”

Melting at Jack’s offer, Mark embraced him.

Swept up in memories of Jack’s strength being his salvation for almost two decades, Mark turned to putty in his grasp. The large solidness of Jack’s upper body was foreign now. Mark was used to holding Steve. Though Steve was fit, he wasn’t as enormous as this brawny blond. When you hugged Jack Larsen you felt dwarfed by his size.

It had always made Mark feel more like a woman. Maybe that was what he feared from Jack; becoming a woman in Jack’s embrace.

Jack’s lips brushed Mark’s neck. The tingle it sent through Mark, the memories of Jack’s kindness, his care, his attention, brought Mark to the verge of tears once more. Life was so unfair. Why couldn’t he love two men? Why? Have them both live in his home, have them both use his body for sex? Why not?

“You feel better now?” Jack set back to see his face.

“Oh, Jackie…” Mark bit his lip as it quivered.

“Please don’t cry.”

“I miss you.”

“There’s nothing to miss. I’m here.”

“No. I mean, living with you. Having you to talk to, to share our days.” Mark wanted to feel Jack inside him. He never had the pleasure and now he craved it. When he and Jack were roommates, Mark had never imagined anal sex would be so fulfilling. He wished he had known then what he knew now. Cupping Jack’s square jaw, Mark whispered, “Jackie-blue,” sensuously.

Jack gave Mark a feather light peck on his lips.

It made Mark’s toes curl it was so exciting.

“I have to get back to Adam. I just wanted to make sure you were all right.”

Mark found Jack’s hand and urged it downwards. Staring into Jack’s violet-blue eyes, Mark slid Jack’s hand inside his damp bathing suit to his erection.

“No. We can’t do this, Mark.”

Using Jack’s hand to run up and down his length, Mark had never felt his ex-roommate’s touch on his cock before. It made his entire body shiver with forbidden delight.


Mark released his hold on Jack’s wrist.

Jack stayed connected to Mark’s dick for a moment longer before he gave it one last stroke and dropped his hand to his side.

Adam’s voice asked through the door, “Are you guys alive in there?”

“Yes,” Jack answered quickly. “I have to go,” he whispered to Mark.

“I know.”

Staring at Mark’s exposed penis as he backed up, Jack tore his eyes away and opened the door.

A minute later Steve pushed in.

Mark gasped and faced the wall. “Steve! Let me change.”

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Steve touched Mark’s back gently.

Mark slipped his cock into his bathing suit discreetly.

“I acted like a jerk. I thought we were roughhousing. Honest. I didn’t think I was upsetting you.”

“All right.” Mark sighed, his back still facing him.


His eyes to the ceiling looking for strength when Mark knew damn well he had no reserves to draw from, he turned to face his lover.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Steve brushed his fingers against Mark’s cheek. “Am I forgiven?”

“Yes. Of course.”

Very slowly Steve sank to his knees and flipped Mark’s soft penis out of his bathing suit. As it entered his warm mouth, Mark imagined Jack in his place, hating himself for tempting Jack to cheat on Adam.

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