Going Deep

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,260
1 Ratings (5.0)

Dylan Conway thought he had a chance at the big leagues when a scout from the Oakland Raiders asked him to come for a tryout for the team. After earning a football scholarship from Iowa State College, Dylan thought it was a sure thing.

It wasn’t.

Losing his dream to play pro ball, Dylan found a job in LA delivering pizza. What he didn’t expect was to be propositioned at every delivery. Then, to his amazement, he’s asked to work for a photographer of male nudes, which led him to another deeper, darker industry.

Sean Dean, alias ‘Rippin Long’, was tired of working as a gay porn star. For seven long years he was the top earner for Tartarus Studios. Sick and tired of the demands, yearning a real life and respectable work, Sean is stunned to see the latest addition to the Tartarus studios stable of stars. The delectable Dylan Conway. And Dylan did not hide his instant attraction to Tartarus’ prized stud. To Sean’s terror, Dylan makes a move that scares him to death. Not for sex. Dylan wants a ‘relationship’, something Sean has been avoiding eternally after continuously being idolized as the porn star and not the human being behind the façade.

As the two men collide on set, burning up the screen like no other men before them has, could there be any chance of a real bond between them?

One man jaded and at the end of his porn career, the other fresh and just beginning a new life in it, the possibility for any kind of future between the two seems daunting.

But Dylan finds sage advice from a surprising source which he clings to. To thine own self be true. Learning to trust in himself.

Going Deep
1 Ratings (5.0)

Going Deep

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,260
1 Ratings (5.0)
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“Boys!” Eric nudged Dylan in front of him. “This is Dick Rich.”
“Hey.” Three of the four men smiled sensually at him.
“Dick, this is Philippe, T-Rex, Toby Steele,” Eric paused and made a grand gesture to someone whose back was towards Dylan at the moment, “and our top man of Tartarus, Rippin Long.”
About to wave shyly at the three young men whom were all around his own age, Dylan stopped short when Mr. Rippin Long turned to look at him from over his shoulder.
The raw sensuality of their ‘top man’ bowled Dylan over. He had to be nearing thirty years old, big, six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds of gorgeous hunk with brown hair and smoldering brown eyes.
“Holy fuck,” Dylan gasped under his breath.
Eric whispered into Dylan’s ear, “You like?”
“I…I…” I like! I like!
“It gets better,” Eric teased. “Wait until you see the script.”
Dylan licked his lips as Mr. Long gave him a once over.
“What did you say your name was?” Rippin asked.
“Dyl…uh, Dick.” Dylan didn’t care if these men knew his real name.
While holding a script in his hand, Rippin walked across the room to have a closer look. Dylan held his breath at the inspection.
“Holy shit,” Dylan whimpered as his cock went rigid.
The other men in the room chuckled at his reaction.
“Pretty.” Rippin curled his finger around Dylan’s chin. “Well, done, Mr. Palmer. Very well done.”
“I thought you men might like one another.” Eric smirked wickedly.
“Holy fucking shit.” Dylan couldn’t seem to say anything intelligent. And this fantastic man complimenting him and touching him was almost enough to make him come. As the scent of Rippin’s cologne and body merged with his own, Dylan’s knees went weak.
“Purr,” Rippin teased, rubbing his cheek against Dylan’s.
“Get the camera, Eric. I’m close to my money shot,” Dylan gasped.
Eric roared with laughter. “I love you, Dick. You’re fantastic.”
The other three men were doubled over, hysterical from the reaction.
“Wait. You still haven’t seen the script we wrote especially for you.” Eric nudged one at Dylan but Dylan didn’t want to move away from Rippin’s touch. When Rippin brushed his lips over Dylan’s, Dylan moaned and grabbed his own prick to prevent coming.
“Dick? Hello? Script?” Eric flapped it at him. “Rippin, give Dick a second. You’ll have plenty of time for some personal contact in a few minutes.”
After a tantalizing lick with the tip of his tongue on Dylan’s top lip, Rippin set back to stare at him.
“Dick.” Eric stuck the script in front of Dylan’s face. “This is the best damn part of the surprise. Will you wake up?”
Dylan tore his gaze away from a man he fell completely in love with at first sight. Madison? Eric? Who the heck were they?
“What? Script?” Dylan took the few pages from Eric.
“Read it.” Eric seemed to be holding back more hilarity.
Coming around from a dream, dying to perform sex with the most incredible fucking god he’d ever laid eyes on, Dylan’s hands shook as he held the words in front of his face and forced himself to read.
“Does…does this say football?” Dylan gaped at Eric.
“Yes,” he humored him. “Keep reading.”
Dylan did. He was the star quarterback and Rippin was his coach. The other three men were fellow players. “Ohmygod.”
“You like?” Eric chuckled.
“You did this for me?” Dylan felt tears sting his eyes.
“Don’t you think it makes your maiden foray into gay porn easier?” Eric opened his hands in an obvious gesture.
Jay entered the room, “Get ready! We don’t have all day, my pretty boys! Change!”
After another glance at Rippin, Dylan whispered into Eric’s ear, “Thank you so much.”
“Enjoy. Savor it.” Eric cupped his face.
“I am so lucky.” Dylan dabbed at his eyes.
“Me too. Go. Get your tight football pants on. Nothing under them,” Eric warned playfully.
As Dylan followed the three younger men into a changing room, he looked back to see Rippin’s eyes on him as Rippin spoke softly to Eric and Jay.
T-Rex asked, “Your first gay film?” as he changed his clothing
“Yes.” Dylan set the script down and found a football uniform and helmet with his stage name on it.
“Just forget about the cameras,” Toby advised.
“That is how I do it,” Philippe said in a thick French accent.
“Yeah, just get off on it. It’s getting paid to fuck guys.” Toby slipped off his jeans. “It doesn’t get better than that.”
As he dressed Dylan asked, “Any of you guys, gay for pay?”
“Fuck no!” T-Rex shook his head. “That’s complete bullshit. Any guy that says that?” T’ shook his head in exaggeration, “Is feedin’ you a line of complete bull.”
“No shit,” Toby added. “If you’re straight, do straight porn, know what I mean?”
“Oui!” Philippe agreed. “Why screw men? It makes no sense. Gay for pay!” he scoffed.
T-Rex sidled over to Dylan and smiled, “You like our big star?”
“Rippin?” Dylan admired T’s dark mocha skin and good looks. “Yeah, he’s fucking gorgeous.”
“He likes you too.” T-Rex’s brown eyes gleamed.
Dylan’s cheeks heated up instantly. “Is he going steady with anyone?”
“Going steady?” Toby finished putting on his cleats. “Where the hell are you from?”
“Ames, Iowa.” Dylan felt so comfortable in a football uniform it was as if he was indeed at Iowa State.
The other three men laughed at his answer.
“And I thought I was far from home,” Philippe chuckled. “Mais oui! At least I know porn stars like Rippin do not ‘go steady’.”
“So…” Dylan laced his cleats. “That means he’s available?”
“Good luck, bro.” T’ patted Dylan’s back. “A man like that is pure sex and impossible to net. But he did show a liking for you…ya never know.”
Dylan noticed T-Rex and Toby exchange wry smiles.

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