Got Men? (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 46,813
0 Ratings (0.0)

Like it or not television reality shows have become a staple in American culture in the 21st Century. Our curiosity to be the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and watch other people’s trials and tribulations is now a huge percentage of mainstream primetime viewing.

In the reality show Got Men? six young men are selected, they assume randomly, for their participation as housemates in an isolated location in Nevada. The purpose of their stay is never revealed to them.

Conrad Hogan, an unemployed construction worker begins to suspect what the ultimate goal is of the producers; Derek Dixon, Will Markham, and director Charlotte Deavers, (known for the extremely racy nighttime drama, Forever Young in the Action! Series). When Conrad realizes that he and his five handsome single housemates are being set up for a huge fall, Conrad panics and has to make decisions based on what the ubiquitous cameras and microphones will reveal.

Among Conrad’s housemates are Tony Spagna, the tough New York Harley Rider from the Men in Motion Series, Leather Boys, and Alfonso Garofalo, the striking tennis instructor who was involved in an illicit affair with Senator Kipp Kensington’s wife, Louise, in Exposure. As well as special appearances by Keith O’Leary, Carl Bronson, and the forever delectable, Mark Antonious Richfield, who is the catalyst in the big ‘reveal’.

Will Conrad, Sonny, Kelvin, Alfonso, Dean and Tony take the leap and show their families, their co-workers, their friends, the television viewers, and the World Wide Web, their deepest secrets? The producers hope so, because to them, ratings mean everything.

Got Men? (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Got Men? (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 46,813
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Conrad admired Sonny’s ass as he left the room. Since it was a constant seventy-five degrees in the house, everyone was either shirtless, or in tiny tank tops and shorts.

As Sonny vanished across the hall, Conrad connected to Tony’s gaze. His stomach pinched at the look he was receiving.

“You checking out Sonny’s butt?”

“No.” Conrad tried to make light of it. “Are you?”

“That’s an infantile evasion.”

“Shut up.” Conrad tried to control his temper. “Please tell me you don’t really teach children.”

“Yup. I do.” Tony stretched his arms over his head, showing off large rolling biceps.

“What grade?” Kelvin asked.

Since Tony was seated next to Kelvin on a couch, Tony leaned his elbow on the back of it and rested his chin on his palm. “Your age, baby-boy.”

“I’m twenty-one!” Kelvin appeared indignant.

“No, really, Tony,” Dean asked, “What grade?”


“Turd?” Conrad mocked Tony’s thick accent.

“Okay, hot shot, what the hell do you do, other than, used to work in construction?” Tony shifted his position and propped his bare feet on the coffee table. “You even got a job?”

“Not at the moment. Christ, I can’t believe you remember that.” Conrad sat up as Alfonso and Sonny returned with more alcohol.

“Need potato chips. I’m dyin’.” Kelvin reached out for a bottle of beer.

“Go look. I haven’t checked every cabinet.” Alfonso sat in his spot on a chair with an ottoman.

Kelvin leapt up and Conrad could hear doors opening and closing in the kitchen.

“So, the unemployed tool man is talking shit to a teacher.” Tony drank his beer. “Sad, baby, very sad.”

“What did we miss?” Sonny returned to his place on the sofa.

Tony said, “Conny is unemployed but still thinks it’s nice to taunt me. Right, Conny?”

“Screw you.” Conrad didn’t need this shit.

Kelvin stood at the threshold of the room, holding out a plastic bag. “I got nuts.”

Dean immediately choked on his beer. Sonny exchanged glances with Conrad, and Alfonso rolled in his chair he was laughing so hard.

“Let’s see em’, baby.” Tony grinned devilishly.

The expression of bewilderment on Kelvin’s face was priceless to Conrad. “Oh, Kelvin, you are the best of the bunch.”

Kelvin sat where he had been. “No seriously, guys, what did I say?” He tried to hand Tony the bag of peanuts. “Here.”

“Never mind.” Tony ran his hand over the top of his head, indicating the joke went over Kelvin’s.

“Anyway…” Dean coughed and sat up in his chair.

“Hey, Deano, I was thinking of getting a Harley tat.”




“I don’t know. Maybe my low back.”


Conrad asked Sonny, “How many tattoos do you have?”

“Why?” Sonny’s smile was full of invitation.

“Just curious.” Conrad drank his beer and noticed all the other men were staring at him. “What?”

“You got tat-envy, Conny?”

“I got one.” Kelvin dropped the bag of peanuts on the coffee table, hopped to his feet and pulled his gym shorts down in front.

Conrad thought for a minute they were in for a free peek of full frontal.

“Here.” Kelvin kept his cock covered, revealing shaved pubic hair and a tattoo that read ‘carpe diem’ near the base of his cock. He pivoted around to make sure everyone could see it.

“Nice, baby. Very nice.” Tony’s smiled, showing his perfect white teeth. “That makes Conny the only tattoo virgin.”

“I can change that.” Dean gave Conrad the same wicked smile Tony had given Kelvin. “A day with me, Conrad, and you’ll no longer be a virgin.”

What the fuck? Conrad knew he was getting drunk and assumed the other men were slowly degenerating into a state of inebriation as well.

“I doubt very much Conrad is a virgin.”

Conrad whipped his head around to Sonny at the comment. “Are we still talking about tattoos?”

“Anyone want my nuts?” Kelvin offered the bag.

Alfonso physically fell out of the chair and sat on the floor choking with laughter.

“Is that funny too?” Kelvin blinked.

Conrad asked Sonny in a whisper, “Am I hearing this shit for real?”

Sonny shrugged but the look in his eyes was pure sexual.

“Fine.” Kelvin curled up on the couch with his snack. “I’ll keep my nuts to myself.”

That line made Alfonso roar with hilarity and pound the floor. “Oh, God! Help. I’m in pain!”

Dean kept coughing from inhaling his beer down the wrong pipe as he cracked up and Tony was wiping his eyes as they ran with tears.

Seeing poor Kelvin bewildered, Conrad said, “Nuts? As in ball sack?”

The light turned on in Kelvin’s eyes. “Oh!”

“He’s precious.” Sonny dabbed at the corner of his eye as he laughed.

“As a little brother.” Conrad stopped smiling.

Sonny reached out and squeezed Conrad’s leg. “As a kid brother.”

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