Hard'n Deep

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

The past threatens to tear Aidan and Matt apart, but when Matt takes off, Aidan will stop at nothing to bring him back.

Aidan and Matt had conquered the mountain which almost killed them both and their relationship is secure. Or is it? Without warning the past inevitably rears its ugly head and the sparks begin to fly. While Aidan knows exactly what he wants, Matt's fierce independence and insecurities threaten to tear them apart. Aidan sets out to prove to Matt he isn't going anywhere and Matt needs to face and conquer the ghosts from his past. Does Aidan have what it takes to hold onto his man and will Matt allow himself to be loved?

Hard'n Deep
0 Ratings (0.0)

Hard'n Deep

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

"Come on, gorgeous." Aidan looked up. A strong, tanned forearm reached for him. Grabbing on, Matt pulled him up over the edge of the cliff where he stretched out on his back, trying to catch his breath. Sweat matted his hair and coated his body, muscles quivering with tension.

It had been Matt's idea to return to this cliff--or the scene of the crime, so to speak. Aidan had cheated death here six weeks ago, barely escaping with his life. This would've been the last climb on his list and understandably he'd been very nervous, afraid he would freak out. The memories were very fresh, but Matt had gently urged him to at least try and bury the ghosts of that fateful day. Conquer the mountain in mind, body, spirit.

With his ribs adequately healed and a clean bill of health from his doctor, he had been cleared to resume regular activities. The only stipulation, given with a stern frown of admonishment, was to take a climbing partner this time.

Despite feeling a bit weaker and muscles slightly tender, he'd thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Emotionally conquering his demons felt liberating. Matt had instinctively known what Aidan needed. Hopefully after today the recurring nightmares of falling to his death would fade.

With Aidan's limbs tired and stiff, Matt helped him remove his harness and safety gear. They slowly walked the trail back to where they'd left Matt's ute. They stored their equipment in the back and Matt shut the door and turned, pulling Aidan close.

"You okay?" Breathtaking green eyes probed deeply into his own.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Great actually." Aidan leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on Matt's tempting mouth. Slipping his tongue in between Matt's lips, Aidan tasted man and salt from their strenuous workout. Matt moaned as Aidan sucked on his tongue and ground their hips together. They were both hard and ready. The adrenaline rush from a climb, the danger, always made them horny.

Matt pulled away and licked a wet path up Aidan's neck, his breathing hot and heavy. "God the way you taste drives me crazy! Let's get the fuck out of here before we get arrested. I'm so close to letting you fuck me against the car."

Aidan gave him a last, rough kiss and got in on the passenger side. As Matt drove them back to Queenstown, Aidan rested his hand on Matt's thigh. He laid his head back against the seat and closed his eyes.

Six weeks ago Aidan had been an ordinary businessman with plans for a financially sound future, a wife, and kids. His sister Taryn had been comatose after a car wreck--Aidan at the end of himself with worry and grief over her dire prognosis. In an attempt to forget all about the hopeless situation, he had done something ridiculously stupid and almost died. Then in swept a whirlwind named Matt Raine.

Today, Aidan couldn't imagine his life without the man he had fallen hard for. The intensity of his feelings for Matt both scared and exhilarated him.

Matt stroked Aidan's hand resting on his leg, the caress and his exhaustion lulling him to sleep.

"Babe. We're here." Matt's voice gently roused him.

"God, I'm wiped." Aidan got out and they went inside. As soon as the door shut behind them he tried again. "When are you gonna move in, Matt? Keeping your apartment is a waste of money when you're never there."

"I know. Don't push." Matt sighed, obviously frustrated.

Aidan remembered Matt's reaction when he'd asked him a few weeks ago. Matt's shocked expression would've been understandable, but not his avoidance of the matter completely. When Aidan tried broaching the subject, they always ended up arguing. Two major points of contention in their new relationship--living together and Aidan's business.

Matt was excellent at what he did, but Aidan also understood the man's fierce streak of independence. By giving Matt a helping hand to start up a venture of his own, Matt would in turn draw more clients to the business and they would both benefit from the mutual agreement.

However, Matt recoiled in horror when Aidan mentioned becoming business partners. Matt fought the idea tooth and nail and insisted on buying his way in when he could afford to. A mule had nothing on Matt Raine. Matt despised handouts and no matter what, Aidan couldn't convince him to accept the gesture as a gift of love, the way it was intended.

Aidan sighed despondently and climbed the stairs, longing for a hot shower. While the water heated he undressed before stepping into the steamy heat. Autumn weather turned the air chilly and winter was fast approaching. The hot spray pelted his aching body, draining the tension from his tired muscles.

Closing his eyes, he lathered his hair with shampoo and heard the glass door open and shut. His cock immediately reacted, filling from anticipation alone. A bottle cap snapped and Matt's hand snaked around to wash a sudsy cloth over his shoulders. The attention humbled Aidan as he saw a softer side of the gruff world champ.

Looking down, a tanned arm reached around Aidan and began soaping up his front. The hand disappeared and a cloth dragged down his crease to complete the wash job. While Matt washed himself, Aidan took care of Matt's hair, massaging shampoo into the thick strands, working up a good lather.

Aidan's eyes followed the trail of soap bubbles as they slid down over Matt's tight abdomen, parting around the thick erection, bobbing with a life of its own. Aidan hadn't yet bottomed for Matt who had never pressed the issue. Matt loved being fucked so bottoming was no hardship for him. Still, Aidan thought about reversing their roles more and more. Every day to be exact.

What would Matt feel like buried deep inside his body? Into such a private, intimate place? Aidan wanted to know, but looking at Matt's thick, veined cock he chickened out every time. Would that big dick fit in his ass? Just the thought had him breaking out in a cold sweat.

He curled his fingers around Matt's stiff cock, stroking the shaft slowly. Matt watched him, eyes blazing. Aidan pushed him up against the tiled wall and kissed him. What started as a gentle taste soon became ravenous and rough. Urgent.

Matt gripped Aidan's butt cheeks, one in each hand, and lifted Aidan up against his body. Their cocks brushed together at that angle, but Aidan couldn't miss how open his bottom felt and he instinctively tensed.

"Shhh. Relax," Matt whispered against his lips, pushing Aidan up against the wall.

When the tip of one finger brushed over his pucker Aidan gasped. So damn good. He attacked Matt's mouth with renewed vigor and moaned as Matt repeated the erotic caress. Just brushing over and around his opening while their dicks rubbed together deliciously.

Cool, slippery liquid touched his hole; when Matt had reached for it Aidan wasn't sure and he didn't care--as long as Matt touched him. He continued torturing Aidan with a bit more pressure. A moan caught in his throat as the tip of one digit slipped inside.

"Oh God!" He sighed against Matt's lips, dropping his head back against the wall as Matt stroked him slowly internally. His cock twitched, precum smearing all over their stomachs. Matt gripped his cock and deliberately stroked him.

"You are so fucking hot." Matt breathed into his ear as he penetrated Aidan deeply with one finger. Raw, intense pleasure washed through him.

"Jack us off," Matt growled at him.

Aidan wrapped his hand around both their erections and started jerking them off. He panted as the sinful digit moved in and out of him with erotic friction. Matt withdrew and before Aidan could object, the finger returned with a mate. Aidan breathed through the slight burn and pressure--and then the wicked pleasure was back.

"You want me to do you, babe? This is just a taste of what it'll feel like. My cock will fill you completely--feel so much better." Matt spoke seductively in his ear, sucking on the lobe. Aidan started shaking--he so badly wanted what Matt offered.

Matt kissed him again, sucking in Aidan's tongue, making love to it with his own. Concentrating on anything but his pleasure became a struggle. So, he gave up, opened his mouth, and surrendered to Matt. The kisses hot, messy, and wild.

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