Harvey's Bargain

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 9,948
0 Ratings (0.0)

When hot bottom boy Cameron invites his friend, Harvey, to “hang out”, he knows he’s going to have trouble resisting Harvey’s cleverness and seductive charms, but he’ll have to if he’s going to stay faithful to his boyfriend, Law. But then Harvey, a well-to-do African-American top, discovers Cameron’s porn collection, each video featuring a number of black men enjoying one white bottom. Cameron is ashamed of his “fetish” but Harvey is intrigued. Then Cameron gets a text informing him Law is a liar and a cheater.

Harvey immediately suggests a bargain. Cameron should get rid of Law and seek out his true desire: to be dominated by Harvey and his friends. Mischievous Harvey then ups the ante: Cameron isn’t allowed to say no to any black man who wants to top him, and he’s not allowed to be with Law or anyone else white. If Cameron “behaves” and yields to Harvey’s wishes for three years, Harvey will pay off Cameron’s enormous college loans.

Cameron can’t imagine anything he wants more, but never saying no is insane, isn’t it? How can he possibly keep up his part of the bargain?

Harvey's Bargain
0 Ratings (0.0)

Harvey's Bargain

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 9,948
0 Ratings (0.0)
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When it was over, Harvey turned to me and said, “So this is your fantasy, huh? You relate to what this movie says?”

“What do you mean ‘what it says?’ It’s just hot.”

“It’s more than that. All the black men are Cameron’s superiors. And he’s not very bright. All he’s good for is getting his ass fucked. Is that how you see yourself?”

I rubbed my hands on my jeans. “That life would be awesome.”

Harvey smirked. “Would it now?”

My phone buzzed with a text message: LAW’S CAR ACRS STREET FRM MY HOUSE AGAIN. THEY’RE AT IT.

“What’s up, honey?”

“My friend Randy lives across the street from this guy Tom who is supposedly Law’s ex. But Law’s car is one of those rare sporty roadsters, a Daihatsu Copen, in bright red, and it has to be the only one in Raleigh. Furthermore, Randy can see when Tom and Law are fooling around in the hot tub. Law told me he’d never cheat again.” My chest burned with disappointment.

“Why not take revenge by getting naked, Cameron?”

My dick stiffened, but I stopped Harvey as he reached for my zipper. “I’m…not sure I should get fucked. I’m feeling unhappy with life.”

“Sweetheart, from that video, I know how to make you happy.”

“You do?”

“You want someone smarter than you who will treat you like a piece of ass, but who will sometimes treat you like you’re special so you don’t feel alone.”

“I…yeah, that sounds right.” My dick hardened as horniness displaced anger.

“But monogamy is so hard for hot bottom boys, so that smarter guy knows not to expect it from his favorite piece of ass.”

Harvey massaged the bulge of my jeans. My cock hurt to get out.

“So the smarter guy knows it’s best if that bottom boy gets fucked a lot.”

“Oh...oh, yeah?” I was having trouble breathing.

“Yeah, but only by black men.”


“Because I know that’s what you secretly want. To be the property of black guys, particularly black guys like me who are smarter than you.” Here Harvey kissed my neck and ruffled my hair. I closed my eyes in delight.

“Let’s take this a step further. You can only be fucked by black men, and you can’t say no to a black man. Ever.”

“What! But that’s crazy!”

“Trust me. I’ve learned what I need to know about you. That’s your path to happiness.”

“But…never saying no?”

“Never. Okay, if someone tries fucking your ass without a condom, you tell him to shove off, but otherwise, never. Ever.”


“Admit it. You want to be that porn star, getting fucked all day every day.”

I moaned. “Yes, but—”

“I’ll make you a bargain. Do it for three months. If you find the bliss I know you’ll find, then you must continue for, say, three years. If you do, I’ll pay off that college loan you’re stressed about. How much is it? Twenty-five thousand?”


Harvey shook his head. “You silly white boys and your private schools. Didn’t you want to be a writer?”

“Hey, yeah, I did.” Wow, he remembered.

“It’ll be hard paying that loan on what most writers make. So okay, thirty thousand. Is it a deal? Black men only?”

I moaned. “Oh…I…okay, yes sir.” Was I crazy? What was I doing?

Harvey grinned. “Let’s shake on it. No, wait. Let’s fuck on it.” Harvey slid his hand under me and grabbed my rump.

“Whoa! Uh…yes, sir.” I didn’t stop him from undoing my jeans. He pulled them down along with my white briefs, exposing my dick which sprung up hard. His hands groped my ass in such a rough, possessive manner, it left no doubt the power dynamic had shifted. I was Harvey’s property now.

I’d left out the condoms and lube, so Harvey only moved a couple steps to his right and grabbed supplies from my bookcase. He pushed me up against the living room wall and started grinding his pelvis against my bare rear. I could feel the girth and solid power of his cock through his pants.

Harvey unzipped himself, put on a condom, and began slicking me up. “Mmm. Your ass is so round and perky. All my friends are going to love it.”

“What? All your—UNGH!” He’d stuck his dick in hard and started pushing deeper.

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