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Hat Trick (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 38,961
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, sex toys, HEA]

Toronto Maple Leaf captain Nathan Vaughan and his wife have been looking for a third for years, but Nathan’s intense possessiveness has prevented them from having the ménage experience they both dream of. When rookie Jeremy Reiner joins the team, they both think they may have found the man for them.

Jeremy has never questioned his sexuality before. He has always desired women, and when Nathan and Rachel invite him to their bed, he quickly takes them up on their offer. Much to his dismay, and confusion, Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Rachel and Nathan.

The lovemaking is explosive, but is it enough to keep the three of them together when conflicting emotions, rumors, and genuine fears threaten to tear them apart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Oh lordy this was good. I so enjoyed it, would make a great series

- Barefoot Okie

I just finished reading this book and fell in love with the characters. I loved how much Nathan loved and worshiped his wife Rachel and allowed the new rookie of the hockey team to share his wife with...

- Erika Reed

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "The sexual connection that Nathan and his wife Rachel feel for Jeremy is immediate, intense and sizzling. Nathan and Rachel have been looking for a third in their relationship for years but they have never been able to find that special person and they both think they have in Jeremy. When Rachel and Nathan invite him to their bed, Jeremy agrees to their offer, but he soon finds himself questioning his emotions and sexuality. But it's their ability to form a relationship amongst the rumors and his doubts that might drive Jeremy away. Readers are in for a sexy treat with Hat Trick; a story that is a pure job to read and one that they will find almost impossible to put down. Author Lynn Tyler seems to have the ability to captivate the reader, giving them a story brimming with sexual tension, emotions, action, touches of humor, plenty of romance and marvelous characters that when combined give the readers a glorious deep sigh read they will love. The author does a superb job of setting up the plotline and visually portraying the love and friendship between Nathan and Rachel as well as an insightful look into their relationship over the years. This draws the reader into their lives and when Jeremy is introduced into the story and into their relationship the connection seems to fall into place naturally. The taunt sensuality and bond between Nathan, Rachel and Jeremy is heats up the pages right from the very beginning, so when Nathan with the help of Rachel sets out to seduce and entice Jeremy into becoming a third and possibly a permanent person in their lives it all seems real. The turmoil that Jeremy must face not only with his own sexuality but with the rumors and the difference between what he perceives as right or wrong is portrayed realistically with their reader being able to empathize with his struggles. The dramatic and surprising heart-stopping climax is outstanding, while leaving the reader wanting more from the lovers." -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

4.5 STARS: "Hat Trick starts out with smoking hot scenes and ends with scorched pages. To say this book is HOT does not do it justice. So, just to summarize we get sizzling sex, hot hockey players, and an amazing HEA. Who couldn’t love that scenario? Nathan and Rachel have been married for 9 years. She has always had a fantasy of having another man join them in the bedroom. Nathan has been honest with his wife about his bisexual past but can’t imagine watching another man with his wife. That is until Jeremy shows up in their lives and suddenly everything they thought they could never have turns into a reality. Not only do they want Jeremy to join them in the bedroom, they want him to be part of their future. What they weren’t prepared for was the tabloids and the media getting in the middle of their lives and stirring it up. They each have to step back and think of not only themselves but how this relationship affects all of them as a whole. Their relationship is unconventional but as they all open up and admit their true feelings it’s a beautiful and very sexy love story. Even though this story is quite short the writing is done exceptionally well. You have plenty of detail and information to really understand and care about the characters. The sex was very steamy, but the skill of Ms Tyler to craft the words of the scenes was hotter. This was my first Tyler book and I can guarantee it will not be my last! I absolutely loved it. Enjoy!" -- Rhayne Riskae, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 KISSES: "Nathan Vaughan and his wife have spent years looking for that perfect person to round out their triad, but the Toronto Maple Leaf captain is so intense on - and off the ice that it’s never come to pass. Jeremy Reiner however, may just be the man for the job. The Rookie’s sexual orientation has never been in question - he likes girls. End of story. Then why is it when Nathan and his wife invite him into their bed, he’s so eager to go - and it’s not only Rachel that captures Jeremy’s heart? The sex is plenty hot, but sex might not be enough when the world outside of the bed room threatens everything good in their lives. Hat Trick by Lynn Tyler was a surprisingly good book for me. Not because I expected anything different - I’d never read anything by Ms. Tyler before so I had no preconceived notions - but because there was an emotional aspect to the tale I didn’t count on. Clearly Nathan and Rachel are in love with each other; so much so that they want to bring another man into their life. Rachel is easily on board with it, and secure in her relationship with her husband knowing he’d be an equal opportunity participant in loving their third, but doubts it will happen anytime soon. Nathan’s issues with the reality of seeing another man touch his wife in a sexual way have always prevented the couple from exploring a more permanent ménage relationship. A chance presents itself when they open their home to new team mate and rookie, Jeremy Reiner, thinking it could offer the opportunity to explore a triad relationship they both desire. When I picked up this book, I figured I’d get a little hockey, a lot of sex, and not much else, due to the length of it. Boy, was I wrong! Nathan is a tough guy - captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs - yet underneath the obvious strength is an emotional vulnerability that spoke to me. Jeremy was very believable as a guy who’s struggling to come to terms with his redefining wants and needs in the context of his sexuality. The fact that the two men are doing it in a typically macho and heterosexual strong career makes the reading all the more intense. I want to take a minute to talk about Rachel though. In some M/M/F M/F/M ménage books I’ve read, I find that the woman was not always a truly equal partner in the triad - almost as if the author really wanted to write a story about two gay men, but didn’t quite know how to pull it off. Lynn Tyler accomplished so much more, simply by fleshing out Rachel’s character. She was the one that both men wanted initially, and she was definitely the glue that kept them together while Nathan and Jeremy worked through their issues. She is a strong, smart, sexy and accomplished business woman who isn’t afraid to be soft with the two men she loves. Let’s face it; that’s a turn on for women. Maybe the number of partners varies, but the idea that we can be who we want in our own right and still be valued and loved by our significant other is what we strive for. If you’re looking for a love story that has deep passion and characters that you’ll love long after the last page has been turned, then Hat Trick by Lynn Tyler is definitely for you. It’s on my TBRA (To Be Read Again) list!" -- Leanna, TwoLips Reviews




“I hear Reiner is still staying with you and your wife. How’s that going?”

Nathan took another mouthful of water, swallowing it this time. It wouldn’t do to spit on his boss’s shoes, after all. “It’s great, actually. He’s a good kid, and I appreciate the company when Rachel is out for work.”

It wasn’t a lie either. Jeremy was a lot of fun to have around. He had a tendency to leave the room if a television show was getting too suspenseful, which Nathan found absolutely adorable. He played video games with his whole body. He was playful, affectionate, and sensual. A knuckle tap or a high five was never enough with Jeremy. He had to bump you with his hip or sling an arm around your shoulders. Nathan had even had those long fingers stroke absently over the back of his hand while they’d just sat and talked in front of the television late one night after Rachel had gone to bed. He didn’t think Jeremy had even noticed how he was touching him. He’d never mentioned it, not wanting Jeremy to stop the caress or be embarrassed about it.

Rachel enjoyed having him around, too. Jeremy had taken Rachel out on the town a few times. Once Jeremy had sat through a shopping trip where he’d allowed Rachel to pick out his entire wardrobe. Another time, Jeremy had taken her out for Chinese when Nathan had had a meeting with his agent and couldn’t make it back in time for dinner. He really was the whole package, and Nathan had the uncomfortable feeling he could very well be falling in love with the younger man.

He often had to pause and examine his feelings lately. He was still desperately in love with his wife, probably even more in love now than when they had first gotten married, but his deepening feelings for Jeremy confused and frightened him. While he had confessed to Rachel very early on that he was sexually attracted to both men and women, he had promised to love only her, and he had meant that vow. Falling in love with someone else felt like he was betraying her. And yet, he couldn’t seem to let Jeremy go.

“Earth to Vaughan. Nathan?” Nathan blinked out of his thoughts only to see the general manager’s hand waving in front of his face.

“Yeah, sorry. What did you say?” Nathan asked.

His boss shook his head but continued. “Did your agent talk to you about the latest interview request?”

Nathan sifted through the last conversation he’d had with his agent. He vaguely recalled him mentioning that some gossip columnist wanted to interview him. Apparently she had heard that Jeremy had been living with them for the last eight weeks and wanted to quiz him on their living situation. He’d flatly refused the request as soon as his agent had brought it up. He had a nasty feeling his refusal had somehow made the situation worse. At least if he had done the interview, he could have controlled the information. There was no telling what the article might say. “Yeah, some gossip monger. Why?”

“Our PR department got wind of her latest column due out tomorrow. Apparently it accuses your wife of cheating on you with Reiner. She’s got some pictures of the two of them out and about, and she’s somehow found out he’s been staying with you. She may or may not also allude to you sharing Rachel with him.”

Nathan’s heart raced at the thought of someone staking out his house. There were a lot of kids in his neighborhood, and most of the parents wouldn’t take kindly to strangers loitering about. He should probably tell the neighborhood association to be on the lookout for strange cars and such.

He didn’t really care about the content of the article though. The columnist couldn’t be further from the truth. Rachel was no more cheating on him than he was on her. The other accusation hit a little closer to home. He wasn’t sharing his wife, exactly. It wasn’t as if she had no say in the relationship. She wanted the ménage as much as he did. It was more of an equal partnership between all three of them. Each of them wanted what they had. He wasn’t about to worry about it too much. It wasn’t like the columnist could actually prove anything. Jeremy might have a problem with the article, however. He went out of his way not to be alone with Nathan in the locker room and usually scaled way back on his physically affectionate tendencies when he was around other guys. Nathan looked at Terry with a grimace. “Thanks for telling me, boss. I’ll make sure to warn Jeremy.”

The general manager nodded and paused to watch Jeremy as he stopped to talk to the head coach about something or other. “What is going on with you and the kid, Nathan?”

He almost choked at Terry’s question. Why the hell did he think something was going on? “I’m just offering him a room to crash in, Terry. What the hell else do you think is going on?”

Terry shrugged and swiveled his eyes to Nathan’s. “There’s just something about the way you guys look at each other, that’s all. I really don’t care what’s going on, if there’s anything going on, as long as you both perform. We are prepared to stand behind both of you, no matter what this b.s.-spouting lady says. But shit can hit the fan real quick with the media. You understand?”




Rachel shivered with anticipation. She had a feeling she was about to get fucked by both of her men. Nathan scooped her up and swung her around in a circle, a smile beaming on his face. His utter joy in the freedom to love two people was so evident it made her want to cry. Nathan had always had the biggest heart of anyone she had ever known, and she was honored to share that heart with Jeremy, especially knowing she now occupied space in Jeremy’s heart.

“We’re not going to fuck you,” her husband scolded her before dropping her unceremoniously onto the bed. “We’re going to love on you until you can’t stay awake.”

Her pussy flooded at the sexy words, and she had just enough time to shed the tank top and boy shorts she had slipped on before Jeremy pounced on her and rolled on top of her.

“Hi,” he greeted her with a low growl. He pressed his lips to hers softly, sucking lightly on her lower lip until she whimpered.

“Damn, you two are so hot,” Nathan said reverently. She looked up at him and began salivating. He was stroking his hard cock with one hand, stopping just underneath the purpled head and swiping his thumb across the slit at the end with every upstroke. His other hand was between his legs, tugging gently on his balls.

Jeremy began sucking on her neck, right over her pulse. He mouthed her collarbone softly, pausing to nip sharply with his teeth. He soothed the slight sting with his tongue and continued his way down her chest until he latched onto one hard, puckered nipple. The man really knew how to torture her. He sucked so gently she could only feel a slight, maddening tickle. Grabbing his hair, she yanked him closer and arched her back, forcing her breast farther into her mouth. Her flesh vibrated with his muffled chuckle, but he obliged her demand and suckled harder.

A hand clamped on her chin and forced her head over to face Nathan, who was guiding his cock to her mouth. She lifted her head and let the tip of him sink into her mouth, licking away the small beads of pre-cum that had collected there. Frustration tore through her when she realized her position prevented her from really blowing him the way she wanted. He must have seen the feeling in her expression because he pulled away and lay down next to her, worming his hand between her body and Jeremy’s to play between her legs. His fingers sought and found the hard clit at the top of her pussy, strumming it expertly until she was crying out at the feeling. The need to come was becoming urgent, her hips jerking toward Nathan’s teasing fingers. “I need you in me,” she sobbed.

“How, honey? How do you want us in you? One at a time?” Nathan’s damp mouth pressed against her temple as his breathing became strained.

God, he expected her to think? She wanted them both so badly there was no way she could choose who took her first. She shifted, far too agitated to say anything at all. The move dislodged Jeremy’s mouth, but he merely looked down at her and grinned.

“Do you trust us, baby?”

Had the man lost his mind? Of course she trusted them. She wouldn’t be in bed with them if she didn’t. The answer seemed so important to him so she nodded.

He smiled approvingly and slid off her, pulling her up so she was sitting. “I want to be in you the same time as Nathan.”

Gulping around the sudden lump in her throat, Rachel tried to figure out if she was scared or turned on. There was certainly a healthy dose of fear, but desire was quickly overtaking everything else.

Nathan, however, had paled to the point of being pasty. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“You better not have,” Rachel exclaimed. She wasn’t angry though. They had been fifteen and bumbling virgins when they’d started dating. They had grown together, learning each other’s likes and hot spots. Their sex life had been varied and adventurous, but anal sex wasn’t something they had ever tried.

Nathan shook his head, looking more nervous at the idea of double penetration than she was. “I…I…I don’t know what to do,” he stammered.

If there was one thing that Nathan had ever feared, it was hurting her. That, and losing control of a situation.

Jeremy’s expression softened, and he reached out to pet Nathan’s hip, lingering over the sensitive skin of his groin. “I’ll do the hard stuff, okay? I won’t let her get hurt.” He pushed Nathan around on the mattress until he settled in the middle of the bed on his back. “Hop on up, baby,” he said lightly.

He helped her straddle Nathan’s hips and then did the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Jeremy palmed Nathan, stroked him once from root to tip and then back down, then held Nathan steady as she lowered herself down. She leaned forward, pushing her ass up to Jeremy, expecting to feel fingers breaching her puckered hole. Instead, he pulled her back up and began kissing her neck from behind, cupping her breasts and pinching her aching nipples. Covering his hands with hers, she leaned her head back against Jeremy’s shoulder and let him play. She was so hot, desperate for something, anything, to happen, and Nathan just lay there motionless, a look of wonder on his face. She slid one hand down her belly and combed her fingers through her trimmed curls. Nathan groaned breathlessly and bucked his hips, driving himself farther into her.

“Yeah, baby, play with yourself. It’s so fucking hot. You’re so damn sexy I’m going to come before I’m even fully in your ass.”


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