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Having it All

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 12,000
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When country rock singer Mac Fontana got his big break, he and Daisy Giles celebrated with a long night of fulfilling sex, where they explored each other’s bodies and took their intimacy further than ever before. It seemed as if nothing could ever go wrong. Then Mac broke Daisy’s heart and it was ten years before they saw each other again. Now, in one long night of erotic sex, Mac must prove to Daisy that she can trust him again and that together, they can have it all.

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“Why don’t I get us a drink? Jimmy says you hang out with the wine elite but still prefer bourbon. That right?”
An unsteady laugh burst from her lips. “You’ve been quizzing Jimmy on my likes and dislikes?”
One corner of his mouth kicked up. “Just wanted to get it right. So what’s your pleasure?”
Wine. Absolutely. Nothing from the past.
“Bourbon,” popped out of her mouth. “Lots of ice, splash of water.”
He moved to the bar and she went to stand by the floor to ceiling window, staring at downtown San Antonio. She needed to put some space between them or this would turn into a disaster. She’d thought she could do this with cool objectivity, but it was obvious she’d been out of her mind. All the pain she’d clung to all this time couldn’t blunt her fierce desire for him or the strong emotional pull that knocked down her carefully constructed defenses.
She nearly jumped out of her skin when Mac’s warm fingers touched her shoulder.
“Sorry.” He brushed a kiss against her bare shoulder so light she thought she might have imagined it. “Your drink, darlin’.”
She took the cut crystal tumbler from him and sipped at the smooth blend, feeling its warmth trail all the way to the pit of her stomach.
Mac stood next to her, not touching her, looking out at the night with her as they sipped their drinks. Daisy could feel electricity crackling in the air around them.
“Don’t overthink this, Daisy. Let’s just see what happens, okay? It’s taken me all these years to get my head on straight. To know that if you gave me another chance I wouldn’t fuck it up. We’ll go real slow here.”
He turned and pressed something in his hand. A remote. Soft music, something slow and bluesy, filled the room. She tried to resist when he reached for the glass she was holding, then uncurled her fingers from it. He put both drinks on a low table and held out his arms to her.
“Dance with me, Daisy. We always danced like we were one body. Remember?”
Oh, yeah. She remembered very well. Too well. Alarm bells were clanging in her brain but latent need overrode them. She fitted her body to his in the old familiar way, and they began to move slowly.
One hand rested at the base of her spine, just above the curve of her ass. The other one held one of hers folded against his chest. He tucked her head into the curve of his shoulder, putting his mouth right at her heart. His warm breath tickled her and moisture flooded her again. At this rate she’d be dripping on the floor.

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