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Healing Holly (MFM)

Club Isola 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 67,932
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA] 

Holly Mills is a successful author of several erotic romance novels, a much sought after playwright and screenwriter, and she’s also a popular actress. But each of those passions has its own unique “identity” and keeping them separate is getting to be more and more difficult. The bottom line is she’s exhausted.

Deciding to “hide in plain sight” Holly visits her favorite aunt, billionaire businessman Ian McGregor’s executive assistant, Daphne Craig. Through a comedy of errors, Holly ends up working for the aunt who has always been her shelter in a storm.

Both Jace Garrett and Gage Hughes  are Doms working for McGregor, who also owns Club Isola, the east coast’s most prominent BDSM club. They hadn’t planned to share a woman permanently, but they are both completely captivated by the voluptuous beauty working in the boss’s executive offices. Now they just need to keep the brilliant submissive safe from those who will do anything to get her back to work.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
If it says by Avery Gale then I am going to buy it. Love all of her series. Healing Holly has been one of my favorites.

- Diana M

This was fantastic! !!! Loved Gage and Jace...smoking hot!!!! Holly, she was crazy sweet loving funny as hell, they were great together!!!!! Amazing I love this series

- donnick14

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Holly is hiding out from her life as the daughter of two celebrities and her own notoriety as a writer and actress by working with her Aunt Daphne for McGregor Holdings. She has attracted the attention of two Doms who work for McGregor Holdings, Gage and Jace. In order to pursue Holly with Gage, Jace has to be released from his role as a third with Callie and Ian McGregor. Callie quickly releases him, and the two Doms begin doing their best to capture Holly as their own. But Holly’s past keeps interfering and the Doms have to figure out how to protect their sub from the hordes of people that hound her, draining her energy. Can this unlikely trio move past the paparazzi, parents, and other people to celebrate an HEA? I liked Holly a lot better than I did Callie from the first book. Callie just let things happen around her, while Holly is smarter, and far more capable of running her own life-at least if she is not under too much pressure. Gage and Jace are both caring, capable Doms, who keep Holly’s best interests at heart.Readers can expect some bondage, spanking, anal sex and a ménage. The sex scenes are Hot with a capital H, and the story is a quick, fun read. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author." -- Avery Gale, Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews

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Gage leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees and shook his head, exasperation clearly racing through him. “Well, the way I see it we need to be thanking our lucky stars that the problems with our security clearances and identification of employees has been pointed out to us this way rather than through a tragedy.” Waving a hand in Jace’s direction when he’d started to speak, he continued, “No, hear me out. I agree, we are going to have to overhaul the system. We have people in positions that they are clearly not qualified for or they are just completely fucking up, so they’ll have to go. And I want to hear Daphne’s explanation as well, because she understands the importance of security as well as any of us. But most of all, I want you to explain what you meant by recovering.”

Jace had heard Holly’s words, but they hadn’t really registered because he’d been so pissed about the fact his security team had dropped the ball in such a big way. This is exactly why it would take the two of them working together to keep up with Holly Mills. Shit, he didn’t have any idea how long it would have taken him to get around to asking about that statement.

“Oh shoot. I thought maybe you were going to let that go by. Fuck a duck in a rainstorm, should have known that wasn’t going to happen with two Doms. Are you two always going to tag-team our conversations? Because I have to tell you, this is going to be damned inconvenient for me if you are.”

Jace nearly laughed at the growl he heard come from Gage. “Pet, that is one. You have already agreed to be ours while you explore the lifestyle and the attraction between us. And you have already been told to answer questions immediately and honestly. So that little dance of deception you just did in a very futile effort to avoid answering Master Gage’s question just cost you a punishment later this evening. Now, if I were you, I’d answer that question before you rack up another.”

He’d heard her small gasp of surprise and then watched as her face flushed a beautiful shade of rose. Her nipples poked through the soft fabric of her halter dress and he watched as she shifted in her seat. Trying to relieve some of that pressure on your needy clit, baby? Her responsiveness was amazing and he couldn’t wait to finish this so they could fuck her seven ways to Sunday.

“Well, you see…I wasn’t kidding about skating on the edge of a physical and emotional collapse…that is why I’d come down to see my Aunt. Aunt Daffy has always been my rock. Even when I was a kid, I’d figure out ways to get sent to her house over holidays. Everything was always so normal at her house and it was healing. I had been burning the candle at both ends for several years before I got here. And, I have still been working on a few projects during the evenings, but…” She chuckled and looked up at them and smiled. “Well, my dear sweet aunt had your IT guys install some kind of timer on my laptop, damned thing goes off at nine o’clock each night and won’t turn back on until the next evening at six on weekdays. Aunt Daphne was determined that I would get the rest she’d decided I needed to bounce back. And as much as it chapped me in the beginning, I have gotten a lot of rest and am finally feeling my creative side starting to reemerge. So you see, she had her reasons for keeping quiet even though I really do understand your frustration and I’m sorry for my part in it.” She took a deep breath and then seemed to pull energy he knew she wasn’t feeling right out of thin air as she stood up. “Well, I’m going to head back now. I’m sure you are tired and I’d like to get back to my motel before it gets too crazy. It’s hard to get through the lobby sometimes.”

“Sit down, Holly. You weren’t given permission to get up let alone leave. We aren’t finished with this discussion yet, not by a long shot. And why is it hard to get through the lobby?” Jace was getting more frustrated with this discussion by the minute, was there ever going to be an end to the crap they were finding out about their so-called team of security experts? Hell, now they had an employee whose permanent address was a damned hotel? Seriously?

“Oh well, sometimes there are people there that recognize me and if it’s late and they’re drunk, they want me to join them for…whatever. Even though some of them only know me because of my parents and that is just too disgusting to even think about.” She looked up and flushed, “I’m sorry, that was probably one of those too much information things, wasn’t it?”

“No, pet, there will never be any TMI things when it comes to you. We not only want to know everything, we’ll demand it. Now, we’ll finish sorting this out on Monday, quite frankly, I’m too pissed to work it through right now and I’ve got other ideas for you tonight.”




Gage spoke softly against Holly’s small ear and smiled when he felt her entire body shiver, “Do you like having Master Jace watching you, sweetheart? Open those beautiful green eyes, baby. Can you see the desire in his eyes? Oh, Master Jace, I believe our sweet girl likes knowing what she’s doing to you because her whole body just shook with her desire and I can smell her arousal.”

Gage was certain Holly had forgotten that he had actually asked her two questions and he was just getting ready to demand a response when he heard her breathy answer. “Yes…yes to both questions. He said I couldn’t, but I do.” Gage had damned well understood the first thing she’d said, but the second was a complete mystery and judging by the confused expression he saw on Jace’s face, his friend didn’t know what she’d meant either.

Holly’s head had fallen back against Gage’s shoulder and for the first time in as long as he could remember, he was actually grateful for a sub’s failure to follow an instruction because it gave him a chance to get the go ahead from Jace. At his friend’s signal to proceed, Gage leaned down and bit just hard enough at the tender place where Holly’s neck met her shoulder to get her attention. When she jerked her head back up, her eyes wide and glazed over with her arousal, Gage had to suppress his smile. “That’s right, sweetie, you need to keep those beautiful emerald eyes focused on Master Jace. No matter what I do to you, I don’t want you to look away from him, do you understand?”

Gage would have bet she hadn’t heard a word he’d said because her breathing was little more than shallow pants and he felt her heart pounding against the hand he had splayed over her chest. Being so tall was a definite advantage at times like this because he was able to reach around her with his other hand and slide it up under her dress until he was at the top of her panties. Slipping his fingers under the elastic and feeling the lace rasp against his knuckles he groaned as his fingers slid over her bare mound. God in heaven, if there was one thing he loved on a woman it was a waxed pussy and Holly Mills was completely bare to his touch—and touch he did. He slipped his fingers through the soaking folds all the way to the tight rosette at the back and whispered, “Oh sweetie, you just made me a very happy man indeed. I wish Master Jace could see your waxed pussy because he’d be as turned on by it as I am.” He felt her body tremble and knew she was getting closer.

“Open your legs a little further for me sweetheart. I want to feel each and every one of the soft petals of your soaking sex. You are so wet for me and I am very pleased by the feeling of my fingers gliding effortlessly through your nether lips.” He felt a fresh wash of her syrup roll over his fingers as he spoke to her. The small bud of her clit was peeking out from under its hood and when he gave it a gentle squeeze her felt her begin to shake. He was glad he had both of his arms wrapped around her so all he had to do was tighten his grip, because he was sure her legs weren’t going to hold her much longer. And the Dom in him was pleased more than he’d admit that he was going to knock her right off her feet.

“Tell Master Jace how wet you are for me, Holly.” He heard Jace groan and knew there was going to be hell to pay for torturing his friend, but fuck it, Jace was the one who had sent Gage to secure her, so in Gage’s view that set the stage for the scene playing out now. Gage heard Jace growl what sounded a lot like “fuck me” and worried that his own voice had been too abrasive for a woman he had barely ever even spoken to.

He felt her knees begin to sag so he gave her pussy a small swat, and nearly came when her words immediately started to tumble out. “Master Jace, my pussy is very wet and the feel of Master Gage’s fingers sliding all the way from the front to the back is making me want to come more than I want my next breath. He was wrong, I’m so happy he was wrong, because this feels so good.” Gage had been fighting off his own release and he wanted to attribute his confusion over her words to the fact that his brain was being forced to function with a minimum supply of oxygen since all his blood was currently residing between his navel and his knees. He needed to get this moving along before he bent her over, tore her lacy little panties off that smooth pussy and fucked her until they were both sated—and God only knew how long that would take.

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