Heart's Desire

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 40,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Morgan Raines transferred to a new high school his senior year. Starting over doesn't bother him, but finding his mate pinned to her locker by her Neanderthal ex-boyfriend does... From day one, Morgan and Skye are inseperable, despite the fact her ex keeps getting in the way. But will Skye's feelings change when she realizes he turns into a panther every time the moon is full? Or can true love conquer all?

Heart's Desire
0 Ratings (0.0)

Heart's Desire

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 40,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jessica Coulter Smith
Professional Reviews

Linda Palmer, Bestselling Author of Jaguar Moon
Heart's Desire, Jessie Coulter's first YA paranormal romance is a warm, wonderul read. From word one, Skye had my heart. I sympathized with her situation and rejoiced as she learned how the love and support of a special guy--and is Morgan ever special!--can give a girl the strength to make it through. Jessie is a natural.

Phoebe Jordan @ Talk About My Favorite Authors
I love paranormal young adult novels and I had such fun reading it that I seriously was dreading finishing this novel since I didn't want it to end. Jessie Colter delivers a wonderfully suspenseful and exciting young adult debut novel about a young woman who finds her true love is a shapeshifting panther that would do anything for her.

Catherine @ The Paranormal Romance Guild
Heart's Desire left mewanting, wanting for the story to keep going even though the book ended! Ms. Coulter's novella is very well written. It is set in a younger environment, with younger characters, but the writing is executed so as to still be appealing to an older crowd.

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As Skye put her books in her locker, Chris snuck up behind her. Turning, she looked up into his eyes. If she were honest, she’d admit that she wasn’t surprised to see him. Chris had been following her all over school for the past week. It seemed that every time she turned around he was right in front of her, like a lost little puppy. Except puppies were cute.

“Hey babe, what’s up? What do you say to you and me having lunch together today?” he asked with a cocky grin, seeming sure her answer would be yes.

“No thanks. I have to go over some homework before I turn it in,” Skye told him, hoping the discussion was over. But she had a feeling it wouldn’t be that easy to get rid of him.

“Homework? Ditch the homework and have some fun! Sit with me,” Chris cajoled.

“I said no, Chris!” She wondered why he kept pestering her. Any girl in school would gladly go with him wherever he wanted. Any girl but her.

“Aw, come on!”

“No!” Skye replied adamantly.

“Okay, but if you won’t have lunch with me, at least give me a kiss.”

“Chris, why can’t you just leave me alone?” Skye asked, starting to get irritated. When was he going to get the message? How many times did she have to run him off before he finally understood she just wanted to be left alone? He’d had his chance with her and blown it.

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Well, there you go. Come on, babe. Please?” Chris continued relentlessly. She doubted that it was that he wanted, it was more the challenge she presented. Ever since she’d pushed him aside, he’d hounded her every step.

“Who said that we were friends? I remember telling you that I never wanted to see your face again. So, why are you in front of my locker?” she asked. Why won’t he go away? Where’s a teacher when you need one? She glanced down the hall.

“Okay, I tried to be nice, but maybe you prefer guys who just take what they want.”

Chris advanced on Skye. He all but growled at her until her back was against the locker. He put an arm on either side of her, pinning her in place. She had no way of escaping. Just as he started to lean in to kiss her, someone tapped him on his shoulder. Skye, for one, was grateful for the interruption.

“What?” he asked, turning to face the interloper. He pierced the intruder with a glare.

“I believe she said no,” the new guy answered quietly.

“And just who the hell are you?” Chris sneered, eyeing the guy from head to toe. “In case you weren’t aware, Skye and I are an item.”

The boy grinned. “Are you sure about that?”

Skye used the distraction to slip under Chris’s arm. She quickly put some distance between them, moving to stand beside the new guy. She didn’t know who he was, but he had excellent timing. If he hadn’t come along right then, Chris would no doubt be pawing her at this very moment, more so than usual.

The boy reached out and took Skye’s hand, a current running through both of them. If he was surprised, he hid it well.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to your class,” he said, giving her hand a gentle tug.

Skye smiled her thanks and walked off with him, leaving an angry Chris glaring after them.

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