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Heated for Pleasure (MFMM)

Pleasures Series, Book Two

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 19,000
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The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.

Ashley is all about generating heat. She’s a baker after all. But nothing prepares her for the heat she feels when three firefighters show up to thank her for the baked goods she sends their way.

Andre, Diego, and Linc have always been the best of friends, and they all want a taste of the hot new baker. They’re even willing to share.

Three sexy men and one lucky lady…bring on the HEAT!

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I love all the books in this series and can't wait for the next one.

- rhondavb

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“Shit!” Ashley Greyson hopped around the kitchen, holding her foot and glaring at the young girl beside her. Ginger had just dropped a tray of cupcakes on her foot, a tray fresh from the oven. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time. Why had she hired the girl again?

“I’m so sorry, Ms. Greyson,” Ginger gushed. “I certainly didn’t mean to drop those on you.”

Ashley noticed the girl didn’t admit to not meaning to drop them. From the moment Ashley had let slip she donated some of the baked goods to the local fire department, Ginger had been dropping and messing things up, then smiling and volunteering to take the goods over. At this rate, Ashley might as well close the doors on her new business because she wasn’t going to have anything to sell.

“Ginger, I’d like for you to go help Mavis at the front counter.”

“But Grandma said I was only allowed to work here if I helped you in the kitchen.” Ginger looked tentatively at the swinging door that led to the front of the bakery and the counter her grandmother had manned since the day Ashley opened the doors.

“I insist,” Ashley declared. “Honestly, I think you’re far better suited to the front counter than back here in the kitchen.”

“Really?” Ginger was all big eyes and long blonde curls. She was a really pretty girl, which Ashley often thought was the only thing she had going for her. How she was related to Mavis, Ashley couldn’t see. The two were polar opposites.

“Baking isn’t for everybody.” Ashley smiled as she said the words, hoping they wouldn’t sting.

“Oh, I’m so glad you think so. I didn’t know how to tell you. Baking is just something older women do. You know? I’m too young to be cooped up in the kitchen all the time.”

That Ginger didn’t even realize she was insulting Ashley with her statement said a lot about the girl’s intellect. But Ashley just gritted her teeth and held her smile. “You’re absolutely right, Ginger. Go tell your grandmother I said you could have the rest of the afternoon off.”

Ginger nearly ran out of the kitchen but stopped just short of the door. “Can I still take the night’s leftovers to the fire station?”

“We’ll see,” Ashley said, and Ginger was through the door and gone at last. Ashley wanted to celebrate, but as she took in today’s damage, she just shook her head and grabbed a new bowl of batter. The cupcakes, needed to fill tomorrow’s birthday order, would have to be remade.

The door pushed open just as she slid the newly filled pan into one of the ovens. Mavis looked around the kitchen then met Ashley’s eyes with a lifted eyebrow. She opened her mouth, but Ashley cut her off.


Mavis laughed and the sound rolled through the kitchen, making Ashley smile in spite of herself. Mavis had that effect on most people. She lived to mother and was constantly trying to set Ashley up with “one of her boys”.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ashley moved around, cleaning and straightening as she spoke. “Look where your last suggestion got me. I’ve worked harder since Ginger started here than I did when it was just me.”

Mavis laughed again, propping her ample hip on the doorframe to hold the door open so they would know if a customer walked in. “She’s not the brightest bulb, but she’s got a good heart.”

“Her heart fancies one of those firemen, and my budget can’t keep supplying her with reasons to go pay them a visit.”

Mavis nodded her head. “I’ll tell her tonight. She just wasn’t the right help for you.”

Ashley snorted. “You think?”

“But I still say you do way too much around here. You need to hire someone to help out. What if something happened to me? Can you man the counter as well as the kitchen?”

“Oh my God, Mavis. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Mavis waved off her concern. “But neither of us can tell the future. Find someone to help out. You can’t do everything, no matter how fantastic you are. Besides…”

Ashley knew what was coming before Mavis finished, and she said the words with her.

“…you need to get out more. Meet a man.”

Mavis glared at Ashley. “Well, you do.”

“I’m fine, Mavis. This bakery is my dream.”

“That’s all well and good. But a business, no matter how many ovens are in it, can’t keep you warm at night. A young woman like you should be having orgasms nightly.”

“Who says I don’t?” Ashley gave the tart reply.

“A toy, no matter how realistic it’s made to look and feel, cannot replace a man’s penis.”

“Mavis!” Ashley could feel her cheeks blushing. She should be used to the other woman’s blunt manner, but she was still caught by surprise often.

“I call it like I see it.” Mavis shook her head. “And you, my dear, are in dire need of a good old fashioned sex fest, with multiple orgasms.”

A decisively masculine throat cleared. “Excuse me.”

Ashley was beyond mortified. First, that she hadn’t heard the door chime to tell them a customer was entering the store. Second, that he had obviously heard part of Mavis’ sex talk. Mavis grinned before turning and heading to the counter. The door swung shut behind her, and Ashley could only hear muffled voices. Mavis meant well, but there was a lot she didn’t know about Ashley.

Ashley could only imagine what the other woman would say if she knew about all the kinky things Ashley liked. She kept a well-stocked box of sex toys, which included everything from dildos and vibrators to anal beads and plugs. And everything in between. She had nipple clamps, handcuffs, and even some wrist and ankle restraints. It wasn’t that Ashley was repressed as Mavis thought. It was that she hadn’t found the time to check out the local dating scene yet. She just needed to find the right man to share her kinky wild side with. When she played, she really liked to play.

She smiled, thinking of the time her younger sisters found her box of toys and things. They both thought she was a lot wilder than she was. She was always telling them to go for it, to experience things. But she was adamant about being safe, and she wasn’t just talking about condoms. They wouldn’t believe her if they knew how long a dry spell she was currently in.

“Hey, Ashley, come out here for a minute.” Mavis’ yell carried through the door and made Ashley jump.

“What now?” Ashley bumped the door open with her hip and found her gaze snagged and held by a pair of dark chocolate eyes.

She slid her gaze from his and let it run over him. His skin was a soft shade of night stretched over wide shoulders and muscular arms. He had to be over six feet tall and easily the sexiest man she’d seen since opening shop. Where had he been all this time?

“Are you the baker?” A new voice intruded, and she bounced her gaze over to see who it was.

Just when she thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, she took in the two guys standing beside Mister Midnight. One had the dark good looks that depicted Spanish descent while the other was as American pie as you could get. Where had they come from? And what did they want with her?

“Yep, this is Ms. Ashley Greyson. She’s the owner of the bakery. Cooks everything herself.”

Ashley snapped out of her trance and hurried to intervene. She wasn’t sure what other tidbits of information Mavis might share and wasn’t up to giving her the chance.

“Yes, I’m the baker. What can I do for you gentlemen?”

“I’m Andre,” Mister Milk Chocolate said. The name sounded seductive rolling off his tongue. “This is Diego.” He indicated the one she’d pegged for being of Spanish descent. “And this is Linc.” He nodded at the blond on the end. “We’re from the firehouse down the block and wanted to stop in and say thanks on behalf of all of us for the baked goods you’ve been sending over.”

“Your cake is the tastiest I’ve ever eaten,” Linc said.

Oh, lord, she was in trouble when just his words had her imagining him between her legs eating her tasty cake. She could feel her cheeks blush and tried her best to ignore the sexy smile that tipped his lips. He couldn’t possibly know what she was thinking. She was just suffering under the guilt of her thoughts.

“We wanted to let you know if there’s anything you need help with around here, we’d love to give you a hand.” Diego’s voice washed over her like liquid sex. My God, no man should sound that enticing.

She eyed his hands and knew just where she wanted to feel them. She’d like him to help her reach the several orgasms Mavis suggested she needed.

“Anything at all,” Andre added, bringing her eyes right back to where they’d started. Him.

She almost groaned as a porn reel played behind her eyes. One that included her with all three of them in some very imaginative positions.

“Anything,” Linc stated again, and that was when it clicked in her head.

They really had heard Mavis. Maybe not everything, but definitely the bit about needing a good old-fashioned sex fest with multiple orgasms. It was mortifying, and she knew she was blushing from head to toe. But she was doing more than that, too. She could feel her pussy growing moist and her nipples hardening into tight buds.

Her eyes bounced from one set of knowing eyes to another and then another. She prayed they couldn’t read the naughty thoughts filling her brain and revving her sex drive into high gear. Unless they were offering to fulfill them with her. Man, was that a thought. But how could she pick just one of them? They were all different forms of masculine perfection. She bet each of them would offer her something that would set him apart from the other two. Damned if she didn’t want to take all three of them on and to hell with the consequences. But she wasn’t a fool. Men didn’t like to share. Looking at the three of them, she really wished they did.

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