Hell to the Damned (MM)

Living Cold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,350
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, spanking, HEA]

Hell comes to the damned when two opposites are forced to come to terms with their fates and embrace the love they’re destined to share. Living cold in a mortal’s world, Felix Davidson knows he is doomed when he spends an intimate evening with Savannah’s notorious playboy, an immortal he finds impossible to refuse. Colburn Cay lives an extravagant lifestyle. Wealth has afforded him certain privileges and the finer things in life, even invitations to the distinguished Felix Davidson’s birthday party. After meeting Felix, Colburn keeps his distance, but soon he acknowledges his growing lust for the prominent host. While preposterous, Colburn’s interest in Felix runs deep. Colburn hopes his desire for the infamous prude will soon fizzle out, but as the flames ignite, Colburn realizes what he and Felix share is more than an impossible affair. Their inevitable attraction will carry them far beyond the pleasures of the night.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hell to the Damned (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Hell to the Damned (MM)

Living Cold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,350
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Not usually a fan of vampires but this was totally HOT!!!! Cant wait for book 2.... Woohoo
donna b buccella




Felix stared at the rounded lips hovering over his. Colburn’s mouth looked like pure sin, and Felix was smart enough to know that one kiss would lead to another and then one more would soon follow. He’d enjoyed lovers before. He’d been in bed with his share of Colburns.

He’d lost control before and knew what it felt like to unravel like thread from a spool, yarn from a spindle. Ravenous affairs were brutal on the body and damaging to the soul.

Fellows like Colburn never stayed for longer than a minute. The sex was often hot and satisfying, but immortals like Colburn only offered their services. They weren’t interested in forfeiting more than a certain block of time.

At Felix’s age, he was more cautious than he had been in the past. If he took a leap outside his comfort zone, he wanted that jump to count. He longed for the start of an enduring relationship.

Maybe Felix was old school, but he’d had his heart broken enough to understand what he wanted. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.

“I have guests waiting,” Felix said, his nostrils flaring as Colburn’s hot breath stung his lips.

“I can ruin a good time, Felix.” His statement sounded like a solemn oath. “How about I tell your guests what I’d really like to do with you? Would you like that?” His thumb grazed Felix’s lips. “Would you, lover?”

Felix shivered. His cock thrummed in his trousers. His balls tightened. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I can.”

“No,” Felix argued. “You like stirring problems. You’re known for capers such as this.”

“And you have the reputation for living large.” Colburn shot him a wink. “We both have our flaws.”

 “If you see me as a flawed individual, then I can assure you with absolute conviction that I’m not interested in that kiss, Mr. Cay. Nor will I entertain a kiss or any connection with you in the future.”

“Such a stiff dick,” Colburn grumbled.

Without meaning to, Felix glanced down. The large hump in Colburn’s slacks tantalized his curiosity. He wasn’t easily sidetracked, but the bulge in Colburn’s trousers was enough to throw him off his original intended course.

Unable to take that first step and walk away, he grew more anxious. There was something more than slight curiosity binding him to Colburn Cay. He felt as if he had become Colburn’s hostage, yet he was certain Colburn couldn’t glamour him, not in the truest sense anyway. “Why are you here, Mr. Cay?”

Colburn clucked. “For some reason, I want to say I was invited.”

“You were invited to a birthday party for a host you don’t know with guests you clearly detest. Why did you accept the invitation?”

“I’m a social person.”


“Yes, I am,” Colburn smugly assured him.

“You’re obnoxious.”

“I’m insulted.”

“You should be. And should the need to leave arise, your coat is in the closet here in the hallway.”

Colburn’s lips twitched. “I’ll keep that in mind, should the need arise.” He then looked down at his stretching slacks and added, “And it might, Felix.”

“I want you to go.” Felix immediately checked over his shoulder. If his sister had happened upon them, she would’ve been appalled.

A slow smile crept across Colburn’s lips. “You don’t like me because I’m like you.”

“I’m nothing like you.”

“Oh yeah?” Before Felix could brace for the assault, Colburn jolted forward. He bracketed his arm around Felix’s waist and placed his full lips next to Felix’s ear.

Releasing a spell-binding breath, Colburn asked, “Does blood pump through your veins, Felix? Does your heart race at one hundred and fifty beats per minute? Does it race at all when you’re excited?” Colburn’s tongue slivered down the shell of Felix’s ear. “Tell me. Are you alive with fervor or a dead man walking? Has anyone ever made you feel more alive than you feel right now?”

A double-dose of toxic arousal sped through Felix’s body. He tried to break their close connection, but Colburn secured his grip around Felix’s neck.

“Let me go.”

“If I do?” Colburn smirked. “Then what?”

“We rejoin the party,” Felix suggested, though entertaining his guests ranked low on his list of things he’d like to do at that moment.

“There’s an idea. We’ll walk back in the dining room and act as if nothing happened between us.”

“Easy enough since nothing happened between us.”

Colburn winked. “Don’t hold your breath, lover. The best is yet to come.”




“My fucking damn!” Colburn had wasted no time in mounting Felix. Within a few strokes, he yelled in pleasure, bottoming out inside Felix’s tight ass. His muscles flexed around him, preventing Colburn from taking deeper thrusts.

Slapping his palms against Felix’s knees, Colburn pushed Felix’s legs higher and wider as he wormed his way inside his lover’s ass, claiming him with uneven strokes while trying to maintain some balance. He fought a losing battle. He twisted and turned, desperate to keep his release at bay but unable to pull out and save himself, delay the ultimate end.

Felix bit down on his lip. His eyes opened and closed automatically, following the same pattern as Colburn entered and retreated, and entered once more. Staring into Felix’s eyes was too much. He couldn’t stand the intimacy, and apparently Felix felt the same way.

Without a second spared in wasted thoughts, Colburn grabbed Felix’s hand and yanked him forward, withdrawing at the same time. A moment later, Felix was sprawled out on the desk, ass up and chest down. Colburn towered over him from behind, his lust spinning to the fore as his sexual beast was finally unleashed.

Colburn short-rhythm fucked him then, seeking far more than gratification, so much more than mere onetime satisfaction. He threw his weight forward and made a statement, pounding inside him with quicker strokes. Finally, he pulled all the way out. Using the few seconds to catch his breath, he savored the way Felix writhed underneath him, obviously in search of another full penetration.

“Talk to me, lover.” He leaned over his back. “Do you need me, Felix? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Damn it. Yes.” Felix’s broken voice was tortured, truly agonized.

Rather than ease his insecurities, Colburn wanted him to feel the pain, experience and harbor it. If for no other reason but because Felix apparently believed he could fight what they were feeling, avoid this lifelong connection that would soon seal their fates and determine their destiny.

Pushing inside Felix with a jolting thrust, he bore down with his weight. Then, he slowly ground against him. Seconds later, he held perfectly still. Fuck. He couldn’t move. Ah hell and damnation, the loving was too good, too fucking hot to take for granted. Just staying put, locked inside Felix’s body, made him feel so alive.

Felix’s muscles clenched around Colburn’s shaft, and Colburn wanted to shoot. Damn him. He fucking needed to spurt his release because then, only then, could he take his time and screw him throughout the night.

 His incisor throbbed in his gums. He longed to lock his fangs deep inside Felix’s neck. He wanted to bury his cock inside him, exchange blood stores and just crawl all over him, ride him like a fucking pony until his legs buckled and his body was left in ruins.

Ah sweet mercy, he desperately needed to stop the burning, the severe longing, and the outrageous desire settling in the pit of his gut. He yearned to fuck Felix until this impetuous need ceased to exist and never reappeared again.

 “Damn you, Felix.” Colburn’s cock sank between perfectly rounded globes. He reared back, tortured by desperation, the haunting truth coaxing him forward, higher, and oh so much deeper.

“You…no…it’s you.” Felix shoved his arms forward and held onto the desk.

Colburn’s mouth watered at the sight of Felix’s strong arms flexing. His cock pulsed with the burning release he longed to empty inside his lover’s ass.

Felix left him defenseless. There was no turning back. No way to deny what would soon exist between them.

The emotions Felix stirred inside him were too great to overcome. Colburn threw his arm behind him and spanked him with fervor, nearly coming as the pops resounded.

“Oh fuck me,” Felix cried out, stilling beneath him. He stopped rocking against him and ducked his head. Chill bumps scattered over his beautiful snow-white flesh. A muffled whimper escaped Felix’s lips, and Colburn struck him once more.

“You like spankings. Don’t you, Felix?”

 Massaging the imprints his palms left on Felix’s cheeks, he imagined himself as a sadistic Dom, even though he wasn’t entirely dominant in the truest sense of the word. In that moment, he needed to assume the role. He could only protect himself if he controlled his thoughts and concentrated on the screwing rather than the true loving. If he didn’t harness these complex emotions, one day Felix would leave him destroyed.

Unsettling desires pummeled him with a potential fate. Even as he fucked him for the first time, Colburn suspected his days of playing the field would soon end. The emotions Felix stirred within him were unexplainable, yet understood. They were hard to handle, yet the more unmanageable they became, the more Colburn latched onto each and every one.

Clutching Felix’s hips then, Colburn took his lover’s sweet ass in a ritualistic claiming. Perhaps their joining was as monumental as it seemed. This night, Felix’s birthday, was an important date to remember.

The greedy need consuming Colburn was quite significant, too. There wasn’t anything or anyone—not even a houseful of guests—to stop him from making a claim and staking his interest.

His cock sank between Felix’s cheeks, and Colburn gave the fucking his all, throwing down the weight of his cock at an angle, timing the way he entered him, and agonizing whenever he withdrew. He reluctantly pulled out to save himself for one last round of full-throttled stroking.

Good hell, he would never survive this experience. If he had to leave the party without Felix by his side, there would be nothing left of him, nothing left to save.

Grabbing his torso, Colburn forced Felix against him. He bracketed his left limb around his middle while brushing his forearm against his cock. The pre-cum dampened his flesh, and that was pretty much the end of him.

Colburn was obsessed, completely driven by his insatiable desire. He pounded forward, tapping at the muscles and flesh as he worked through the tight tissue clenching around him in response.

“Felix,” Colburn breathed, reaching around Felix’s middle. Gripping Felix’s dick, Colburn yanked with all his might.

 “Easy.” Felix rose to his elbows and shoved his bottom against Colburn’s groin.

“I can’t do easy,” Colburn rasped, ramming his dick deep inside Felix’s tight hole. “Not with you.”

His heavy balls slapped against Felix’s ass. He tried to steady himself and slow down his pace, but his physical urges drove him forward.

Felix had other ideas anyway. Apparently, he was tired of the waiting. He slammed his hips backward and forced Colburn’s cock deeper. And with that one unexpected maneuver, Colburn lost his battle against postponed pleasure.

“Ah yes. Just like that, Felix. Keep coming at me. Um, yes. Right like that!”

Arching his back at a slight angle then, Felix was a force to control, a man on the move. Bowing his head, he shimmied his hips and bucked like he couldn’t stop.

Sliding forward and gliding back, Colburn thrust with purpose. He rocked inside him, enjoying one last round of easy strokes. Then, he dipped his hips and dove for the finish.

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