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Hidden Angel

Real Women, True Love

Mojocastle Press

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 9,327
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Kayla is comfortable with her life as a hospice nurse and a single woman. As a full-sized woman, she'd had her share of heartbreak, and focused her energies on her patients. Until she met Mrs. Cooper...and her handsome grandson David.

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When she arrived at the hospital, she heard some commotion, then a loud bang. A young orderly ran out of the room. A male nurse ran to her side. “She wouldn’t let me take her blood pressure. She said to leave her alone. She threw the basin at me.”
Kayla walked up and put her hand out to shake the nurses. “Hi, I’m Kayla with Texas Hospice.”
Both the nurse and the orderly pointed to the room. “She is in there.”
Kayla found her sitting on the side of her bed.
“I have been wondering when you would get here.”
“Mrs. Cooper, what’s going on?”
“Mrs. Cooper? Why are you being so formal? My God, Darla, where is Mama?”
Kayla knew this was not a good sign.
?Mrs. Cooper got off the bed. “We have to get out of here before Mama finds out I was seeing Clinton Cooper. You know Mama doesn’t like him, but guess what?” She giggled like a schoolgirl. “He kissed me tonight, Darla. We’re going to get married.”
The door opened and one of the best looking men that Kayla had ever seen came in. He wore a white button up shirt with a black sports jacket, showing off his V-shaped body, stonewashed jeans and black boots. He had brown curly hair and absolutely gorgeous blue eyes. “Grandma, I was worried about you. I have been looking for you.”
Mrs. Cooper stared at him blankly. “Who are you calling Grandma?”
Kayla walked up to the sexy creature. “Hi, I’m Kayla. I work with Texas Hospice, and I care for your Grandma.”
“I’m David. What’s wrong with her?”
“Well, David, I’m not a doctor, but if I had to guess, I would say the cancer has metastasized to her brain.”
The concerned look that washed over his face was almost as heartbreaking as the tears that swelled up in his eyes. “So she is coming to the end?”
“We can’t say that for sure. She thinks I’m Darla.”
“Darla is--or was--her little sister. She died about six years ago from cancer.”
“We need to get her home, David.”
Mrs. Cooper reached for her purse. “Are you ready to go, Darla? Oh, and who is that man with you?”
Kayla took her arm. “Yes, let’s go home. He’s here to drive us.”

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