Higher Rank (MM)

Sons of Thanatus 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,783
76 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, public exhibition]

Finn has been fighting his feelings for his trainer Raven since arriving at the Sons of Thanatus compound. Raven is attractive, strong, and completely unattainable. On the night of their friends Josh and Madden’s wedding, Raven finally gives Finn a clear sign that he, too, is interested. The night is heavenly until Finn realizes Raven’s feelings for him are only casual.

Left feeling used, Finn tries to ignore his still growing attraction to Raven. The men must work together on a mission to recruit a member of Finn’s old unit, and sharing his body with a man who wants only a bed buddy is breaking his heart.

When Raven’s cold treatment of him hits a new low, Finn is crushed, and he decides he and Raven need a clean—and final—break. Will Raven let him go, or will his facade finally crumble in the face of Finn’s departure?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Higher Rank (MM)
76 Ratings (4.4)

Higher Rank (MM)

Sons of Thanatus 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,783
76 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I was expecting this story to be spectacular but it didn't even come close for me. It was very disappointing. I was looking forward to Raven's story for a long time but it was pretty stale altogether.
Very nice read with lovable characters and a well devised plot. Cant wait for the next in the series.



Raven was already down to his boxer briefs in the hallway as he hopped around to get his socks off.

“Get in here, you goof,” I said as I pushed the door open wider and picked up his discarded clothes. He raced past me after he got his socks off and went straight for my night stand. Raven stripped off his boxer briefs and slicked up his fingers as I got undressed as fast as humanly possible.

“I’m starting to believe the legend,” he moaned as he lay back on the bed and pushed two fingers roughly into his ass.

“What legend?” I asked as I dropped my boxers. I knelt down on my knee in between his legs and spread them wider in the air, captivated by the show he was giving me.

“That every Son of Thanatus will find their true soul mate who will be a Son or Daughter of Thanatus,” he answered and then gasped as he slid in a third finger. “Because you’re my soul mate, Finn. I’m sorry I ever made you doubt that I felt any differently.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Raven,” I said gently as I ran my hands over the inside of his thighs. “I know now.”

“I swear on my soul as a Son of Thanatus that you will always know the depth of my love for you, or I will cut off my own balls and gift wrap them for you, Finn Murphy, as proof that you own them. My solemn oath binds me to the gods and may they carry out my request if I do not.” I tried to get his words to sink through my lust-filled mind as I watched him fuck himself with his fingers. “I mean every word of it.”

“Fuck, Raven!” I exclaimed as my eyes went wide. “I like your nuts where they are, okay? Don’t you ever remove them and give them to me. That’s just fucking gross. And I don’t even know what that oath means.”

“It means if I ever break my promise that I’d be kicked out of the order and the gods can take away my immortality. It means that you now own me and every day of my life will be spent proving that I’m worthy of you and love you.”

“The song worked just as well as the offer to neuter yourself.” I chuckled and leaned over him. I smiled as he cried out because my hips pushed his fingers deeper into him. “I love you, too, and I demand you keep your gorgeous body intact. If I ever doubt your love for me again, I will just fuck you into submission and make you scream it in front of everyone as I plow my cock into you during breakfast.”

“Okay,” he panted and pulled his fingers free and used the extra slick on my cock. “I’m ready. Please, Finn.”

“What if I want to tease you?” I whispered in his ear as I rubbed my cock over his hole, but making sure it didn’t go in. “Maybe you should beg like you said you would. How badly do you want me, Raven?”

“More than anything,” he said firmly as he took my face in his hands. “I want you and need you more than anything in life. I’ll beg, plead, or do anything. I love you.”

“Right answer,” I purred and slammed into his tight ass. We both groaned at the feeling, his muscles quivering at my sudden invasion. “Is this what we’ll do at the binding ceremony, Raven? Will you give yourself to me fully like this?”

The binding ceremony was something soul mates did in the order to not only bind their souls, but their magic and gifts to each other. It was the ritual to intertwine our life lines that the Fates gave us together for eternity.

“Yes, yes of course,” he gasped as I started pounding into him, slowly at first but hard enough that he moved up the bed. “I submit to you now until eternity. Everything I am is yours.”

“You’re getting better at the sweet-talk,” I moaned against his mouth before claiming his plump, well-kissed lips. It spurred on our need because he started thrusting his hips up as hard as I did.

“Once isn’t going to be enough,” he cried out minutes later as he climaxed. We wrapped around each other as I slammed as deep as I could go into him and came.

“No, never enough with you, Raven,” I whispered as the tears started to burn in my eyes after I caught my breath. Next thing I knew, the floodgates opened. Through all of our ups and downs, I’d not cried even when my heart was shattering at the loss of him. Now that I knew we’d be together forever, it was as if all my heartache was pouring out of me as I healed and cried tears of relief.

“Baby, please don’t cry,” he said gently in my ear. But then I felt his own tears on my cheek. I rolled us over so that I didn’t hurt him with my larger size and weight, careful to keep inside of him, to keep our connection. “I love you, Finn. I love you so fucking much. You’re everything to me, baby.”

He started slowly moving his hips, taking me to new heights since neither of us had gone soft after our first orgasm. I let him take the comfort he needed from me as he gave it to me as well. He lifted his head so we could stare into each other’s eyes. I reached up and placed my hands on his cheeks as he did the same to me.

“I love you, Finn,” he whispered over and over again, knowing how much I needed to hear it to heal my heart. I planted my feet on the bed and gently thrust up in time with his hips, giving him all of me.


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