His Proposal

Our Love Story 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 5,982
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lance is determined to make the evening perfect. The setting, the ambiance, the company. He wants nothing but the best when he proposes to his longtime boyfriend and best friend.

The evening doesn’t go as planned.

Each time he tries to propose, something causes him to pause. Will he ever be able to get the words out? Will he ever be able to show Jordan how much he truly cares about him?

His Proposal
0 Ratings (0.0)

His Proposal

Our Love Story 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 5,982
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

It had been nothing but a disaster. So far, this special trip I’d planned was falling apart.

It had begun when Jordan’s work had asked him to stay late, which meant we’d left late. I’d been waiting at home—bags packed—when his text message came through.

Have to stay late. Sorry. We’ll have to leave a few hours later than planned.

Odds were high that we wouldn’t even make it to Niagara Falls until after eight PM, so our seven o’clock dinner plans had to be altered. I called and made the arrangements.

Two hours later Jordan came home, and even though I’d packed his bag, he insisted on going through it to ensure I hadn’t missed anything.

I hadn’t. I’d checked. Twice.

Finally, we got on the road, but my temper nearly snapped when he stopped for a coffee.

“What’s your problem today?” He’d laughed.

I didn’t want to give away the surprise, but I was eager to get Jordan to cooperate and replied, “Nothing. It’s just been a long time since we had a mini-vacation.”

The excuse appeased him, but half an hour later, he asked if we should stop for a burger.

Mentally I groaned. “I made us dinner reservations.”

“Oh.” He glanced over with a surprised look on his face. “I guess I kind of derailed things.”

Understatement. I nearly bit through my tongue, but I managed to keep my mouth shut. I nodded. My nerves were getting to me. There was so much at stake, but I needed to relax. I tried to sit back and enjoy the car ride, after all, I was going away for the weekend with the man I loved. The man I was hoping to marry. If he said yes.

Check-in at the hotel went smoothly. I was beginning to feel as though things were going my way. We could make it to the restaurant with time to spare. Everything was going to be fine. I could relax.

We dressed for dinner. While Jordan was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, I used the moment of privacy to retrieve the ring from my bag.

I couldn’t find it.

Panicked, I began tossing items onto the floor.

This couldn’t be happening to me.

Jordan emerged from the bathroom and glanced my way. He chuckled. “What are you doing?”

Frowning, I didn’t bother to look over. “I think I forgot to pack my phone charger.”

“We have the same phone. Just use mine.”

Of course he had a simple answer to my lie. I ran a hand through my hair. I couldn’t leave the hotel room without that damn ring, and if we didn’t leave soon, we’d be late. I took a deep breath and tried to think.

Rounding the bed, Jordan tried to distract me with a kiss. Ordinarily, that tactic would work, but not today, not in this moment. When I didn’t respond, he backed up and searched my gaze. “Are you sure you’re feeling all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Can you just give me a minute?”

His eyes narrowed, but he relented. “Sure.”

On the other side of the room, Jordan began checking his phone. I returned to my search and finally found the small box in an outer compartment. Pulling my wallet from my back pocket, I chanced a glance at Jordan. His back was still turned. I grabbed the ring from within the box and dropped it into my wallet, before burying the box beneath the clothing in my bag.

With a sigh of relief, I said, “Okay. Let’s go.”

It took him a minute, but Jordan turned toward me and smiled. “Right. Let’s go.”

In his grey dress slacks, white button-up shirt and matching grey tie he looked magnificent. He looked as though he belonged in a suit, whereas I felt foolish in my all black attire. I hoped he didn’t look too closely because my socks were a few shades lighter. They would probably be considered a grey color rather than black. Jordan was always stylish and if he noticed he’d definitely comment.

“Got your key card?”

“Yep.” I patted my back pocket. “It’s in my wallet.” Along with the ring I hoped he’d love.

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