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Honey's Sexy Surprise

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 14,500
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Honey’s worried about her marriage. She fears that although her husband still seeks to make love to her, it’s only hurried morning sex and perhaps the magic is gone from their relationship. After all, she’s no longer dressed to the nines every day, but as a telecommuting, stay-at-home mom, she is lucky to get dressed at all some days.

In a desperate bid to do something to liven up their bedroom, she consults her friends and when they provide little help, she joins where a helpful new friend suggests she check out Sodom&, an online sex toy store which helped her save her own marriage.

But has Honey gotten over her head with the choice she makes? It’s definitely not a toy for beginners. And what will Mack think when he gets home to find his sweet wife has crossed over to the erotic side?

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Honey slipped to her desk in the corner and brought up email. She clicked on the tracking number and confirmed. Out for delivery.

“What’s up, Honey?”

She jumped. “What?”

He dropped a kiss on her head. “Is my lunch ready?”

“On the counter.” Like every morning.

“Thanks. Anything exciting going on today?”

She minimized the screen. “Oh, you know.” He didn’t…but he would soon enough.

“Everything okay?” She was kind of surprised he noticed her distraction, but touched. Honey spun her desk chair and wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face in his warm, just-big-enough-to-be-comforting belly. Mack had gained some in their years together, but it did nothing to lessen his appeal for her. His red hair was combed back, still damp from the shower.

“Everything is fine, and thank you for asking.”

“Okay.” The big goon kissed her hair again, and she let him go. “Have a good day.” He scooped up his lunch box and headed toward the door, off to spend his shift with grownups. With his partner. All day in the squad car with Sexy Sandy.

The woman should be a model instead of a cop. Not that she didn’t trust Mack, but why couldn’t he have been assigned someone a little less…blonde.

Honey’s gaze darted back to the screen. The answer to all their worries would be delivered by the guys in brown. Appropriate for the item. Even if not one of them could compete with the erotic lure of the guy she made dinner for every night.
Ten minutes later, she’d walked the kids to the bus, waved while they left then raced back to begin the real work of the day. Waiting for the box.

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