With courage, honor and a little help from love, can these heroes find their happily ever after?

SEALed with a Commitment by Destiny Blaine: On leave from the Navy, Mic Armstrong discovers his neighbor Annie Boyd is celebrating her twentieth birthday. After waiting many years for the perfect time to approach her and make Annie his woman, Mic attends the party as an uninvited guest. However, Mic soon discovers that Annie Boyd is inexperienced with a capital I. How could Annie be so innocent? Had she really saved herself for him and not even played alone? As their special night unfolds, Mic realizes he can’t be a hardcore Dom with Annie, at least not at first. Feeling that every relationship is destined to build in its own time and according to no rules in play, he changes his agenda and gives Annie her first lessons in love.

Jesse Gets Physical by T Lee Garland: Special Forces Soldier Jesse Haynes is a hot, twenty-eight year old with several deployments under his belt. However, his last deployment resulted in an injury to his shoulder. When the army sends him to Amy, a civilian Physical Therapist, sparks soon fly between the two and it isn’t long before he and his best friend and Team member Kevin are introducing Amy and her friend to a different kind of physical therapy…

Pulling Rank by Tavish Lee: Nick was always too busy and impressed with himself to take Tyler, the scrawny guy next door, seriously. For years, he ignored Tyler's obvious interest in him and felt relieved when the younger guy headed off for Marine boot camp. Then Tyler comes home for leave...and Nick can't believe his eyes when he steps out of the car in full uniform, bristling with muscle! But has Tyler forgotten about his teenage crush, or is he willing to let Nick make up for lost time?

Loving a Marine by Rider Jacobs: Nick had known that falling in love with a Marine would mean there would be times when Kaden would be deployed. Months that Nick would be alone, aching for the man he loved. In theory it had sounded tolerable, but theory and reality were two different things. Now, after eighteen long months, Kaden is home and all he wants to do is make love to his man.

Rough Riders by Shannon West: Although Dakota Greer is a hot young newspaper reporter, he still has trouble maintaining a relationship. He wants one with no strings attached. He finds an Internet site that hooks him up with handsome, dominant Carl for some intimate “chats” over a webcam. At first it’s great, but Dakota soon finds he needs more. When he tells Carl, there’s no interest. Heartbroken, Dakota breaks it off and accepts an assignment to Afghanistan. He’s assigned to Lt. Col. Morgan’s battalion—a hardass commander who doesn’t have time for reporters. Surprised, Dakota recognizes him as Carl. As passion ignites, the colonel doesn’t want Dakota anywhere near a deadly combat zone.

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