House of the Doomed and Damned (MM)

Living Cold 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,846
5 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Quarantine Valentine is looking for love, and he takes extraordinary measures as he hunts for the mate he can call his own, but when an old friend tells him he can’t rush love, Quarantine calls off the search. And the fated lover he desperately seeks walks right through his door.

Marvin Tesler suspects he is Quarantine Valentine’s mate and avoids any chance meetings. When he can’t stand the suspense any longer, Marvin goes to Quarantine’s house where he discovers a magnetic attraction to Savannah’s legendary vampire.

Drawn to the mortal in a way he could only imagine, Quarantine is determined to make a claim, but an unexpected event leaves Quarantine with an impossible decision. Marvin’s life is on the line, and Quarantine must act fast. Soon, Marvin is turned by fate and saved by love in a vampire claiming Savannah’s vampires won’t soon forget.

A Siren Erotic Romance

House of the Doomed and Damned (MM)
5 Ratings (4.0)

House of the Doomed and Damned (MM)

Living Cold 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,846
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was hot!!!!! Can not wait for more....:-)
donna b buccella




Quarantine paced the floor. He dragged his palm down his face, wondering how much longer this would take, how long before Marvin would open his eyes and realize he’d been changed, turned by fate, and saved by loved.

Felix and Colburn disappeared inside Quarantine’s bedroom without a word. Maria exited a few minutes later.

“Where are you going?” Instantly on guard, Quarantine stalked her. “You can’t leave.”

“Can I walk outside for some fresh air?”

“No,” Quarantine replied, unwilling to move aside and let her pass. “He knows you. He trusts you. When he awakens, I don’t want him to be afraid.”

“It’s strange. Isn’t it?” Maria gave him a gentle smile. “The way fated love can change you overnight is remarkable really.”

“What are you implying?”

“The way you are with him. The way you spoke to him in a comforting manner after you turned him defies your reputation and defines your spirit…and his.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I was involved with Marvin.”

Quarantine’s earlier rage settled like a defeated beast, sinking into the shadows of his dark soul. A twinge of jealousy replaced his initial fury. “I know what you and Marvin were to one another. I saw glimpses of your relationship when I turned him.”

“Then you know we had a relationship built on convenience and deception. Nothing more.” She took a deep breath. “The two of you will be good together. From what I’ve seen of you since you turned Marvin, I know he was pure and good. Underneath that mask of a self-indulgent man, there lived a man of substance. I see so much of him in you now, Quarantine.”

“How is he?” he asked, deliberately changing the subject.

“He hasn’t stirred. You’ll sense it before he is conscious again. You should be there when he wakes up.”

He nodded and stepped aside, allowing her to pass then.

She had almost reached the end of the hall when she stopped abruptly and faced him. “Quarantine, you have this fire inside you that draws people to you like a flame. You could use that warmth to your advantage. You can kindle and nurture it, or you can remain the same. I hope you’ll be strong and use your renewed strength so that your legacy later upholds that vigor rather than the anger that almost destroyed you.”

“If he survives, I’ll do just that.”

“He will survive,” Maria assured him. “We’ve all done our best here today. He will become one of us, and the two of you will live together and love together.

“Does that bother you at all?” In many ways, Maria’s kindness struck him as odd. He couldn’t help but feel as if he were taking away her security, stealing away with a man she might have potentially loved.

“No.” Her eyes darkened then. Maria was telling him the truth. He could see the honesty in her expression and detected the sincerity in her voice. “I loved once, but only once. My mate died, and I felt that burden of his death down to my very core when he was killed. I couldn’t save him any more than he could save himself. I yearn for a love like what I once experienced with my mate, but down deep I know it will never be bestowed upon me again.

“Some people are only granted one great love in their lifetime. Others seemingly find it even when they don’t want it or especially when they aren’t expecting it. You and Marvin are fated true mates. I couldn’t compete with that even if I tried.”

“I already love him, you know,” Quarantine confessed, admitting a fact that normally would’ve been too hard to grasp much less voice to another.

“Yes, Quarantine. I know. And I have every confidence in the world he will love you right back.”




The bed hadn’t stopped rocking. The mattress had been squeaking for the last few minutes, and if Quarantine didn’t stop resisting the urge to come, Marvin was certain he’d shoot before his lover came, thrusting at thin air instead of saving himself for a more pleasurable finale.

Pulling his legs wider, he growled then, and Quarantine slowed his pursuit. He stroked him with a more deliberate force, entering and retreating like he was watching a clock keep time and planning his finish, the right moment when he would not only welcome, but embrace the means to his end.

“Come,” Marvin pleaded, desperate now. His cock throbbed. His nipples ached. “Damn you, Quarantine. Enough! Give me what I need.”

“Can you?” Quarantine asked, a spark of mischief twinkling in his eyes. “Could you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Marvin breathed, wanting to save himself for his turn, for the chance to pump his cock deep inside his lover’s tight ass.

“Come,” Quarantine demanded, long-stroking him. He went deeper and higher, surging inside him with such force that Marvin couldn’t help but scream.

His voice resounded and was met by a ricochet of guttural cries, each man whispering the other’s name. Quarantine pounded inside his ass, gripping Marvin’s knees and unloading inside him, jerking and whimpering as his body went limp against his.

Wishing for time to cuddle, but desperate to sate his unsettling lust, Marvin flung Quarantine aside. He rolled Quarantine underneath him and positioned his cock between those shapely firm globes.

“Lift your hips,” Marvin coached him, feeling that intense electricity tickling his balls as he watched his lover rise to his knees and brace his elbows against a stack of pillows. “Beautiful.”

Quarantine stilled then, gripping the sheets, until his pale knuckles turned blue. Glancing over his shoulder, Quarantine nodded. He shoved his bottom back, positioning his ass before Marvin’s straining cock.

Grabbing Quarantine’s hips, Marvin lowered himself to his lover’s body, pushing his dick in between Quarantine’s cheeks. He held himself there for a few moments, savoring the tight clench of Quarantine’s ass and holding fast to anticipation, the long-awaited entry into his lover’s body.

Then, he backed away and spread Quarantine’s globes, savoring his low and guttural moan. Only then was Marvin driven to take what he wanted and steal way with the union he desired.

Eyeing the pulsing hole, Marvin treasured their special moment and realized the significance of their gifts to one another. Nudging his cockhead against Quarantine’s opening, Marvin stuffed his cock inside him, growling aloud at the tight squeeze drawing him inside his ass, beckoning him like a familiar lover, yet punishing him with an outlandish grip.

“Damn you, Quarantine,” Marvin rasped, unable to move one way or another.

Quarantine seemingly clung to his shaft with every last one of his vibrating muscles. His small hole was definitely untouched, but Marvin would condition him, stretch and prepare him. Long-stroking his lover’s tight entry, he fucked him deeper then, crying out his name as his release drew near. 

His balls tightened. His cock hardened. The rising heat in his shaft burned hotter with every satisfying thump. He needed relief. He longed for the finish, yet wanted to make their loving last.

Short-thrusting was his only option. He eased inside then pulled out, eased in once more, then fought for enough control to pull back one final time. “You’re so fucking tense.”

Quarantine tilted his head to his shoulder and rubbed his tongue across those delectable swollen lips. Pausing then, Marvin yanked his lover’s head to his and smothered Quarantine’s lips with a bruising kiss.

He then forced Quarantine forward. With his palm against Quarantine’s back, Marvin dove inside him, pushing his cock all the way to the barrier, the natural wall of firm tissue preventing him from going deeper, pushing harder.

Then, he outright fucked him. Grinding against him, Marvin sank inside his ass, and in a matter of seconds, he dumped his release inside Quarantine’s clenching walls, crying out his name, screaming for more, and realizing almost immediately, there was indeed more to have, more to take.

Marvin’s fangs snapped in place, dropping well below his bottom lip. A snake-like hiss resounded as Quarantine bucked and writhed beneath him. Marvin spotted the specific vein he wanted primed. He then locked his teeth deep inside his lover’s neck and took a delectable sip of blood, tasting his mate for the very first time.

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