I Kissed a Boy (MMMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,055
3 Ratings (3.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with M/M, sex toys, HEA]

Paul Harrison is going home to Tennessee and claiming the man he's always loved. If everything goes according to plan, he'll zip right into town and convince Adam Taylor he's the man of his dreams. They'll fly back to LA, and that will be that. Well, almost. Adam has waited a long time to fall in love. A sensitive guy, Adam hasn't been in many relationships. He acknowledges deep feelings for Paul, but he's never shown him what's in his heart. After their reunion, Adam discovers Paul is a man with many secrets. A stud-for-hire, Paul drags in some pretty serious cash, and he's uninterested in a career change. Adam gives their relationship a chance, but soon realizes what he must do in order to gain Paul's complete attention. When an odd couple enters their lives, Adam serves Paul a stout dose of his own medicine, but after an intimate evening with Mitch and Suzanne, Adam soon realizes Paul’s hand has always been holding the spoon.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher.

A Siren Erotic Romance

I Kissed a Boy (MMMF)
3 Ratings (3.0)

I Kissed a Boy (MMMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,055
3 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I loved this story I so wanna sequel.
Barefoot Okie
I really wanted to like this book, but I was underwelmed. I think it was to short to do justice to the storyline. This could have been a great book it the story & characters had the time to become more developed. There were a lot of missed opportunities in this book.



Adam kissed her cheek, picked up the luggage, and ran down the hall toward his room. “You can manage without me, Mom. You have Dad around to help you.”

“I need you, son. We have a full schedule of vacations. Everyone is taking off next month.”

He heard her flip-flops striking against the hardwood floor as she walked toward him. “Adam, where are you going? This is craziness. You didn’t mention a vacation.”

He shook his head before she said anything else and unzipped both pieces of luggage at the same time. “Don’t try to talk me out of this, Mother. I’m going.”

“I don’t understand. Why the sudden rush? Where are you going exactly?”


“Yes, so you’ve said. With who? Paul?”

He smiled. He couldn’t help himself. He was happy, well pleased, and regardless of how he and Paul had parted ways, their separation was only temporary, and Paul would be thrilled to see him. “Yes, with Paul.”

“For how long?”

“I don’t know. Depends on whether or not I like California.”

“You won’t.”

“Mother, please don’t make this difficult.”

“It is what it is. You’re my only son, my only child. Now you’re leaving me?”

Adam’s heartstrings ached as his mother pulled them a little tighter.

“This is all about Paul, isn’t it?” she asked, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I want to go.”

“No, you want to do what Paul tells you to do. I never liked that boy much. He always had the craziest notions.” She clasped her hands together. “Why, the rumors around here would shock you, if you…believe in beauty-shop gossip.”

“Why would there be talk about Paul, Mom? He doesn’t live here anymore.”

“He sure gave everyone plenty to say before he put this town in his rearview mirror.”

“Mother, I don’t care what you’ve heard about Paul, frankly. I’m going. You can’t change my mind.”


“I just am. I want to…” There’s not a fine line or a way to straddle it. If he had any doubt about what he was doing, his reluctance went away when Paul’s earlier words continued to remind him of what he wanted. He wanted to go to California. He longed to spend more time with Paul. “I doubt you’d understand.”

He opened his closet, grabbed a handful of items, and packed the clothes as they’d hung, hangers and all.

“Try me,” she challenged him, folding her arms over her chest.

“I need to go.” He rushed to his bureau, pulled out a drawer, and retrieved his socks and underwear. Throwing the items into the smaller bag, he quickly decided he had everything he needed. What he didn’t have, he’d have shipped later.

“Why are you doing this?” His mother followed him out of the room. “Adam, stop and think about how unreasonable this is. You are chasing a friend who lives a very different lifestyle than you do. You’re flying across the country to be with a friend you know nothing about now.”

She kept emphasizing friend, and Adam understood why. Her mothering instincts always worked overtime.

“You owe me an explanation,” she stated flatly when he smacked a final kiss on her cheek before running across the steps again.

At the door, her firm voice of authority stopped him. “Adam William Taylor, I deserve an answer!”

He dropped his bags and turned around. “Because, Mother, I kissed Paul last night.”

His mother gasped but then regrouped. Clutching to the banister, she looked like she’d aged in a matter of minutes. Wrinkles trimmed her eyes. Anger set her jaw, thinned her lips. Her expression proved she was wrought with worry and fury.

Walking downstairs, she took each step with precision. The whole episode played out as quite comical. His mother had the tendency to be a bit melodramatic.

“Adam, think about this. We can deal with this situation together. I can find you a counselor, someone who will keep your confidences. This event mustn’t ruin your life. So what? A kiss is a kiss is a kiss, a friendly gesture shared between friends.” She paused. “In Italy, for instance—in many countries as a matter of fact—men kiss.”

“Do they enjoy it?” Adam asked, trying his best to bring this discussion to a quick conclusion. He realized the faster they found a way to wrap up the small talk, the more likely he was to make his flight.

“Um, I um…I’m sure there are…or perhaps would be some, um, men who found kissing as a customary greeting…pleasant.”

“I really liked it.” Customary greeting? Wow. His mother was positively in denial.

A grimace replaced the softer expression she held for all of three seconds. “So you enjoyed kissing Paul, damn it to hell, but it isn’t worth throwing away everything we’ve worked for here, is it?”

She took a deep breath and then answered her own question. “No, not at all. And it’s not too late to change your plans. You kissed him. Get the hell over it. You romped all over this house with a married woman, too. You didn’t run off and try to destroy her marriage once you found out she had a husband.”

You’re not halfway bisexual tonight, and then all the way tomorrow. Paul was right, and so the time had come.

Adam glanced at his watch.

“Can’t we at least talk about this?”

“Mother,” he said, leveling his voice. “I love you. I’ll always love you and Dad. That will never change, but it’s time you recognize what’s been in front of you all along.

“I’m in love with Paul Harrison, and while the kissing was phenomenal last night, it didn’t confuse me, and I didn’t find it minimal or just pleasant. I found it necessary, and because Paul and I enjoyed one another very much, we didn’t stop with the kissing.”




“Ever tried double penetration?”

“What?” he asked, startled.

“Double penetration,” she said again, this time with a grin. “Come here, lover boys.” She crooked her forefinger back and forth, and Paul knelt on the bed first with Mitch right behind him.

Reaching under the mattress, Suzanne pulled out a string of condoms.

“You sleep over a lot, I take it,” Adam grated out.

“I do,” she admitted with a smile. “We do.”

Ripping three packages at the top, Suzanne sheathed each one of them. She stayed on her knees, a position Adam imagined suited her well, and worked each erect penis into a snug rubber.

Paul cupped Adam’s neck and drew him closer for a sensual kiss. Paul continued teasing his lips, and with a kiss planted on the end of his nose, he promised, “This kind of thing is something you’ll like more than fucking Mitch’s ass. I swear it.”

“I don’t know,” Adam said smugly. “He has one great ass.”

Paul’s brow furrowed. “Don’t push it, lover.”

“Lie down, Paul,” Mitch said, pushing him flat against the mattress.

Once Paul had his cock in hand, Mitch crooked his finger back and forth. “Face me, Adam, and let him have your sweet behind.”

Suzanne tugged at her nipples. “Straddle Paul’s cock, and he’ll do the rest.” Adam faced Mitch, and Paul took his hips. Suzanne reached for the lube and squirted the substance into Adam’s bottom, covering Mitch and Paul in the fluid, too. Mitch gave her a quick peck and returned his focus to the men. The way he dismissed her didn’t seem to bother her.

“Ah, yeah!” Adam flew forward with the first penetration, and Mitch grabbed him, holding his forearms.

Adam’s legs were bent and in the air. Mitch smiled, watching Paul pound into his bottom, stretching him quickly, pushing his wide cock beyond the outer ring. “That’s it, Adam. Take it, big boy.”

“Shit, Paul, slow down!” he called over his back.

“He’s stretching you,” Suzanne informed. Great, just what he needed, a woman giving play-by-play details of their bedroom action.

“Pull out some,” Mitch instructed, working his cock between his fingers. “Give me some space.”

Adam felt Paul withdraw a little, and then he had another sensation. Mitch’s tip dipped into his ass. Oh shit. They’re going to rip me in two.

“Don’t worry,” Mitch said, smiling. “We’ll go easy.”

Adam knew better. Mitch cocked his head and shot Paul a wink, and they both sank deeper inside his bottom.

“Ah, hell!” he screamed out. “Jeez, this is…oh! Oh!” He grabbed his cock and held his dick at the base.

“Damn it to hell, Suzanne, get that condom off him and wrap your mouth around his dick,” Mitch growled.

Suzanne acted like she had similar ideas anyway and knelt on the other side of his torso as Mitch and Paul stroked his ass. Unrolling the condom, her fingers were soft and welcoming when she wrapped her hand around his penis.

“Ah yeah, that’s sweet, hon. Just like that,” Adam choked out.

“You like us stroking you at the same time, bitch?” Mitch asked.

“Knock off the ‘bitch’ shit, Mitch,” Paul warned. “Otherwise, when he fucks your ass the next time, I’ll take a crop across your hips.”

The pumping and fucking began. The groans and growls resounded around them as they moved into Adam with broken strokes one minute and timed beats the next. They couldn’t stop their moving bodies, and Adam was fine with every jolt. The harder they hammered forward, the more he whimpered, the ecstasy coming forward, riding closer.

“God yeah!” Adam exclaimed.

Ragged breaths filled the room. Mitch straddled Adam’s right leg and pumped his cock inside Adam’s bottom. Paul kept his hand on Mitch’s thigh, giving him a slap every few seconds. Mitch pushed Adam’s legs up and locked his lip under his teeth, damn near howling.

Two dicks pounded Adam’s bottom, and Adam cried out, “I’m so fucking horny. This is…better than anything I’ve ever… oh damn, you gotta let me come!”

Suzanne stopped moving his hard cock through her hand and bent over. Even with two men penetrating him, she sipped at the tip of his cock. Soft cries led them all past the grunts of forthcoming bliss. Paul and Mitch whimpered here or there, but Adam practically sang, his ragged breaths releasing in a certain rhythm, a true tempo set by lovers provoking an elicit melody.

“Good God, this is wonderful!” He fondled his cock. Smacking his hand away, Suzanne fingered his shaft, waiting for the perfect moment when Adam would need her most. 

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