Immortal Menage (MMF)

Immortal Paradise 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,682
9 Ratings (3.1)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/F, bondage, sex toys, public exhibition]

Lexie knows it's crazy to fly to the Bahamas in search of the mystery lover who has been heating up her dreams, but she can’t shake the nagging feeling that he truly exists.

Grayel is a god among gods, ready to claim the mortal who awaits him in the earth realm--except that a single touch of his power will kill her. Though his father is convinced Grayel’s choice of mate will throw the entire realm into chaos, Grayel enlists demigods Love and Lust to aid in a sexual ritual that will transform Lexie into a goddess.

Even if she agrees to the unabashed, immortal ménage under the watchful eye of a witness, plots in the twelfth realm and mounting emotional attachment of one of the demigods threatens the union's success. How can they overcome Love, Lust, and the will of a kingdom to consummate an explosive immortal ménage? A Siren Erotic Romance

Immortal Menage (MMF)
9 Ratings (3.1)

Immortal Menage (MMF)

Immortal Paradise 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,682
9 Ratings (3.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Heat level lacking. Best scene was in the preview.



With that, Lexie watched, stunned, as Lust kissed her mate just a few feet away. Grayel’s eyes closed as his mouth opened, and the men’s tongues explored one another with rapidly quickening breaths. She felt her nipples tingle and ache with longing, and the dampness between her legs grew more pronounced.

Lust slid down Grayel’s body, and with a dramatic tug tore free what remained of the cream-yellow slacks he wore. Grayel’s cock was nothing short of massive, and Lexie gasped aloud when Lust managed to take all of it into his mouth. He slid the veined organ in and out while Grayel moaned and grasped the back of Lust’s head. She licked her lips in a jealous wish they could be on his organ, too. Grayel fisted Lust’s thick waves of jet-black hair and pumped himself in and out of the man’s mouth, but stared at Lexie with a smoldering need she knew belonged to her alone. She grew dizzy with tortured pleasure and began to tug unconsciously on her chains. Her hands and arms wanted desperately to be free, to roam her own electrified body or, better yet, both of the men’s. The sight of them so impassioned, and of Lust’s obvious enjoyment while Grayel’s thick, wet cock slid in and out of his mouth, drove her to a state of agitated excitement.

Soon her body was on fire, the chains were rattling, and she was moaning out loud. A glimpse at Love showed that he, too, was having a difficult time restraining his passion. She regretted that their witness was unable to join in as well. She would love to have his hands and mouth on her while her soon-to-be husband’s cock was ravaged by the god on his knees.

When Grayel’s eyes opened again, he found hers immediately with a gaze of pure fire. She could see clearly that his desire was for her, his passion directed at the sight of her breasts and exposed sex rather than the god between his legs. This was what he meant by saying that if they ever took another lover, it would be together by mutual consent. She had no problem with Lust touching the man she loved in this context, other than her fervent wish that the ache spreading throughout her body could also be eased.

Soon, Grayel growled and pulled back on Lust’s hair. His organ was red and throbbing, the sheer weight of its size pulling it downward despite its fully erect state. He pulled the other man to his feet, appearing conflicted as he raked smoldering green eyes over the other’s hard body. Then he turned him around and ground out, “The oil?”

Lust pointed to an armoire nearby. Grayel went to retrieve it, and Lust turned back toward Lexie. She was stunned by the ragged, raw passion on his face while he unzipped his white slacks and stepped out of them. His lips were swollen from kissing Grayel and sucking his cock, and the burning flame in his eyes had pulled apart into a number of separate flames dancing inside each black orb. His own cock was bigger than she’d even realized from having seen it eternally erect inside his pants. It had purpled with need, thick and long and pulsing near his bronzed stomach.

She sucked in a breath at the sheer, animal power in his desire, and she felt the symbols on her body respond. Glancing down, she watched their dance grow more frantic and erotic, phalluses thrusting toward females who leaned back, pushing their breasts out and mouths opening in expressions of tortured ecstasy not unlike what she was feeling. The harder they moved, the stronger the sexual throb became within her. She fought harder against her chains, and heard Lust’s feral growl.

Then Grayel was back, uncapping a tall, pyramidal bottle. The scent from it was decadently spicy, rich with herbs worthy of gods, and it went straight to work on the throbbing in her clit. She cried out in frustration when she felt juices running down her thigh. “Please,” she said to Grayel. “Hurry.”

He tipped thick oil onto his fingers, then set the decanter on the floor and came up behind Lust. Staring into Lexie’s eyes, she watched his arm work low around Lust’s ass, and soon the demigod tilted his head back with a moan of passion that had Lexie ready to tear the chains from the ceiling. Someone had better be inside her soon, or they would all find out just how dangerous a sexually frustrated goddess could be.

Lust was gripping his own cock at the base, pushing his hips back into Grayel’s seeking fingers. Grayel moved his lips near Lust’s ear. “My seed is your seed. Your phallus an extension of my phallus. Join with her, that she may feel my need and accept my essence. Are you ready for me?”

Lust moaned. “Yes, my god. Fuck me.”

He spread his legs and leaned toward Lexie until his heavy-lidded gaze was only a foot from hers. She watched over his shoulder as her lover put his hands on the back of the other man’s hips and thrust slowly into him. Lust stiffened for a moment, but her senses told her it was from delight, not pain. Then he straightened and reached out to Lexie’s throbbing breasts.

“Oh yes, god. Please,” she said when his fingers played over her nipples. Sharp tingles of delight shot through her with every touch. He switched to pulling and twisting them, and she arched to shove them more firmly into his hands. The scent of the erotic oil rose, twisting around their body heat and assaulting her senses with desire.

“Kiss me,” she said, breathless. Her eyes met Grayel’s as she made the demand, for she understood that the man between them was Grayel’s hands, his cock, and his mouth in this ritual.

Lust groaned and moved closer to comply, but then hissed out a breath. “Dammit. We’ve mixed our saliva,” he said.

Her breathing was ragged now. “Is that bad?”

“His body fluids are too strong for you,” he said, and whipped his head around. “Love. Come here.”

The man stood, his trousers tented. But he didn’t move from beside the bed. “I’m not supposed to intervene.”

“Fuck that,” he said, squeezing his eyes shut as Grayel continued stroking his cock slowly in and out of him. “I need your services for a moment.”

Seeming reluctant, the blond came to stand beside her and Lust. “Kiss me,” Lust told him, and before the other could refuse, Lust grabbed his head and claimed his lips. Lexie groaned in tandem with Lust as she watched his tongue thrust inside the other man’s mouth. After stiffening for a moment, Love responded with his own tongue. She saw one of Lust’s hands travel down to the severe bulge in Love’s pants, squeezing and kneading it. Then, after a thorough kiss, he pulled away.

“Thank you,” he told Love. “That will have diluted his saliva enough.”

She barely had time to feel sympathy for Love having been left hanging so abruptly when Lust obeyed Lexie’s request. He took her lips with a searing heat that startled her, and she melted against her chains and let his tongue find all new ways to fire her longing hotter.

“Lower,” she urged, and his mouth was traveling down until she at last felt his lips over her stiff nipples. She cried out and bucked her hips toward him, feeling her climax begin an inevitable climb.

She put her head back, closing her eyes for a moment to try and still her body’s wild burn. “Now, Lust. For gods’ sakes, fuck me now.”

Moving carefully in apparent mindfulness to keep fully sandwiched between her and the god, Lust and Grayel edged forward until she could feel cock throbbing against her triangle of curls. She gasped and pushed against it, raising her head to find her mate staring at her with his eyes a blaze of emerald fire.

“I claim you as mine,” he said, and Lust took hold of his rod and positioned it.

“Fuck, she’s so wet for you,” Lust said over his shoulder at Grayel, and with a whimper of relief from her throat, he finally shoved his cock deep inside her.

The trio all moaned together, a guttural, animal sound. She heard a sharp gasp and looked over to see Love on the bed, his gorgeous cock now free and in his hands.

She could see Grayel fighting to retain control. He was struggling to keep his hands where they would not stray too near her. He set them atop Lust’s shoulders and thrust harder. Despite his caution, the power of Lust’s unbearably sexual aura combined with the god’s proximity to her soon had her knees shaking, and it was difficult to catch her breath. Though the restraints on her wrists were padded and soft, she felt them digging in painfully as she sagged against them. Yet even this sensation drove her sexual whirlwind faster.

“I can’t,” she said, panting and moaning at the feel of Lust driving his hot organ inside her over and over. “I can’t stand up.”

Lust slid his hands into the slit of her gown to grab hold of her bare ass, lifting her weight off her wrists. “Soon,” he said, eyeing the symbols frantically twisting on her body. He threw another glance over his shoulder. “It’s got to be soon.”

“I’m ready,” Grayel said through gritted teeth. His blazing eyes searched hers. “Lex Ann?”

“I was ready two hours ago,” she said, pushing her hips forward to grind against Lust. 

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