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Impending Love and Madness

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 81,926
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Cass Beecher hopes Sergeant Zach Ravenswood will fall in love with her on an outing to Ford's Theater, only to have their world turned upside down with President Lincoln's assassination. Her romantic plans continue to be thwarted by family, friends, and a mysterious stranger. Can she save the man she loves from the enemies plotting to ruin him?

Zach thought with the war over, he could turn his attention to wooing the lovely Cassandra, but a fortune teller's dire predictions begin to come true when a fire disfigures him, a nun poisons him, his uncle steals his inheritance, and he's shot. Is he going mad, or is everything not as it appears?

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“Mister Ravenswood is ill and isn’t receiving guests.”
“But we traveled all this way,” Cass said. “Isn’t there going to be a sale?”
“A gale?” The old woman looked at the sky and pointed at a dark cloud. “It looks like rain.”
“We were asking about the horse sale!” Ethan shouted.
“The sale is on Saturday. You should return then.” She pushed the door closed. The clank of a bolt locking the entrance echoed from inside.
“Well, I never.” Cass stared at the wooden barrier, willing it to open. “We’re here to see Zach! If he’s ill, I can help!” Her shouts were unanswered.
“Come on.” Ethan pulled her away and helped her into the buggy.
She turned. A curtain moved. Someone was watching them.
Harry took the reins and glanced at the sky. “She was right about a storm. We better hurry to the village. We can try again tomorrow.”
Ethan relaxed against the back seat. “Any of you buying that fairytale the old witch was telling?”
“No, but what can we do?” Harry asked. “We’ve been thrown out of the castle.”
“Old witch,” Cass repeated Ethan’s description.
Harry slowed the horse. “Are you all right, Miss Cassie? You look pale.”
“Don’t you remember the fortune teller’s prediction? I think Zach is in trouble, and he needs our help.”
Ethan leaned forward. “How do you propose we sneak past the crazy doorkeeper?”