In the Wolf's Tower (MF)

Naughty Fairy Tales 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,940
8 Ratings (4.8)

Josette’s father needs gold to fight his war, so she goes from princess to prisoner in an instant when Lord Marrok offers the needed treasure in exchange for her. Once her father’s most honorable knight, Marrok is now shunned and feared.

Why? Marrok is a werewolf.

Josette goes to help her people, and soon discovers that Marrok blames her father for his curse. He claims he wasn’t looking for a bride, but his gaze screams seduction and she soon questions his reasons for demanding her in exchange for the gold. What sort of revenge does he have planned? And what will happen to her once he has her locked away in his castle?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, forced seduction.

In the Wolf's Tower (MF)
8 Ratings (4.8)

In the Wolf's Tower (MF)

Naughty Fairy Tales 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,940
8 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I enjoyed this story. The twist on the fairy tale was a nice surprise, and the sex scenes were an even nicer surprise. Very hot, but the emotional depths of one scene (in the woods, won't give it away) really got me. Loved it!
This surprised me. From the blurb I had expected something sinister or suspenseful, but it was almost domestic and certainly light-hearted from the start. The story dragged a bit at times for me, but overall I enjoyed it. It turned out to be quite a fun love story.
Carolyn Rosewood

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He undid his belt and jerked it off. He was going to rape her? He’d kissed her so sweetly that morning, and now this? She began to tremble as she tugged at the ropes and squeezed her eyes shut.

He laughed. “You won’t get free, my dear.” He lifted her dress and tore her underwear away. The roar that came from his throat made her whimper in fright. Then he cracked the belt in his hands.

She opened her eyes. “You’re going to beat me?” Why had she assumed rape would be his only form of punishment?

He rested the leather against her backside and let it caress her. “I’m going to spank you.”


“You heard me. You have to learn to obey me.”

“I will! I promise!”

“I’ve been thinking about this all day, and you won’t deny me!”

“Please, Marrok, please!”

He let his hand rest against her bare bottom, and then he threw the belt onto the bed. Had he changed his mind? Would he untie her?

“Marrok, I—”

Her words caught in her throat as he slapped his hand against her ass.

“Mmmm. I think I’ll enjoy this more.” He slapped her again, harder than before, and her skin burned under his hand. He massaged her cheek for a moment, and then brought two blows down on the other cheek.

“I’m not a murderer. Or a rapist.” He struck her again. “That’s what you thought, isn’t it? You thought I would punish you by raping you, didn’t you?”

She remained silent, and he struck again.

“Answer me!”

“Yes! You tied me down and put me in this position. What else could I expect?”

“I expected you to trust me.”

“Trust a man who’d just tied me down? How dare you! You expected me to trust you while in this position, bound and exposed? You did not trust me to stand five feet from another man and have a conversation!”

He let his hand come down on her bottom four times.

“Nothing happened! You’re a jealous fool!”

He let his hand come down on her over and over again. She gripped the ropes with her hands, but she didn’t struggle anymore. She might not be able to sit for a week, but somehow she didn’t care. A moan escaped her lips before she could stop it.

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