Inches of Trust (MM)

Inches of Trust 1


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 42,033
0 Ratings (0.0)

When architect Brian Townsend meets a man dressed as Zorro at a Halloween party, it seems like a chance hookup. There’s no denying Brian’s immediate attraction, but it takes more effort than he thought it would just to find out the man's name.

NYPD homicide detective Tristan Blake comes from old money, which he loathes. An idealistic streak burns within him to do a job that serves a purpose. A former lover scorned him at a time he was most vulnerable, after the death of friend, and now Tristan is slow to trust what appears to a developing relationship between him and Brian.

Beer tasting, a broken window, a fall down a flight of stairs, a grenade, and a violent attack ... what do these all have in common? Each one brings Tristan an inch closer to trusting Brian with his heart.

Contains the stories: * Crimson Regret * A Taste of Darkness * A Glimpse Inside * Windows and Walls * Head Over Heels * Police Navidad * Auld Acquaintance * Tabled Discussions * Pulling the Pin * Vulnerability

Inches of Trust (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Inches of Trust (MM)

Inches of Trust 1


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 42,033
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Yeah, I guess you could say that. I can’t stand most of the domestic stuff, except some of the microbrews,” replied Brian.

Zorro leaned back against the rail next to him, propping an elbow on it. “So the demon has discerning tastes?”

“I’d like to taste you.” Oh, shit, he couldn’t believe he’d said that. Talk about a really bad pick up line. Once again, he was obscenely glad of the red makeup.

Zorro was silent for a moment. Maybe the man was trying to find a way to be polite with his refusal. “I ... might be interested in letting you.”

The comment promptly tied Brian’s stomach in a knot.

“Why don’t we, uh ... walk down in the garden?” suggested Zorro.

Brian nodded, suddenly tongue-tied. He followed the man in black down the steps into the landscaped backyard. The long narrow space had been decorated with bushes and trees. A couple of wooden benches and a stone fountain completed the wall-enclosed area. Zorro ducked behind a broad tree not too far from the exterior wall. He set his bottle on the ground and leaned back on the tree, legs crossed at the ankle. Brian stood a couple feet in front of him.

“You still interested?” asked Zorro softly.

Brian was nervous. He wasn’t generally an instant gratification sort of guy. But, Christ, it had been a long time ... Zorro held out a hand. Brian swallowed hard and stepped close. Long fingered hands settled lightly on his hips, tugging him closer. He had to separate his feet a little to avoid Zorro’s and that left him straddling the other man’s thighs.

There was a moment of awkward hesitation, and then Brian kissed him. An almost chaste brush of lips. That mouth, that soft full lower lip. Brian kissed him a little harder. Zorro’s breath hitched and he pulled Brian closer.

Brian was now leaning gently against the length of Zorro’s body, and he pushed his tongue into his partner’s open mouth. Zorro tasted of the beer and something vaguely spicy. He could hear his blood pounding in his ears and it was rapidly rushing toward his groin. Brian moaned softly against the other man’s mouth. He swiped his tongue along Zorro’s teeth, and that drew a low sound from his partner. One of Zorro’s hands was tangled in his hair, the other cupped his butt. That mouth was just so unbelievably delicious and, God, the guy could kiss, unlike so many men he’d known. Zorro was nipping gently at Brian’s lips, Brian’s own tongue exploring, plunging, tracing along Zorro’s teeth.

Brian could feel the hard length of his partner’s cock grinding up against the base of his own. He was still slightly straddling the other man’s legs. He leaned into the embrace more, pushing his own erection harder against Zorro’s. It was a slow, torturous friction that went on and on as the kiss intensified. His hand crept downward, cupping the front of Zorro’s groin, stroking his palm firmly on the fabric that separated his hand from what lay beneath. Suddenly, there were voices approaching and both men froze.

“How ‘bout I fuck you up against the wall?” said a male voice.

“Thought you wanted to unlace my corset,” replied a female voice.

“That’s for later.”

There was much low giggling as the voices passed toward the far end of the garden.

“Guess we’re not the only ones looking for a place to make out like a couple of teenagers,” said Zorro. His voice was a husky whisper in Brian’s ear.

Much as his body was just dying to continue what they were doing, Brian was suddenly uncertain at the thought of getting caught. “Didn’t I see a tool shed in the corner near the deck?” asked the man in black.

“Are you suggesting we go into the closet, as opposed to coming out?” The question was just too irresistible.

Zorro groaned. “How ‘bout I suggest you stick something in your mouth and spare me the puns?”

“Your sword maybe?”

“I’ll give you a sword.”

“I can suggest a really good place for it.”

“Mmm, bet you can.” Zorro pulled Brian back into a heated kiss. “Now about that closet ...” he mumbled against Brian’s lips.

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