Intimate Seductions (MF)

Intimate Temptations 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,642
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, older hero, HEA]

Warren Murphy spent his adult years working for Leroy Jenkins, the local cattle baron. He loved his job almost as much as he did women. He was loving life as one of the most sought-after bachelors in the county.

Amber Jenkins is the only heir to the Jenkins fortune and the apple of her granddaddy’s eye. Years of growing up around Warren turned her teenage girl fantasies into a love that she couldn’t ignore. Despite her attempts at seduction, he pushes her away and out of his life.

Tragedy soon strikes and the two are face-to-face with one another on a daily basis. Warren finds it increasingly hard to deny his attraction toward Amber and is left with a choice. Does he give in to something he craves so desperately? Or does he let her go, knowing that he has never known a seduction as intimate and sweet as hers?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Intimate Seductions (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Intimate Seductions (MF)

Intimate Temptations 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,642
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 LIGHTNING BOLTS: "I really liked this story but I felt it took a bit to build momentum but when it did it skyrocketed. Nicole Morgan doesn't disappoint. The only reason I even mention the beginning being slow is I would hate for anyone to miss out on a great read. The characters were believable, endearing, frustrating, and compassionate. The story was romantic, emotional and at times steaming hot. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a story that brings two characters together that never thought this would be their happily ever after." -- Tabitha Blake, Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More

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Warren stumbled into his bedroom. Having shared in one too many congratulatory shots of whisky in honor of his friends, Derek and Sandi’s, news of upcoming nuptials, he was a bit more drunk than usual. Thankfully, Ann and Quinn had driven his sorry ass home. He had to admit the good old Travis boys had lucked out in the woman department. Ann was a goddess, and Sandi was an angel. No matter how happy he was for his old buddies, he was glad it was them and not him. The last thing he needed was to be stuck with one woman his whole life. He was very satisfied with bachelorhood.

“Hi, handsome.”

He flipped the light switch on and was met with the image of a nearly naked, but gorgeous redhead lying in his bed. The only thing covering her was a tiny pair of green panties. He’d always prided himself on his practicality in any situation. Some questions just need to be asked.

“Hey there, sweetheart. Pardon me for asking, but do I know you?”

The brazen bombshell seemed hurt by his question. “Well, not really, but I thought I left a bigger impression than that.”

He scanned his memory for any indication of her. Surely, he hadn’t slept with her. Something like that he would remember. That ruled out any chance that he’d taken her out on a date, since all of his dates ended in sex.

“Sorry, sugar. I’ve had a few too many shots of whisky tonight. Help me out?”

“Actually, I think I’ll just be leaving.” She got up from the bed and reached for her clothes.

As she bent over, he got an incredible view of her ass. Instantly, his dick became hard, and the idea of her leaving was not something he was going to let happen.

“Hey now, don’t be like that. Of course, I remember you. I was only teasing, babe.”

She flung her long red locks around and put her hands on her hips. “Oh, really?”

He gave her his best smile. The one that always made the women fall to their knees. “Really. Now why don’t you come here and let me make it up to you?”

She came toward him slowly, her beautiful, round tits all but begging to be sucked on. He had no idea who the hell she was, but he couldn’t wait to get her back in his bed.

She was only a couple steps away from him when he grabbed her and pulled her into him. Her ass was so round and soft, he wondered if she bathed in creams and lotions.

He wasted no time as he brought his mouth down to hers and swept his tongue inside hers. There was a brief moment of hesitation on her part, like she hadn’t been expecting him to be so aggressive. It only took a couple seconds to coax her to give into him. He was used to women who needed a little help relaxing. She was a gorgeous woman, definitely worth his patience.

“Oh, Warren. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She had? Who the hell was she? Nothing about her seemed familiar. He very rarely forgot a pretty face and never forgot a hot body. His curiosity was getting the better of him, and he was dying to ask her who she was, but he didn’t want to risk her trying to leave again.

“Me, too, sugar.” It wasn’t a total lie. He’d wanted her for the past five minutes. For dogs, that was a very long time. Lord knew he had been compared to a dog a time or two.

She pulled away from his kiss. “You have?”

He couldn’t exactly burst her bubble. She looked so happy to hear him say it. “Yeah, sweetheart. Really.”

“Oh, Warren, make love to me.”

Their mouths locked together again. This time, she was not timid. Her mood had changed, and she seemed eager to play. He could hardly wait as he undid his jeans while she was ripping open the front of his shirt. He knew she’d broken some buttons and heard them hit the floor, but he didn’t care. He wanted to bury himself inside this sexy mystery woman. Figuring out who she was could come later.




Standing before her, he was hit with the most unusual feeling, one that was completely foreign to him and he’d never felt before. Just the same he knew exactly what it was. He felt vulnerable, completely and utterly exposed to her in more ways than one.

Her gesture of licking her lips while her eyes looked at his dick almost hungrily shot his blood racing through his body even faster. Here she was in nothing but a bra and panties, and it was the look she gave him that turned him on more than anything else.

He closed the two steps between them, desperate to see her. His memory of her luscious curves was no longer enough. He wanted to be able to roam his hands all over her body until he knew every inch of her by heart.

Tracing the slope of her breasts, he couldn’t help but feel powerful from the way her body shivered at his touch. The swell that filled the cups of white fabric was so teasing and enticed him to taunt her some more. He bent his head down and kissed each one until he felt her tremble again. This was the way he always wanted it to be, her completely quivering from his touch.


He glanced up her. The words she whispered were so pleading, so soft and full of need. With her heavy-lidded eyes staring down at him, he was torn between giving them what they both wanted, and making her wait.

The idea of prolonging her pleasure, enticing her with yearning seemed to be winning out. No matter how much he wanted to be inside her, he needed to show her that she was important to him, that she mattered. He was no good with words, but he could show her. At least that he was sure he couldn’t screw up.

He kept his eyes on hers, careful to not break contact with the striking green that stared back at him. Reaching around behind, he made quick work of the tiny metal hinges that selfishly held her beauty away from the rest of the world. With no straps to contend with, the fabric fell to the floor in between their bodies.

Before him sat the most exquisite set of rosebuds centered atop her tips. Decorating the center of those buds were her darted nipples, already pointing directly at him. They were urging him to slow down and smell, even taste the roses.

Always a lover of life and nature, he accepted the challenge and dropped his head over one delicious bud. The contrast of her soft round breast with the hard little nub felt like heaven on his tongue. Suckling on it almost like a newborn hungry for more, he then grabbed onto the thin panties.

He slid his fingers inside the only piece of cloth that separated them and reached underneath, palming and squeezing her ass cheeks. Their fullness made his cock twitch, and he imagined what it would be like to have her on all fours, her back arched as he took her from behind and took in the sight of her ass.

Her hands ran in his hair, and he could hear her breathing becoming heavy. She was enjoying his teasing and that was something he enjoyed. The act itself was a win-win for them both. He wanted her to feel nothing but pleasure with him, so she would know that no man would ever be good enough for her, no man except him.

This territorial feeling he had over her was something he still hadn’t allowed himself to make sense of. Having these types of emotions wasn’t something he could wrap his head around. Not that understanding them would matter. They just were there, whether he liked it or not, and the fact of the matter was, they couldn’t be changed. She belonged to him and he to her. Fuck if he could make heads or tails of it, but it didn’t change it from being a reality.

She moaned yet again under his touch when he moved his head to the other nipple and lavished it with attention. It was a sound he was becoming addicted to quickly, a sound that made him want to go on a quest for her undiscovered sounds he was capable of making her compose.

He forced his hands away from the soft bliss of her ass and slid her panties down her thighs. When he could reach no farther, he stopped from feeding on her taut little nipples and worked her panties down the rest of the way. He went down with them and helped her step out of them.

When he looked back up at her, his vision caught the neatly trimmed thatch of hair covering her pussy. He looked at her, saw the sweet invitation of her tits and wanted to go back to them, but he was only human. He could smell her arousal, and his nostrils flared with feral intent. He had to have her. He needed to taste and feast on her.

“Lie down on the bed, baby,” he instructed her.


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