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Into the Fire (MF)

The Royal Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 86,042
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, spanking, HEA]

With age came wisdom for Miklos Farkas, and the desire to make peace rather than constantly battle, and he makes it his life to bring bad guys to justice. Then, in a night filled with flame and heat, he sees her, and like the explosion that flattened him, she certainly gets his attention.

Harker Collins is a firefighter with attitude and gumption. Then she sees him flying out a window just to protect a child, and who wouldn't want that in her bed? But sometimes the best laid plans get sidetracked in the heat of the moment, and hers are no different.

The arsonist brings them together then nearly tears them apart before they can do more than think of what might be. But one determined firebug isn't the only thing working to keep these two apart. Guilt from his past will drive a wedge between them, and if she can't make him see that it wasn't his fault, they'll never have what they both want. Will the fires burn bright or will they be stifled for all time?

Note: This book contains excessive violence against the heroine by the villain.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“Harker?” he asked just loud enough that she’d hear him and just soft enough that she, hopefully, wouldn’t leap out of her skin.

Harker looked up and frowned. “Yes, do I know you?” She sure as hell did. He had played a starring role in too many of her fantasies, but how did he know her name? She didn’t know who he was so how did he know her name?

Her confusion was clear on her face and Demon stood, moving slightly so that she blocked Harker. “And you would be?”

“Miklos Farkas,” he said quietly as he watched her. “I was the guy that flew out a window of a burning building,” he added, his eyes never leaving Harker’s face. “I’m going to guess that you are her best friend.” he switched his gaze to the other woman. “And, if the rumors hold true, the one they claim is very, very friendly with the firefighter here. I’m also Janos’s older brother.” He pointed to his brother behind the bar running around.

Demon placed a hand on Harker’s shoulder, trying to look as a lover would look, but failing to any who actually understood body language. “You are a detective on the local force,” she stated and nodded. “Nice job saving that kid, and yes, the rumors are very true so I would suggest that you go and give your brother a hand?”

Snorting at that Miklos shook his head and chuckled. “Nice try but if you want to pull off that vibe try to look like you want to do her and not like you’ve got a stick up your ass.” When she stiffened Miklos shrugged. “I think I’d like to talk with Harker alone for a minute sans the pit bull.” When she seemed to bristle Miklos looked to Harker for a moment and waited. “Maybe a quick dance if your leg isn’t bothering you too much like it did the other night, Harker?”

It suddenly became clear and Harker stood. “It’s all right, D. I think that he just asked me to dance, didn’t you?” How the hell had he remembered the dream? Did he do something to her? It wasn’t until he had stepped closer that she realized that he hadn’t remembered the dream. It was her dream and how could he share it? Everything he had said could have been gleaned from any number of sources.

Taking her hand in his he led her onto the floor and then gently began to move her around the floor. “I can see you trying to figure it out,” he murmured. “The bed was huge, covered in black silk sheets and the only light was from dozens upon dozens of candles. You asked me a question and I told you that I wouldn’t answer it until you were awake and aware just before the doctors started waking you up from the drug-induced coma you were in.” Leaning in a little closer he rubbed his nose to her cheek. “Just like right after a thunderstorm, clean and crisp with a hint of rain,” he murmured.

She stumbled but his arms holding her close kept her upright. If she could see anything other than him she would see all of the men in her firehouse looking at the couple on the dance floor, moving as if they were one body. She didn’t see every single one of them freeze, some with their beers halfway to their mouths and some with their mouths simply hanging open. “How?” she whispered when his strong arms steadied her and moved them once more in synch and toward the darkened hall that led to the offices. “You left me for a while and then came back. I was only half-awake when you came back but you were there, holding me. How?”

“My doorbell rang from a lost UPS driver,” he muttered as he stopped dancing and slowly led her to his brother’s office. Opening the door he waited to see if she wanted to go in. “So we can talk normally,” he said. “I’ll explain everything, if you’d like to listen that is.”

She hesitated and when Sam started across the dance floor she nodded. “I’m going to hold you to that. However, first let me assure my friends that I am safe, all right?”

Sam stepped before them and looked from her to him and back again. “I’m fine, Sam. This is Miklos Farkas, he is an old friend of mine.” She smiled up at Miklos and shook her head. “No, old friend is pushing it.” She felt something so soul deep for this strange man that it scared the hell out of her. “I’ll be back. For now he wants to see my pretty scar.” Yeah right.

Sam could only nod dumbly and look at Miklos. “Cop or not, you hurt her and we will tear your heart out.” With that Sam walked back to the other men of House Fifty-Nine.

“Knowing Sammy you are likely now being equated with being a long-time lover, so be warned.” She sighed and shook her head. “I want that explanation though.” And with that she stepped into the office and waited.

Moving in behind her he closed the door and waved her toward the couch. “Sit,” he said softly. “Do you want some water?” he asked her as he pulled open Janos’s fridge and took out two bottles.

Walking to the couch he sat down next to her as he handed her the bottle. “We connected in our dreams, Harker,” he told her quietly. “I don’t know if you know this or not but…” He licked his lips and looked to her. “I’m Wolf,” he said.




Smiling faintly at her instinctual demands Miklos pressed a kiss to the small of her back before he shifted his weight to blanket her. Planting a hand by her head he made sure he had his body far enough from hers that he didn’t scrape against her healing wound. Taking his cock in hand, he rubbed the head of his cock over her wet pussy, coating himself and driving them both insane and then, carefully, began to push his way inside.

She moved slightly, moving her legs a little wider to give him room to take him deeper. As he moved inside of her, his body stretching hers to new limits, she pressed back against him. Head down and shoulders to the mattress she moved in a way to take more of his cock in.

Sliding in her pussy was like a hot, wet, tight glove allowing just enough give to slide in. His eyes were nearly crossed by the time he was all the way into her pussy and his limbs were definitely wracked by the barely restrained need to just take what was his. Pressing his forehead to her shoulder he took a couple of steadying breaths. He wouldn’t hurt her, he couldn’t hurt her, but god did he need her. Lifting his head slowly he made sure her hair was out of the way so that for one he could watch her face and for the second reason, he needed her shoulder bare so as to mark her. And he was going to. He was going to mark her in a visible location but one she could cover easily if she chose.

“Please,” was the whispered sob that was torn from her throat as she moved back against him again. It felt perfect. To have his cock this deep inside of her vagina was perfection and truly she was in heaven. She turned her head to the side when he pulled her hair away from her face and smiled. “Do it.” God her womb clenched when she thought about him marking her, biting her, and it was something she wanted as much as she needed him to move.

“Soon,” he whispered against her neck, carefully keeping his back arched so his chest didn’t rub her wound. “Soon, Harker,” he promised again as he slid almost completely free of her pussy and then plunged back into her again. Moaning at the feeling of her clenching around him he continued to move and found a steady if slightly hard rhythm.

Her body found its matching rhythm and danced with his. She kept her shoulders down in the perfect position, her back arched just right, baring her shoulder to him. “Please,” she begged softly. “So close,” she moaned.

Reaching around her Miklos slid his fingers between her swollen labia to find the tight bud of her clit. Gently he rubbed at it as he scraped his teeth over her shoulder once, twice and then, “You are mine now and forever,” Janos told her softly. “I am yours for all of time. Mated through fate, through actions all our own, and through mutual love we are joined together for all our lives.” Licking slowly at the flesh where he would bite her, marking her as his for all time, he took a breath and finished it. “No one will ever tear us asunder, for we are meant to be.” And he sank his teeth into her flesh. Breaking through the upper layers he pressed just hard enough to mark her for many years to come as he continued to rock into her body, his hips moving at a faster pace at the hint of blood in his mouth. Growling deep in his chest he pushed his cock into her harder, more demanding with each thrust until he came, suddenly and explosively, his cock pulsing as he spilled his seed and swelled inside of her.

She slammed back on him again and again as her hands clenched the sheet tightly until she was moaning uncontrollably and then screamed as she fell apart in his arms.

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