[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Iphicles is accused of using the mate bond in order to release Zeus from his prison. Wanting Pegasus to have his freedom, Iphicles annuls the mating and then sets off to stop Aries's armies.
Pegasus is thrilled when Iphicles agrees to be his mate, knowing the man is petrified of animals. Until he discovers that the only reason Iphicles agreed is because Iphicles must mate with him in order to fulfill his part of the prophecy to release Zeus from his prison. Pegasus's anger overtakes him and he says things he regrets. However, before he can apologize he finds out that Iphicles has annulled the mating and has fled into the path of Aries's armies.
Setting out to find his mate and convince him to give them a chance at a lifetime of happiness, can Pegasus find Iphicles before the armies kill his mate? And can Pegasus save his mating before it is too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Iphicles (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Pegasus watched as the men started walking past the big red barn. He didn’t understand why at the moment he wanted to bite the shit out of Hunter for touching the handsome man at his side. He could not believe this was Iphicles, brother to his friend Hercules.

Iphicles had the most beautiful shoulder-length black hair that matched his own. If he had seen correctly, Iphicles also had gorgeous lavender eyes, a nice, toned olive-skinned body, and Pegasus was getting hard just looking at him. However, when Iphicles spoke, Pegasus thought his dick was going to explode from the lyrical voice. Pegasus had to get closer.

Making his way out the other side of the barn, Pegasus spread his wings wide and flew to his Ford F-150. He didn’t often drive, but when he needed to be in human form, this was his mode of transportation. Pegasus stood over six foot eight inches tall as a human, so he needed the room. Dressing quickly in jeans and a T-shirt, he drove his truck toward Hunter’s ranch.

Pulling into the driveway, he watched the four men turn in his direction. As he stepped out, Hunter made his way to him. “Oh my God, as I live and breathe…Gus!”

Hunter took him in a big man-hug and laughed as he slapped his back. “What the hell brings you my way?”

Pegasus hugged Hunter back and then stepped back a bit. “I was in the area, and I thought I might swing by and see my good friend for a few days. I’m sorry I didn’t call, but things got busy and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stop in.” Hunter shook his head. “It’s just I haven’t seen you since Alex’s funeral. You know you are always welcome. I happen to have some other friends visiting as well. Come on, and I will introduce you.”

As they walked toward the guys at the fence line, Pegasus noticed the most wonderful scent he had ever smelt before. It was like a fresh rain had just fallen. It was crisp and clean, and it instantly made him hard as a rock.

“Hey, guys, I would like to introduce y’all to a longtime friend of mine, Gus. Gus, these are my friends—Apollo, Murray, and their friend Iphicles,” Hunter stated as they got closer.

Apollo and Murray walked up quickly and shook hands. “It is nice to meet you,” Apollo said, as he gave Pegasus a look that said they needed to talk.

“Nice to meet you as well,” Pegasus said, as he made his way to the finest-smelling man he had ever come across. Dropping his voice to a sexy baritone, he went to shake the man’s hand. “Hi.”

Iphicles swallowed hard. Holy shit, this guy was sexy as sin. He had the most gorgeous indigo blue eyes, and had to be damn close to seven feet tall. His midnight black hair shined as if it was silk coming off his head, and not hair. It ran down past his shoulders and Iphicles was tempted to make sure he was not drooling. “Hi,” Iphicles squeaked out.

When their hands touched, it took everything in Pegasus not to jerk Iphicles to him and fuck him in front of everyone. Pegasus could not believe that right now, at this time, he was touching his mate.

Iphicles kept looking into Gus’s beautiful eyes and didn’t realize that they were still holding hands, until he heard a throat clearing. Looking around, he saw the others staring curiously at the both of them. He felt heat rise into his face and quickly tried to extract his hand from Gus.

Hunter clapped his hands together to get everyone’s attention. “Okay, well, I was going to show everyone around a bit, and then how about we throw some steaks on the grill and relax after a long day of travel?”

Murray pulled on Apollo’s hand. “Come on, Agape, I want to see the animals.”

“Slow down, little man. We have a week.”

Murray pushed at his bottom lip in a pout, and Iphicles could not help but snicker.

“Is he always like this?” Pegasus whispered in Iphicles’s ear, causing goose bumps to form all over his body.

Iphicles leaned over and whispered back, “No, he can be worse when he doesn’t get his way.”

Pegasus threw his head back and laughed as they walked into the barn. He was still smiling until he smelt fear so strong it was almost suffocating.

Looking to his side, he noticed Iphicles had stopped walking and was still at the entrance. However, the look of terror on Iphicles’s face as he stared at the pigs was evident.

Pegasus peered at the pigs as they snorted and moved around. Pegasus was looking for the danger. Not seeing anything he looked at his mate. “Iphicles, what’s wrong?”

Iphicles kept backing up as he whispered, “I cannot do this. I need to get the fuck out of here.”

Pegasus hurried to his mate. “Iphicles, it is going to be all right.”

Iphicles shook his head from side to side quickly and began to back away. “No, it isn’t. I can’t do this. I can’t be around these animals. Everyone is going to suffer, and I am going to die, and there is nothing I can do to stop that from happening.”

Pegasus looked at Iphicles curiously. “What do you mean?”

Had it not been for Pegasus’s super hearing, he would never have heard the words from Iphicles that would destroy Pegasus’s entire world. “There is no way I can have an animal for a mate. I just can’t do it.”

Iphicles turned and walked straight out of the barn, taking all of Pegasus’s dreams of having a future with a mate with him.




Seeing Pegasus’s cock startled Iphicles at first. No pun intended, but he was hung like a horse. He had to be at least twelve inches long, and the girth made it hard for Iphicles to wrap his hand around it.

When the pre-cum started sliding down Pegasus’s cock, it made Iphicles’s mouth water, and he could no more stop himself from licking it up then he could stop breathing. Taking his mouth and stretching it as far as it could go, he began to suck on the cock head. The taste zinged through all his taste buds, and he wanted more.

Feeling Pegasus place his hands on his head, he lowered his mouth over the tip of his mate’s cock and began to hum. Pegasus’s fingers clenched almost painfully in his hair.

“Oh yeah, baby, just like that. Suck my cock, Iphicles. You can take more, I know you can,” Pegasus spoke as he slowly started pumping his hips.

Wanting nothing more than pleasing his mate, Iphicles took Pegasus’s cock further into his mouth. Grasping the base, he began to pump Pegasus’s member, following his strokes, up and down.

“Play with my balls, baby,” Pegasus begged.

Iphicles took his mate’s gonads in hand, and began to roll them around. Pegasus got louder and louder, “Yes, baby, yes,”

Pegasus’s hips moved faster, and when Iphicles touched his sphincter, his balls exploded. “I am coming!” Pegasus shot his load down Iphicles throat.

There was so much released that Iphicles had to pull back a bit and let it roll over his tongue. However, instead of Pegasus being relieved, it seemed to rev his engine even more, and Iphicles found himself flat on his back as Pegasus plundered his mouth.

Pulling back a bit, Pegasus began to jerk Iphicles’s pants down his legs and stood a bit to finish removing his own as well. Iphicles tore his shirt off and threw it to the floor and yelped when Pegasus flipped him onto his stomach.

“I am going to fuck you so good, Iphicles. I am going to fuck you and claim you and then fuck you again. Because you are mine! Say it, Iphicles…say you are mine!” Pegasus said as he got the lube and started stretching his man.

Iphicles yelled, “Yes, Pegasus, I am yours, all yours!” Then he felt a second finger join the first finger in his chute, and the stretch and burn felt amazing.

Iphicles knew that Pegasus had lost a bit of control, but the words coming out of Pegasus’s mouth were enough to make Iphicles’s dick so hard he could pound nails with it. When a third finger was introduced to his ass, Iphicles began to push back as vast amounts of pre-cum dribbled onto the comforter. “Pegasus, I am going to come.”

“Oh no, you’re not…not until I am balls deep in this sexy ass!” Pegasus said, as he added a fourth finger. He knew he was unusually large, but he didn’t want to hurt his mate, either.

“Pegasus, please, now, I am ready…Please!” Iphicles pleaded.

Pegasus couldn’t wait either. “Push out, baby, as I push in.”

Lining his cock head up, he looked at Iphicles’s luscious hole. The reality that he was getting ready to take his mate after all this time hit him, and he felt tears of joy spring into his eyes as he began to push his large cock into Iphicles’s shining star.

Iphicles drew in a deep breath from the burn, and damn, it burned. Then his mate pulled a bit out and pushed in again.

Knowing he was hurting his mate, he added a bit more lube and pushed past the ring of muscles in his mate’s ass. “You are so tight, baby.”

Iphicles felt his mate moving in and out, and just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, Pegasus hit the nub of pleasure. “Holy shit!”

Pegasus heard the pleasure coming from his mate, and this encouraged him to move a bit further and faster, gently moving in and out until finally he felt his balls hit Iphicles’s ass. He was all the way in his mate.

They could not ever be any closer than what they were at this moment, and Pegasus could not be happier. “So tight and so good. You feel so good, baby.”

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