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I live on the fringe of both Sydney and the Southern Highlands in NSW, Australia. I have enjoyed writing throughout different periods of my life, but it is only now that I have the ability to work on it in a full-time capacity. I love the imagery the written word creates in one’s mind and therefore I am an avid reader as well as an author.

At the end of 2010, after many years of working in the “real” world, I finally decided to make writing my career. Finding Angel is my first novel to be published.

I am pleased that I’m finally able to give the characters that swirl around my head on a constant basis the opportunity to put themselves down on paper, and hopefully entertain others as much as they amuse me.

Please visit me at www.jangraham.com.au

Q: Does living in Australia make a difference to the type of book you write?

A: Love and romance are the same worldwide, so as far as the basic plot and storyline are concerned, I don’t believe there is a difference. The only thing that I think might be different in relation to my books would be the addition of some of the personality that Australian’s are well known for. Some readers might find my character have a more relaxed attitude to life, sex and love. Perhaps the quirky and slightly disrespectful sense of humor might also be evident in the dialogue.


Q: What do you find the most challenging aspect of being an author?

A: Certainly the most challenging thing has to be dealing with what I call “the non-writing stuff.” I think people assume that I sit and write all day, which is what I’d love to do, but it’s not the case. Social media and an online profile are a huge aspect of the modern day publishing and writing environment. So taking time to blog, tweet, facebook and keep up with the website updates is time consuming. I know it’s all necessary but for a non-techie person like me, it’s fun but definitely a challenge.


Q: How do you create the characters you write about, are they based on real people?

A: No, they aren’t based on real people. I don’t know anyone as interesting or as sexy as the people I write about, especially the men in my stories. This may sound strange, but, I don’t intentionally think them up. Usually they just pop into my head, and I ask them who they are and take it from there.


Q: What is something not many people know about you?

A: When people ask me what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas, my standard answer for the last 20 years has been Johnny Depp. Needless to say, no one gets him for me…lol.


Q: How supportive are family and friends of your writing?

A: Very supportive. I know a few authors who don’t tell their family or friends what they write about, but I’m not like that. I’m proud of what I write and those around me accept what I do and encourage me all the way.


Q: Do all of your book involve BDSM and ménage relationships.

A: The only consistent sexual theme in my books is ensuring the sex is steamy. Like real life, the characters I write are individuals with different likes, dislikes and sexual practices. The Wylde Shore Series has BDSM as an underlying theme, but even then, the characters’ lifestyle practices are different based on their individual belief system


Q: As an author, what type of books do you enjoy reading?

A: I like a well written story that has a good plot. My favorite genre to read at the moment is paranormal romance. I find the whole immortal/otherworld male leads incredibly sexy.


Q: Have you got any advice for readers who think they might try their hand at writing?

A: Only do it if it’s what makes you truly happy. Being an author is more than sitting at the computer and writing a story. You need to be prepared to get your mindset around contracts, editing processes, online platforms and promotion. You’ll face challenges, suffer rejections and have to accept you can’t please everybody. Really, writing the story is the easy part.

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