Jane Leopold Quinn

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None of my varied careers as a 3rd grade teacher, bookkeeper, and administrative secretary gave me any inspiration for this career. I always had a vivid fantasy life, and now I've found my niche in life by writing sensual/erotic romances.

For several years, I worked full time and wrote in every spare second. In 2007, with the financial and emotional support of my wonderful husband, I was fortunate enough to be able to quit that day job to stay home and write full time. It's a job I love and a chance to create something for the world that's all mine. 

I live in Chicago with that wonderful husband, in the city, in a condo overlooking Lake Michigan.  What a delight!  


Q: Did you start out writing erotic romance or was that a natural progression?


A: Oh, yes, I started out writing erotic. I was so shocked at first at what was coming out of my pen and my brain, but I continued writing the way I wanted and it paid off. You really shouldn't fight your natural inclinations. I suppose I could write less hot, but I don't really want to. I'm extremely happy with my work.


Q: What is the biggest misconception about writing erotica?


A: That it's pornography. Pornography is middle aged men, nude except for black socks, and overdeveloped young women. Erotica and sensual romance is meant to tell as much a love story as any romance, we just believe the story is enhanced by realistic, graphic love scenes. There's a real art and it takes a lot of talent to write an explicit scene that puts the reader in the middle. My rule of thumb is if it turns me on while I'm writing it, then I've succeeded.   


Q: What would you consider is your favorite part of a book to write? The beginning, the middle or the ending?


A: The beginning for sure because, it's the first blush of creativity when you can hardly take your fingers off the keyboard because they're flying faster than your brain. The middle is hard because that's when you really need to make sure the plot keeps moving. The end is very hard for me, because I usually don't want the story to end. I always know how I want it to end, I just don't want to actually write those last words. Sometimes, I go back and revise a book from the beginning a couple of times before I finalize the last few paragraphs. They have to be fresh, come from my heart, not be corny, but say everything you want your characters to feel and finally realize about themselves and their partner.


Q: When a new book comes out, are you nervous about how readers will react to it?


A: I think a writer is always nervous about what the reaction will be to her story. I've heard it said, and I've said myself, that writing is like walking down the street naked. You put your heart and soul into your characters. You become so close to them, cry with them in their sadness, and rejoice with them when they triumph in love. You just want the reader to love the characters too and to be moved by their victories.


Q: What is the most rewarding thing about being an author?


A: It's like being God. You create life that hopefully someone will be moved or inspired by. Not to mention that writing and publishing are something that a lot of people say they've always wanted to do but percentage-wise, few of us actually do. When you tell people you're a writer and published, their eyes light up and they smile. If someone says oh, I always wanted to write a book, I say then do it. I didn't know I could until I actually put pen to paper. It's an amazing life style.



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