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January Rowe is a happily married mother of three. She's lived in New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, France and Germany. Now she calls Colorado home. Her joys include gardening, travel, and hiking the Rocky Mountains. She went to graduate school at the "university" popularized by Big Bang Theory. Proud to call herself nerdy, she's a big science fiction fan. She loves to kickbox and Zumba dance. January intends to try out pole dancing next. Her husband approves.

Visit her website at: http://januaryrowe.blogspot.com

Q: Do you enjoy writing?

A: I do. Writing is the ultimate in entrepreneurship: Creating something out of thin air. I wish I wrote faster, though. My excuse is that I write a lot of drafts. Folks like to say that an author should write what she knows. I don't. I write about what I want to know. I'm especially attracted to writing about the humanity of risk-taking subcultures.

Q: You write hot BDSM romances. What are the characteristics of a perfect fictional male Dominant?

A. Being strong, good-looking and sexy are nice plusses, but those things describe most romance heroes. A Dominant should also inspire his submissive with his leadership. He must be competent, patient, and super empathetic. And, most important of all, the ideal Dominant should be creative.

Q: Can you give your readers a hint about what you're working on now?

A: Sure thing. I'm outlining the continuation of Jill and Tern's story. I'm also considering writing a paranormal shifter tale, just to see if I can.

Q: What do you do for fun when you're not writing?

A: I love to dance. I enjoy gardening, too. I also get a kick out of searching local thrift shops for treasures.

Q: Have you ever found any treasures?

A: For sure. I once found a shrink-wrapped original Rubik's cube for 99 cents. I sold it on eBay for big bucks. My favorite thrift purchase is fabric. I'm a fabriholic. I've discovered dainty floral dimity from the 1930s, simple civil war era calico cottons, weird sputnik mid-century modern barkcloth, and textiles from the psychedelic sixties. I love them all.

Q: Fabriholic? Do you sew?

A: I do. When my kids were little I had a wonderful time sewing the cutest little dinosaur print shorts and adorable skirts swimming with blue whales. Not anymore. My oldest daughter allows me to sew her long flannel pants, but only because she hates to do laundry.

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